Four Fabulous Ideas for Outhouse Bathroom Décor

Adding whimsical design to your bathroom like outhouse, buying bathroom décor can certainly make your space more engaging and interesting to look at. Decors that are designed like outhouses are rampant in many home improvement and specialty stores. You can even look them up in antique stores and see what else they have in store for you in terms of decorations. Incorporating your own unique design in it shouldn’t be too hard and if you want to design your space with decors that will certainly catch the eye, adding one certainly fits the bill. How can you take advantage of this whimsical idea? Well, read on to find out more.


Outhouse Bathroom Décor – Ideas You Should Try

As a homeowner, it is entirely up to you on how you can inject a bit of personality to your space and it is no exception. Although there are many great ideas out there when it comes to designs, sometimes sticking with the usual ideas can be boring. According to reviews, how about taking something old like outhouse and using it to make your space livelier? Here are some ways that you can make use of  to your own advantage.

ñ  Storage Space – If you are going to add storage spaces in it, you can design them to look like it. You can either draw this image on the cabinets or drawers or you can cut the materials to look like an outhouse. If you are bored with the way your toilet holder looks like, painting it or adding an image of early ones can help make it stand out. The same idea can be applied to the rest of your bathroom furniture and decors like your mirror and even your medicine cabinet.

ñ  Decors that Work – It can also be functional. You can use it as a handle bar or rod for towels if you like. You can even place new shower curtains that have it as their design. Don’t forget to attach complementary decors too to complete remodeling. Toilet seats that are made from wood just like the ones used in outhouses can be found in antique or specialty stores. If you don’t have any luck in finding one, you can always make one on your own. Don’t forget to embellish the design on its surface.

ñ  Decors for Walls – Don’t forget to dress up the walls as well. Although a simple looking bathroom is enough for most homeowners, sometimes it is just too drab to look at. Dress your walls by adding paintings or pictures. You can even make your own clock face by styling it like an outhouse. If you come across some decals for your wall tiles that can help you create that feel in it you should consider it. Be as creative as you can be when redesigning it using an inspired theme.

ñ  Bath and Lighting Fixtures – Once you have finished with your bathtub installation, you should go and look for, for sale bath fixtures that you can buy and that can bring a feel to your space. As for the lighting, there are several outhouse lighting designs that you can take advantage of. You can even install hanging art on the ceiling. This is the perfect place where you can hang fan pulls that were once used in outhouses and even prisms to reflect the light.

Outhouse Bathroom décor for New Bathtub Installation Unit

According to reviews, since you are decorating it into an outhouse, you might want to look for cute decors that you can place on or around your bathtub. However, looking for ideas on how to have a bathtub worthy of a design before you do any bathtub installation will be well worth it since it can bring together all of your decorations into one. If you have no luck in finding the design you are looking for, you can always go DIY and start dressing up your new bathtub. You can paint drawings of outhouses on its sides or you can look for smaller decorations to place around it. You might be surprised on how a simple outhouse bathroom décor can change the way it looks like and the best part is that you won’t need to spend a lot of money in the process.

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