Floor Tile Patterns – Problems You may Encounter

There are so many ways to improve your house’s appearance, may you have renovations, changes in the roofs, changes in floor tile patterns and a lot more. You can make modifications that will make your house look more elegant and suited for you. There are many housing contractors that can make these projects for you but if you decide to do it in yourself, you are free to do so. If you chose to have a housing contractor to do the job, you must be assured that their works are of best quality. Never reside in a company that has bad reputation. The years of service of the company can be your primary proof that they are really functioning well and that their services are really good. You can check their man power and verify if they are suitable for the job. Also you must check the equipments that you will be using in the re construction of your house. Check for the feedback of the old customers and have an involvement in the making of the project plan and budget proposals to assure that it fits your budget.


Floor Tile Patterns – A Personal Experience

One of the reconstructions that you can do in your house is changing the patterns. You may change in to ceramic ones if you wanted more aesthetic in your patterns. This can be done by a housing contractor or by yourself, if you do it by yourself, make sure that you have the necessary skills and the materials that you needed, you’ve seen a good showroom and supply and you are capable for the tile work. You have to acquire those things so that you won’t end up like the story of this one customer:

I was so excited to reconstruct it and in the end I got really disappointed. I never imagined that it would be this difficult to change my pattern. I used some stone ones for the pattern that I bought from one of the most famous home improvement centers in my place. I will never use this product again. As a matter of fact, I returned one fourth of the product that I purchased from that home improvement center.

I’m not new to installing new ones  in my house. Actually, I was fast in doing the work in my previous projects. But unfortunately, when I used this stone for it, it took me a very long time to finish and I bumped myself to problems that I never imagined I would have which basically made the whole experience a very bad one.

The quality of the stone for sale that I got was really crappy. The size of the varies; there are small ones, medium sized and huge ones. Also the texture is different, even the colors are too. According to reviews, most of it is damaged, some have scratch marks and split up and some are not even in the shape of a square. But I decided to go rogue and try installing those crazy tiles  because I wanted to test my level of craftsmanship. And that was the worst decision that I ever made.

Floor Tile Patterns – Work

For things to work out, I made a segregation of the tiles that I can use and the tiles that are of no use. According to reviews, even though in the end, I was able to finish the project, still, the process is very troublesome and I want to share to you my experience about it, so you may avoid situations like this.

Make sure that before you buy a tile you are sure that they are of good quality. Check the sample of the tile and observe if they are symmetrical, lay them down for a better estimate of things. If you observed that the grout line is too tight or too wide then you may as well look for another distributor. It would cause you a lot of problems and repairs when making your pattern if your grout lines aren’t good. A good one can lead to a good one and a bad tile will obviously lead to a crappy pattern, always make sure that you have the best product for sale  in hand in making your own floor tile pattern.

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