Creating the Perfect Mickey Mouse Bathroom for Kids

Creating the Perfect Mickey Mouse Bathroom for Kids

Turning your kid’s bathroom into a Mickey Mouse bathroom isn’t such a tough job especially when there are dozens of places where you can get cool and funky items to go with your theme. Are you looking for a new set of curtains? Well, you don’t have to look very far because they can be found almost anywhere. What about designer curtains and shower curtains with Mickey Mouse on it? You are quite fortunate because there are dozens of specialty stores out there that have all kinds of Mickey Mouse products including those for the bathroom being sold not just in their retail outlets but online as well.

For the Kids at Heart

Although there are a lot of curtains out there that feature various cartoon characters, a lot of kids these days and even grownups for that matter, have a soft spot for Mickey Mouse. This is why you can find plenty of Mickey Mouse curtains that are not just for kids but for adults as well. Yes, it is the kids that can’t help loving this adorable mouse from Walt Disney but those who grew up around this character want to have a piece of it in their own home even if it is just in their bathroom. Having something like this, is just one way to wake up each morning to this fun-loving character that will give you a great start for the day. And because of this, dozens of manufacturers out there are coming up with numerous ways to inject Mickey Mouse into their products.

For this, installing shower curtains or window curtains featuring this animated character is a must. Adding such an accessory can certainly liven up the place easily what with the happy face of this timeless character. The beauty of adding shower curtains designed with Mickey Mouse images is that they can also prevent water coming from the shower to splash on your floors. If you want to surprise your little ones when they come home, transforming it into a Mickey Mouse themed room will certainly give you many laughs coming from them.

Looking for Bathtub Sizes

Getting a bathtub for something like this is important as well. Fortunately, there are different bathtub sizes that you can choose from in hardware and home improvement stores. There ones suitable for children while others are for adults. Aside from the sizes, they are also made from different materials like plastic and ceramic. You just need to weigh your options carefully to get the right kind.

When viewing the different bathtub sizes, you should also consider what kinds of decorations you can add to your unit especially if you want to have a Mickey Mouse themed bathroom. Aside from shower and window curtains, you can replace it and shower fixtures with faucets and stoppers that are all shaped in this mouse’s image. You can also place other accessories around it like Mickey Mouse shaped soap and candle holder or even towel bars.

Even lighting fixtures shaped into Mickey Mouse are being sold today. They come in a wide range of styles, designs and colors that mixing and matching them with it is definitely something that you will enjoy. Don’t forget to stock up on Mickey Mouse toiletries as well. For sure, your kids will love taking a bath or getting themselves ready for bed. Just be as creative as you can be when revamping your child’s bathroom.

For homeowners who are worried about spending a lot of money just to give it a whole new look, think again. Creating the perfect setup isn’t too tough a job and what’s more, you don’t have to spend every dollar that you have saved. You can simply remodel the way it looks like by adding new decorative pieces like fixtures, cabinets and such all with Mickey Mouse in their designs. You might be surprised that you get to save a lot of money in the process when incorporating affordable products and furniture for your Mickey Mouse bathroom.


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