Fireplace by Design Makeover

Regardless of whether you want to turn that hole on your wall into something that has more character or you want to revive the look of your existing fireplace, you should look for design ideas that you can apply to your makeover. When looking at makeovers you will find one technique that can save you money in the process. This idea actually makes use of Venetian plaster during the remodeling stage.


For those who are wondering why Venetian plaster is recommended when doing it, well, this material actually has plenty of benefits to offer you. For starters, for homeowners who are looking for a cheaper option when they remodel it, the use of this type of plaster is sure to shave off a few dollars from the original cost. What’s more, this type of material can be painted to all kinds of color depending on your preferences. You can also get Venetian plaster that looks like other materials for like concrete, stone, wood and marble even.

Fireplace By Design – Different Uses of Venetian Plaster

If you will take a closer at the plans you will find that Venetian plaster for sale can be used from floor to ceiling or from one side of the wall to the next. According to reviews, keep in mind that when doing it and you will be using this type of plaster, always end your application on the inside of the wall to create a uniform look. One way to make sure that the plaster will stick during application according to plans is to paint a primer first. Avoid using regular paint on the inside of it because it needs a special paint that is resistant to heat.

Buy and use a traditional drywall mud as the base coat for your walls or fireplace before adding the Venetian plaster. Cover the grooves and lines on it then let it dry. If not, you will end up with cracks, lines and poor quality plaster in the long run. Apply the drywall mud evenly until you cover the entire based on the design you are following. If you want your Venetian plaster to have some color, you can paint the drywall mud you have just applied with a darker shade. Painting the drywall mud can help cover any spots that get left behind after sanding it too much. You don’t have to worry about anything because

To get the right color based on the idea you are following, try experimenting first on a drywall scrap until you get it. According to reviews, start by applying a thin layer of coating before allowing it to dry then sand it. Repeat the steps until you reach the desired color on the  plan you are using as a guide. Don’t forget to apply a sealer after finishing painting your fireplace.

You don’t actually have to worry about anything because everything that you need are for sale in the market today and you can easily buy them.

Fireplace By Design – Makeover Pictures

If you are not sure how to begin your makeover, why not look at some makeover pictures? These photos can give you an idea on what this is all about and how you can achieve it on your own. When building one c an make sure that you include the hearth in your renovation plans. The renovation can also tackle upgrading the look of your mantle. Decorating a mantle isn’t that hard since the items that you can use are sure to be lying around your house. From frames to vases to mirrors, you will find something to place on your mantle.

As you can see, the plans aren’t that hard to do on your own provided that you already have an idea on what to do. Following the steps mentioned above can help bring back the natural beauty of your fireplace without you having to spend a lot of money in the process. You can look for it not just in home improvement magazines but also online since there are some homeowners and even designers that upload their work here. Looking for the best makeover for your own fireplace will help you create the perfect look for your old one minus the expense of having to buy a new one.

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