DIY Drywall Repair or Hire a Contractor?

DIY Drywall Repair or Hire a Contractor?


Learning how to repair drywall is a skill that people should have no matter where they live or what type of home they have. Drywalls are part of most building structures in any state in the United States. As a matter of fact, most modern homes have them incorporated into their structure. However, regardless of how tough and durable they may be, or how thick or thin the drywall mixture is applied or even how mild or severe the damage is, the need to repair them will always come.

Repairing dry wall or gypsum board will depend largely on the extent of the damage. You can be the one to fix the problem or if you prefer, hire someone else to do the job for you. Although these two options have their own advantages, you also need to know what their drawbacks are so you can decide better which of the two will you be using. Taking the time to consider which of these two will be the best solution can always lead you to a smart choice in the long run.

Doing it by yourself

What makes homeowners decide on doing it on their own? Well, many homeowners opt to do the repairs themselves in order to save money. Another reason is that they prefer to experience the satisfaction of having to do things on their own and being successful at it. Fixing drywall on their own for them is an accomplishment and one that they want to experience.

DIY Drywall Repair or Hire a Contractor

DIY homeowners can simply take advantage of online resources as well as books on how to repair it and that’s it. They will immediately start on the repairs on their own. Truth is, you can be the one do it by yourself especially when the damage is only small or something that you can repair on your own.

One drawback when you decide to do it on your own is the risk involved. Just like any other projects you have done before that you are not used to doing, there is always a risk that you need to consider. If you don’t have the necessary skills or experience in handling big repairs, you will end up damaging your walls and ceilings even more which can cost you a pretty penny in the long run. Even if you love to do it on your own but the damage is beyond your abilities, it is best that you let the experts handle it.

Hiring Experts

When it comes to repairing it, one reason why homeowners are not so keen on the idea of hiring an expert to do the job is always the cost. There are some contractors that charge a hefty price for their service that leaves homeowners’ wallet lighter than they originally thought. One advantage to hiring an expert contractor to handle the job is that you will be saving yourself time and effort which you can devote to other things. Since these experts have all the right tools for the job such as buying dry wall nails and mud, it can immediately set to do the work and be done in no time at all.

Hiring an expert means you don’t have to look for tips on how to plaster your walls anymore. Letting them do their job means you will have more time on your hands to take care of your family. Having an expert to repair it especially in areas that are commonly visited by guests means that you will be retaining these areas’ beauty. Since these experts handle their job professionally, you have their guarantee that they will be doing a great job in repairing your walls.

If you plan on studying how to do it, it may take you some time to accomplish it. However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up if you don’t get it right the first time. Most expert dry wall contractor underwent the same experience until they became successful in this field. You too can do it just like a pro as long as you keep on practicing and reading guide books to help you out. Just to give you an on how to fix it in your own, click on this link here.

How to Drywall for Beginners

There are plenty of do-it-yourselfers out there who are wondering whether they can learn how to install drywall on their own. You might think that drywalling is an easy project to do on your own but it can be tougher than expected. The only way for you to get the hang of it is to learn from an expert on how to it.

How to Drywall

It may be that you know of someone who is skilled who owes you a favor. Well, it is time to call it in so you can learn how to do it on your own. Most experts would suggest that you get yourself the necessary tools. This is usually one of the most important things you need to keep in mind when learning how to do it. Among the tools you need to have on hand is buying drywall mud, tape, hammer, scraper, paint, sandpapers, putty tray, and paint thinner. You should inspect the area  that needs to be fixed.

You can either buy drywall mudding or putty to fill up the cracks. Either method can help repair your walls. One of the things that you need to know on how to do it is that you can use both techniques to get a much better result. If this is your first time to hang one, get someone to help you.

What Every Beginner Should Keep in Mind

It may sound easy but in reality it can be tough. It isn’t really that difficult as long as you have the necessary tools and the knowhow. The first thing you should know when studying, is to know the tools to use. Just like it was mentioned a while ago, you need to have sandpaper, putty tray, hammer, scraper, patches, thinner, plaster and other items needed to finish the task.

Keep in mind that the tools you will be using will be dependent on the amount of repairs you will be doing. Before you start with your project, one advice when it comes to learning on doing this is that the area needs to be prepared first. This means washing the walls to clear any dirt or debris. The panels should be smooth too so you should do this step if there is any dent on your walls.

After hanging it, you need to break out your paint. If you want to make your walls look more attractive, covering the nail heads is necessary before applying the paint. You can use the sander as well to smoothen your walls. Part of learning on doing this is to make sure that your walls are as spotless and smooth as possible. This will help you make it appear natural as if there were no repairs done to it.

Drywall Finishing Tips

There are plenty of drywall finishing tips that you can apply to your learning how to do this. These tips revolve mostly on how you will smoothen out the walls after the tape and mudding have been applied. Applying several coatings of drywall mud can help level it so there won’t be any bumps, cracks or dents seen. In addition, you should let your mud coating dry out first before applying another coating. Once you have deemed it okay, you can start using your sander to remove any excess mud.

Although it is an advantage for you to learn, there are times when you need to hire an expert drywall contractor to handle the job. This is true especially when the damage to your walls is beyond your ability to fix. When looking for a contractor, you should always opt for someone who has years of experience behind them and one that has a good reputation.

There are many places where you can find information on this. You can look for self-help guide online or you can ask a friend of yours who is an expert in drywalling to teach you. Either way, learning to do this can benefit you a lot especially when you are the type of person who loves to do things on their own.

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