Easy to Do Garage Doors Panels Replacement


Doing a garage door replacement or overhauling your garage door instead of replacing it can save you a lot of money. But you would have to take a closer look at your standard one before deciding if buying a garage doors panels replacement or a complete overhaul is a good idea. There are replacement parts available for sale for every part of it and its door track system. Replacing parts or a panel repair doesn’t have to be complicated.


How to Do Garage Doors Panels Replacement

It is usually advisable when replacing one to two damaged panels. But if there are more than two damaged panels, it might be better, and cheaper, to just have a brand new one  installed. A thorough inventory should be done on what parts need to be replaced, how much the parts cost and how long the work will take. According to reviews, the last part is crucial even if you’re doing the job yourself. The cost of labor might be free, but it might take up a chunk of your time that you might prefer to spend elsewhere. Double check the joints of the garage and see if they’re still screwed on tight. Also check for any cracking or splintering of nails and garage stiles. After making sure that the parts are all in good working condition, move to the hardware. Look over the cables, lift springs and pulleys. Check if the hinges are worn out and if the sensors are still working well. If it is 15 years old and more, then the hinges should be changed and should be done, especially if it is often used.

One of the easiest repairs to do during the replacement, it is to change the hinges between the panels. And changing the hinges is quite simple. The first thing you need to do is to shut the hinged and set a clamp with a vise-grip on both sides of the door track. If you’re using an electric door opener, don’t forget to pull it off the electrical socket so the door can’t be activated while the hinges are apart. These hinges have the numbers 1, 2 or 3 stamped on them. Brackets in the top and bottom have a singular design and are easy to match just by looking at them. The rollers are made of steel or nylon, but steel is preferable because it’s sturdy. On the other hand, nylon is quiet, but not totally silent. Whatever you choose to use in it, use a roller lube while replacing them. Roller shafts do become worn out and elongate, causing them to wiggle in the door track. This causes for it to become noisy and to shake.

Hinges should be replaced one by one during the panel repair. You can’t remove more than one hinge at a time so you can put the new hinge exactly where the old one was. Make sure you tighten the hinge before you proceed to the next one. Once the hinges have been changed, look over the lower and upper roller brackets. The roller mounts at the top are easy to replace, but the bottom rollers are a little harder. The good thing about this is, you can easily buy hinges today since there are a lot of for sale ones.

Even if some aspects of the job is easy, you should still exercise caution to prevent accidents.  Bottom brackets should not be released or un-bolted while the lift springs are still in place. According to reviews, tension in the lift springs might snap and cause injury if it’s released. Remove the bottom brackets only after the springs are released. Only replace the bottom rollers when the door is fully opened and there’s no tension in the door springs.

You can see a big difference in it after you replace the hinges and rollers. There’ll be less noise and it is easier to lift.  If you have the money for it, you should also think about changing the pulleys and lifting springs while doing garage doors panels rep

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