DIY Restoration of Damaged Fiberglass-based Products Like Fiberglass Custom Shower Glass


Fiberglass is a material that is seeing increasingly extensive use in today’s world.  You may have encountered for sale products and items that are made of the material; its relatively light weight yet high robustness and strength makes it the material of choice for many applications.  Some of the many uses of fibreglass are hot tubs and shower components, door exteriors, car bodies, water tanks, boat hulls, and pipes.  Sometimes however, even though you may not expect something made out of fiberglass such as shower glass or shower drain pan to incur damage or defects, it will be marred every once in a while, and you will put it upon yourself to undo the damage.  As you continue on, you will learn of the basic steps that you will need to follow to repair something made of it such as custom shower glass.


Steps in Fixing Custom Shower Glass Made from Fiberglass

Before you set out to do the mending, you need the right tools to buy and items for the task.  These are dewaxing solvent, grinder or sander, mesh or fabric, resin roller, mat, a sharp razor, tape, polyester resin, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, and gelcoat.

The initial step that you need to do is to check the extent of the damage.  You can do this by knocking over and around the holed portions to uncover the extent of the breach.  This is the same as checking for the uniformity of fiberglass shower refinishing, only that you are doing this before rather than after.  You should be careful to catch dull-sounding or hollow areas on it.  According to reviews, this indicates that holes or ruptures may still exist somewhere, breaks in the material that you may have not seen in the first place; unbroken will sound compact.  Second, when you have determined where the damaged sections lie, you must ensure that you do the procedure from the inner portions of the fiberglass-made article such as the one for the shower. By doing this, you will be assured that the repaired exterior will have an even look.  The third stage in rehabilitating an object made of it such as this is to cut away the faulty portions or sand them using a grinder, after which you clean the areas properly and leave them to dry.  When you employ a grinder, leave a taper in the area; this will help you do the job more efficiently.  After this, apply the dewaxing solvent solution to the outer portion of the breach.

According to reviews, the solution will help the replacement material adhere better to the body of the glass made of fiberglass.  When you are done with this step, you will then smear paste wax all around the hole, the same way that you put silicone-based caulking to a tile shower drain membrane.  You then affix a backer that has been waxed on the inner part of the hole on the glass using tape or a screwdriver, and then applying gelcoat to the backer itself.  You will now proceed to the main part of the repair process for the item.  Cut both the fabric and mat into the desired sizes.  The mat should have a dual layer and it will be laid first over the hole or breach of the glass, followed by the fabric.  Put on more layers of both materials until the correct level is reached.  Next, you can use a polyester-based or epoxy resin to cover the cover hole in the fiberglass-made article, the same way that you spread caulking under and in between the gaps of a tile shower wall.  This will also enable the layers of fiberglass fabric and mat to adhere properly to the body of it.  Afterwards, apply methyl ethyl ketone peroxide to the covered area to harden and cure the fabric, then pull out the wax backer.  Finally, if you consider the finish of the repaired portion to be in need of more work, use sanding paper to polish the area.  Remember to repeat this process until you are sure to have covered all of the offending areas, much in the same way that you have checked all over your shower after a shower leak repair for other instances of water effusion.

Custom Shower Glass – Fixing Leak

If you find yourself dealing with cracks or holes in anything that you have that is made of fiberglass, following these steps will help you get rid of them.  It may not be an easy chore and it will require your utmost patience and focus but in the end, just one look at your restored fiberglass custom shower glass and you will feel rewarded for your hard work.



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