Different Wood Types for Superior Floors

Installing superior floors that are perfect for their residence is something that every homeowners dream of. But the different factors that must be considered before making their choice of flooring is often daunting. Several years ago, solid one was the only kind of flooring available, now engineered and laminated are all vying to be considered as the superior that must be used. While the wide range of for sale that might have made buying floors more difficult, it has made flooring more affordable and installation easier.


Choosing Hardwood Flooring

When looking at the cost of hardwood flooring, bear in mind that the prices seen in stores are only for the hardwood itself. Additional costs like installation, under laying, molding and nails are not included yet. According to reviews, in general, these floors like solid flooring cost around $1.50 to $4.00 per square feet, as compared to the cheaper $0.70 of laminate. Plus home improvement shops and hardware stores would show some disparities in the prices. If you think that they are what you want, check out wholesale prices or discounts from online tile stores before estimating how much your floor will cost.

The two things you should ask yourself when estimating how much does for sale hardwood cost is what kind of superior floors will bring out the best in your home and how much you budget you can allot. Solid is actually the most expensive choice, but it’s also the most appealing. Most popular choices are maple or solid oak. However, there are some disadvantages with solid wood that have to be considered while you’re doing your estimate.

One disadvantage is that these are not that can be used in bathrooms, basements or rooms with a high degree of humidity. Buying solid ones have a soft core which is easily affected by humidity. Hardwood are floors that might be perfect in most homes, but not in areas where there’s high foot traffic. Hardwood flooring installations are also labor intensive and should not be done by someone without the skill, experience and the tools. If you want to have these type, contractors and interior designers will surely recommend that only a professional flooring company should do the installations. The amount of labor needed is actually the main reason why installations of solid ones are expensive. Some flooring installers are actually known for avoiding projects like this because of the long hours of intensive labor required to finish the job.

Other Affordable Flooring Choices

But homeowners can still enjoy these  even with a minimal budget by using the new engineered flooring. The upper layer of engineered ones is constructed from veneered one while the center is made of plywood. This can be a good choice for superior ones since it’s stronger and more flexible with different temperatures. According to reviews, this characteristic is what makes engineered floors perfect for low grade applications. To top it off, engineered floor installations make use of a tongue and groove design, so each piece is tightly locked.

Choosing the right floor installation companies might mean a lower cost in installing superior floors since they can do the job faster and easier. But the cost of real hardwood flooring can go much lower if you choose to do the installation yourself. Remember to put the price of a high quality subflooring in your cost estimate. A subfloor is also needed in laminate installations and it’s vital that you buy the right one. Subfloorings with high quality can provide a great moisture barrier and also does a great job in absorbing noise.

Another option for superior floors are laminates. It’s not real, but homeowners won’t be able to tell the difference. The laminate’s top layer simulates the look of real hard  and even has the same lovely grain patterns. Plus, you can use laminate flooring in bathroom or damp basements. This type of flooring is very affordable and has a tongue and groove pattern for easy installation.
Any home can enjoy the benefits of the best flooring. By consulting with the best flooring services companies, and doing research, homeowners can have a better idea on how to choose superior floors for their homes.

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