Easy Garage Door Panel Repair

There are different types of garage doors that are out in the market today, and repairing is something that every homeowner will experience at some point. You have steel doors, single paneled, double door, slide-up doors and roll up doors. Choosing the right type will help put together the style of the house and increases security, but a damaged door of your garage can ruin the look of your entire garage and can even compromise the safety and heat efficiency of the residence. These constitute the body of the door so they should always be checked for damages. And because there are numerous styles and numbers of panels, finding a replacement and doing a  repair might be more difficult than expected.


Garage Door Panel Repair How To’s

Replacing it is a great alternative when you don’t have the budget to replace the whole door of your garage or under certain situations when all that’s needed is just an upgrade or a simple repair. You don’t need special skills to do a repair, just follow these steps and you’ll finish the project in no time.

  • Look for replacement panels for sale, contact the original manufacturer of door of your garage, but this might pose problems if the door is an older design. Check the sticker  for your manufacturer’s contact details or talk to your contractor. Once you’ve gotten in touch with the manufacturer, place an order for the number of items you need to buy and specify the style and color number. But be mindful because manufacturers will undoubtedly try to sell you a new one. They’ll give reasons like the rails might get damaged if the panels are replaced or that the other panels’ colors are already faded. Remember that you’re the only one who can decide whether to buy a new one or go for a simple repair.
  • Put your safety first. Make sure to unplug the automatic opener before starting any repair. Once you know that it’s safe, open it and remove the springs to ensure that it doesn’t spring open while you’re repairing it. Once finished, hold the door all the way down while closing it.
  • Remove the old ones. Each one is fastened to the track rollers and connected to each other. In some designs, spring side bolts are attached to the track rollers and hinges are used to connect each side. During repairs, they should be unscrewed to remove them. If it is to be repaired at the bottom, the top one should first be removed. Once the top part is removed, the damaged one can easily be slid out.
  • Install the new ones. To put in a new panel, simply reverse the procedure. Slide the new one in, fasten and bolt it in place. Reattach the hinges between each panel.

Garage Door Repairs: Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Garage Door Panel Repair

Learning how to fix a garage door or a damaged panel can be easy once you follow the instructions. But knowing what to look out for before you start your project can help minimize mistakes and ensure that the repair job will go easily and smoothly. For instance, when a door is damaged, look for and check the paperwork that came with your garage door. The warranty might still be in effect and this can save you money. Most garage door companies or installers use standard lifetime warranties, but even those with short warranty periods are often protected years after the installation.

Choosing the right materials can also make your work run smoothly. Most panels are made from fiberboard, which is cheap and has a long life span, but once water seeps into the panels, they will weaken and have a spongy consistency. So when doing a repair, you can either choose to still use fiberboard panels or replace them with a different material.

Some panels are just stapled into the frame, which makes it easy to replace. But the majority of garage doors use moldings that are prefabricated and some come with intricate grooves and rails. Some repairs can be tedious and time-consuming, and quite a number of impatient installers have ruined garage doors so watch out for those.

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