Concrete Floor Tiles – Things you Need to Know

In constructing a concrete floor tiles you need to have the sufficient information and tips on how it is done. To have an eye catching end product, you must take note useful notes in handling the floor reconstruction process. The first things that you need to assure that the floor that will be the base of your  tiles is leveled and have a smooth surface. According to reviews, if it is not leveled you may need to fix the problem or buy a subfloor material for sale. By doing this, you can avoid damaging the them while installing it.


Concrete Floor Tiles: Steps in Installation

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to have a rough draft. Lay down the ones you bought on the floor and place it where you want it to be without the adhesive below. If the room that you will reconstruct is shaped square, find the center of the square room and make marks from the walls. If your area is of a different shape, use the entrance as a landmark and make perpendicular lines from it using a chalk. To avoid chalks from being erased, use a hairspray over it, for straight lines you may need to use tapes or square measures.
  2. Placing them from the entrance door, continue it until you reach the furthest wall perpendicular to the door following the line that you made. Make sure to have a spacer between the tiles when you place them.
  3. If you reached the far end of the wall and a full tile doesn’t fit to complete the covering of the whole surface, take a wood and take the shape of the area uncovered. Place the wood in that area as a support and continue filling out the whole area with it.
  4. To equal spaces between them, keep track of the space you have in each end of the tiles and shift them to make sure that the spaces are equal. Make a new line based on the measurement that you made in the corner, and in the point where the line intersects. The first line you made is longer needed without adhesive can now be removed.
  5. After which, place the adhesive in the corner where you will start using a notched trowel. Follow the directions of the manufacturer of the adhesive.
  6. Lay down the tiles to the adhesive and make sure that it is sticks properly. Place the adhesive in a two-foot length every time so that it won’t dry before you can place a tile on it.
  7. Roll the layer so that you can be assured that it sets leveled.
  8. To make the border tile, mark a full tile with the measurement of the border tile and make sure that you put a spacer on the measurement. Cut it with a tile tool, the tile cutter. Lay the border tile to the surface.
  9. In constructing, make sure that you will also include tiling the floor under your dishwasher. By doing this you can immediately detect if there are leaks in the sink. If there is a leak under your dishwasher, it will ruin the whole construction. According to reviews, moisture will be absorbed and it may lead to mold formation or breaks in the tile. It will cost you more of the damage than the saving that you will have if you won’t this area of the room that you reconstructed.
  10.  After you finish placing them, prepare the grout and follow the instruction given by the manufacturer. Grout the flooring. Use a rubber floater to apply the grout into the spaces between the lines.
  11. Clean the excess grout with a damp cloth or sponge and be careful not to take off all the rest. For a grout to become a tough surface you need to mop it daily and after a few weeks you can apply a sealer to make it more durable.

Concrete Floor Tiles – Using Quality Ones

Follow the following steps and you can now have your own. You just need to have your own quality tile, a tile patter, the right tile layout, and your tile tools and be ready for the tile work. If you meet all of these, you are ready to make your own concrete tiles.


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