Cheap Kitchen Islands for Homeowners on a Budget

If you want to have a great looking kitchen counter without the need to spend a lot of money, there are cheap kitchen islands that you can choose from. These types of counter tops will fit the style that you’re looking for the budget that readily have with you. It is a great alternative to the expensive kitchen counters that can drive up the price of what can otherwise be considered as a simple project.

There are materials that can really put a big hole in your pocket, but with a little bit if creativity and use of alternative materials, you can save a lot of money in the process.

Aside from the price of the material, it is important to consider the price of streamlining the counter top based on what type of material it is and how much it needs to be cut to fit your counter top to have it fit perfectly. Another thing to consider is the installation cost, which can be for free, included in your cost, or is a fee on top of the other costs that you may get.

You need to get a fair value and not an estimate to make sure that you are within the right price range that you assumed before the project.  Aside from the actual price of the counter top  these price factors may make it and can really make something which should have been reasonably priced become unreasonably expensive.

To avoid the possibility of having an expensive one in your home, here are some materials which you can use in order to have a good looking kitchen without breaking the bank. These are cheap alternatives that you can use to make an impression without adding to the cost of it.

Cheap Kitchen Islands Styles and Types

Countertop Laminate

Laminate is a relatively durable material for countertops and even carts on wheels yet some homeowners shy away from it because it seems flimsy to them. However, laminate is actually reliable because it looks and feels like the material it impresses from, while making sure that the cost will be far lower than the material itself.

The good thing about laminate is that it can last for a few years, but it may need to be replaced from time to time, especially when the layers are breaking apart from each other. It is not a long-term solution for a countertop, but it is a relatively good option if you’re just starting out in a new home.


Ceramic tiles are a good option for durable and long lasting countertops. It is a good option if you happen to have a lot of cooking where the counter will be wet or hot from pans resting on top of it most of the time. It is not a heavy-duty surface, but it can do the job in a relatively modest household.

What’s so great about ceramic tiles is that there are a lot of options as far as design and type of material goes. There are different types of ceramic tiles based on that it looks like, to how long it has been baked to achieve a very durable state. You can choose according to the price, but you can also choose the tiles according to the quality that it has. There’s more to ceramic tiles than just plain white bathroom tiles.

The downside to this option is that it can really weather as time goes. Some tiles may chip and crack, and it may not look good or gleaming as when you have bought it before. Because of this, you may need to replace it according to the wear and tear that it has been through.


Granite is an expensive material as a solid slab, but it is very affordable when cut into tiles and segments. Homeowners who would like to have the same wonderful look of granite can have the same effect by just using granite tiles.

Granite seems to be the most reliable of all the other options because it can take on heat and the wear and tear. You may need to regrout the tiles form time to time, but you don’t need to replace all of the tiles right away.

Kitchen Island Cabinet Types and Styles

The kitchen island cabinet is a common sight to see in many households because many are looking for that extra storage space to use. One reason why this type of cabinet is used is due to the fact that many homeowners want it to be properly organized. A cluttered kitchen can be quite disorienting and it takes you a lot of time to hunt down all the necessary utensils and other equipment.

There are plenty of instances where it is installed to compartmentalize their utensils and equipment. However, much as you would like to have that extra storage space, you should avoid installing one just for the sake of having it. There are several factors that you need to take into account before anything else.

Kitchen Island Cabinet Types

Like it was mentioned before, there are considerations that you need to factor in before installing one. Here are the four top factors that you need to keep in mind.

  • Planning the Space – The first thing that you ought to consider when planning on installing it s the space available. This type of cabinet can take up a lot of space so you need to plan carefully where you will be placing it so the kitchen won’t look too crowded. You should be able to move around it comfortably even when you have placed this storage unit in it.
  • Decide its Use – It is designed mainly as a storage space. However, you still need to decide how you are going to use this furniture. Are you happy with it being merely a storage area? Or do you want it to serve as a work station too? Knowing how you are going to use it can help you make a smart decision when you buy one.
  • Expand Its Function – Although it is built as a storage area, you can actually utilize its design even more by adding other important accessories like the sink. Many homeowners find that by adding a sink onto it they get to prepare and clean up easily. For some, adding stove became highly useful especially when it allowed them to cook up as many dishes as possible. This is perfect for big families or if you often throw a party in your home.
  • Think About the Features – The final step when it comes it is to decide how you will be incorporating the new accessories into it. You should carefully consider the overall design of it so you will know where to place your stove or your sink so the whole furniture won’t be too crowded. Know where you will be placing your gas line and how to set up the plumbing as well.


It is not really a surprise to find many homeowners looking for a cabinet to add to their space. This furniture not only helps them keep it spic and span but it can also be used as an extra counter to be used for serving purposes. It can be installed even in compact area. However, you need to carefully plan on how you will be placing this cabinet so you won’t feel too crowded. There is no doubt that a cabinet can increase your production and at the same time keep it free from clutter.

Kitchen on Wheels Models, Types, Styles & Ideas

Having a kitchen on wheels may be one of the best cheap storage solutions you can use. For most people, there seems to never be enough space where they can store their china, utensils and condiments. This may be because they either don’t have enough cabinets , or are not able to maximize them.

Most of the time, people only get to use the bottom shelves because the top drawers would require the use of a ladder. That’s okay for storing china that are only used once a year, but you want to be able to store everyday items as well. This is where the use of it, also known as island cabinets, come in.

The Benefits of One

Kitchen on Wheels may also double as kitchen islands. The cabinets are installed under the work surface and may be used as additional space for food preparation. There are two types of islands: the permanent model and the mobile type. In permanent models, sinks and stoves (either electric or gas type) may be installed. Mobile kitchen islands, on the other hand, may be used as mini-bars or portable serving tables.

  • It may also provide additional seating. This is great to use as an informal dining area, especially since it is close to the sink and the cabinets. This is perfect as a breakfast nook because you can easily reach for your cereals and condiments. Kids and guests alike can use this. Alternatively you may also use it as buffet table during parties.
  • It maximize space. Aptly named as ‘islands’, these cabinets are usually positioned in the middle of the space, making good use of that unused area without cramping the space. When in the kitchen, ease of movement is a must since you are multi-tasking most of the time. Island cabinets don’t block the way; instead it even provides you more space to work with.
  • Island cabinets are accessible. Since the cabinets are within reach, you can store and access your everyday items with ease. No ladders required. You can actually maximize every nook and cranny of the cabinets with maximum visibility.
  • Island cabinets have endless design options. Various materials may be used to complement the rest of your setup. It may also serve as the focal point of your design. Depending on your taste and style, you can personalize the look of your island cabinets with materials from your local home diy store.

How to Install it

If your kitchen doesn’t have a permanent island cabinet yet, you can opt to hire a professional to build one for you. You can also simply buy a mobile kitchen island with a built in cabinet. However, if you choose to install it yourself, you will be pleased to hear that installing it is easy enough to be done by a non-professional, although it requires deft handling. Below is a basic step-by-step guide.

1. Choose a  type of mobile cabinet that you prefer – most home improvement and construction stores carry various models. Some also sell via the internet. Make sure that you buy from a reputable store or brand to insure top quality. Choose the right material as well. You can also choose between tiles, vinyl, marble or granite for the work surface. When you do decide on one, make sure you have all the parts needed to assemble the cabinet.

2. When everything is finally delivered to your home, lay the cabinets on their backs and line them up to assemble one side first. Using the connector parts included in the package, latch each cabinet to each other. Once connected, put them upright and make sure they are level. Do the same for the other side and link it with the first side.

3. Next, measure your kitchen from wall to wall to determine where you will position your mobile island countertop. Give yourself enough room to walk around the island – remember that you need ease of movement when working in your area. Once you get the right measurements, set up your island cabinet at the exact location.

4. Lastly, put in the shelves of the cabinets and assemble the stove and sink (if your model has those). After checking that everything is working, you can start storing your items.

With all this said, installing a unit to your home is an easy way of adding a modern yet practical touch especially for the everyday kitchen!

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