DIY Project with 10×12 Shed Plans

DIY Project with 10×12 Shed Plans

The idea of building or buying 10×12 shed plans is a scary thought for many homeowners especially when they need to consider the cost of such a project and the time it takes to construct one. If your thoughts are along this line then worry no more because there are other ways to get this type  for your own use.

For starters, you can get a pre-built unit with this dimension from manufacturers. All of the pieces are cut and ready for assembly so that you only need to spend some time in putting everything together. However, a pre-built 10 x 12 shed is a bit on the expensive side and has some limitations when it comes to design. If you really want to have the freedom to decorate it in any way you like, consider building one from scratch.

10x12 Shed Plans

How to Build a 10×12 Shed

Although building one on your own seems to be an arduous task, it shouldn’t be too worrisome for you as long as you know how to start your project right. If you want to be able to accomplish this task correctly, you need to consider some things such as those mentioned below.


  • Find a Suitable 10 x 12 Shed Plan – You won’t be able to start your project without a good strategy. Don’t worry, finding one for this type isn’t that difficult. After all, you can find them in home improvement magazines, DIY shops and online too. Before you start buying them you need to know first what type you are going to get. So far, there are four types for you to consider and these are: Gambrel, Gable, Salt Box and Lean Shed. For first time builders go for either the Gambrel or the Gable because of its size. The Gambrel brand is particularly useful for those who want to get the most out of their unit.
  • Get Your Tools Ready – A good one has a list of materials that you will need. The good news is that most of the materials needed aren’t hard to find so before you start with your project make sure that you have acquired everything indicated on the list for it. One advantage to doing your marketing on your own is that you can reduce the prices depending on how you haggle for them.
  • Start Building – Purchased a plan? Check. Materials? Check. What’s left for you to do? Why build your unit of course. Since you have a 10 x 12 on hand, all that you have to do is to follow the detailed instruction included in it to accomplish your task. Pay a visit to your local building office to determine whether there is any need for you to get a permit. And another thing, when building it make sure that it is not near your neighbor’s property because the raket that you will be making will certainly won’t earn their approval any time soon.


For the Backyard

You shouldn’t sweat it out when it comes to building it on your own. A good set of plans plus the right tools and a little bit of help from someone who is accustomed to woodworking can make this project a fun thing to do. Investing on such a project is not such a bad idea especially when you can use it in various ways. This type is not just for storing things only but can also be used as an extra space to entertain guests, as an office and even as a work station too.

Based on the tips mentioned above on how to build it, you will be able to start your woodworking project without a hitch. Just look for a good one to follow and you won’t have any problems at all. Fortunately, finding them is not that difficult especially now when there are lots of places to look into for ideas. You can also buy 10×12 shed plans for sale that come bundled with other ideas which can help you save money.


Easy to build DIY shed plans

Shed plans are quite necessary especially if you will be building an extra space for storage on your own. However, this can be a bit of a challenge particularly to those who don’t have the skills or the confidence to handle work such as this. The good news is that this obstacle can be easily overcome even by those who still consider themselves as novices in building things.

build DIY shed plans

You might have come across various articles on buying DIY shed plans offering the same old tips and tricks but nothing beats having to go back to the basics and why they can help you create a complete and high quality shed on your own.

DIY shed plans

3 Reasons Why You Won’t Find it Difficult to Use Them

There are many reasons why many people find buying pre made shed plans and working with them are quite easy to do. If this is your first time to build a project, then these reasons might help you become more confident in looking for plans to assist you.

  • Familiarizing Yourself with the Tools – One of the reasons why they are easy to use is that they give you a chance to identify and understand the various tools needed to complete the project. Buying various carpentry tools doesn’t mean that you will be able to consider yourself as a master carpenter. Even asking the salesclerks which tools are appropriate for your project is not enough to get your hands on the right equipment since some of them are not well versed in the art of carpentry. However, if you have a complete plan with you, you don’t have to waste time searching for all the tools you will need since everything is indicated in it.
  • Support – Building something entirely from scratch may sound easy at first but when mistakes are made things can become quite messy. This can be easily avoided if you are following them during your construction. They are not just for building purposes only but they also include safety tips on how you can avoid accidents while constructing your storage unit. They also include instructions on how to maintain it once you have finished building it so it will remain strong and in good condition all the time.
  • Affordable – Although many do frown on the use of free do-it-yourself shed plans, for some these free blueprints contain enough information for them to create a durable storage sheds on their own. Of course, you need to be a bit vigilant on the design, style and what items are included in the free plan you want to use. This is to avoid any problems during the installation process.

These reasons alone show that the need for them is great especially for those first timers. All that you have to do is to assess the instructions and see whether you have the skills to accomplish them on your own.

Using them for Various Gardening Ideas

Homeowners these days are finally appreciating the presence of a yard or garden on their property not just for beauty’s sake but also for storage purposes as well. Fortunately, gardening ideas these days make use of both them and garden designs to create a yard that is both beautiful and functional at the same time. If this is the same thing you have in mind for your own yard, you might want to look for garden designs that will fit not just your preferences but also your need for that extra space for storing any equipment or tools you usually use.

They aren’t hard to find these days especially when the Internet makes it possible for homeowners to peruse dozens of designs and styles in just one sitting. Challenging yourself into creating it on your own is a good way to practice your skills in basic carpentry. When looking for them, make sure that you start with something simple and one you think is appropriate for your skills. If you decide to get the more difficult ones, make sure that you have someone to help you out. Keep in mind that they play an important role in the development of a proper storage unit that you can accomplish on your own.


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