Common Garage Door Problems and Their Fixes

Most people don’t give it a second thought, but fixing garage door problems immediately are crucial in maintaining the integrity and safety of the home. Buying garage door serves as a barrier for the home and provides security and privacy, so the proper maintenance of it is important. It’s a fact that most robbers enter a house through the garage and scout around for houses with difficulties with their doors.  According to reviews, sometimes it’s not easy to find and fix the problem whenever we encounter garage difficulties. However, knowing what are the common ones and how to fixing it will give you a better understanding of its care and maintenance.


This article will talk about it that homeowners often encounter and their simple fixes. Knowing how to trouble shoot and fixing these difficulties yourself will save you the money you’ll be paying repair service companies. The reason behind this is because you no longer need to buy a new even if there are a lot of for sale ones.

  • Problem: jammed ones. This problem is usually caused by a broken cable, faulty extension cable pulleys or a bent track. It can also be caused by a clogged track.

Quick Fix: Inspect the cables and pulleys thoroughly. Try lubricating cables, hinges and pulleys and clean the tracks. Replace them if when necessary to prevent them from rubbing against other parts.

  • Problem: it won’t close all the way when using the remote control.

Quick Fix: Examine for worn extension springs and bent track. Try to straighten bents in the track if possible. Replace garage spring immediately. If you’re using an electric opener, check if the keypad is working or try resetting it.

  • Problem: it is squeaky and noisy. The squeaky sounds are usually produced by dry hinges or rollers, while a loud bashing sound might mean a problem with the opener.

Quick Fix: Make a thorough inspection of the springs, hinges or rollers and try lubricating them.

  • Problem: stuck garage door. Usually, it might be a remote problem or something is blocking the trail.

Quick Fix: Look for obstructions and remove them. Check the remote for damages. Try lubricating the roller chains and hinges. Call a professional company.

  • Problem: opens in the wrong direction. Admittedly, this is bit harder to troubleshoot since there are several causes for this, like a broken spring, extension pulleys that are damaged, lack of lubrication or sensors glitch.

Quick Fix: There’s actually no quick and simple fix for like this. The door has to be checked thoroughly and a contractor has to be called.

  • Problem: it opens on its own. This can be caused either by someone else controlling the remote or it’s a remote control problem.

Quick Fix: Check the remote control’s wiring. If the wires are ok, go over the remote’s instruction manual and recalibrate the settings. Consult a professional if the reset doesn’t work.

  • Problem:  the automatic opener isn’t working with the remote.

Quick Fix: You might be out of range so try moving closer to the door. Make sure the opener is plugged in and the outlet is working. Double check the batteries in the remote control because sometimes all you need is to buy a new set of batteries. Read the instruction manual on how to troubleshoot or reset the remote and sensor. If it’s still not working, it’s best to get in touch with your contractor.

They won’t be working perfectly all the time. Factors like the wear and tear it’s exposed to daily, choice of materials and even the weather can affect it and lead to difficulties. But taking good care of your garage door through proper handling and maintenance will go a long way in extending its life. According to reviews, most are minor, easy to solve and start because parts are not well lubricated. But leave the harder and more complicated ones to the professionals, especially when you have electric ones. This typewill require a licensed electrician. Messing with the electrical parts and trying to fix it yourself might cause more garage door problems for you.

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