Galley Kitchen Remodel Layout, Designs, Types, Styles and more

A galley kitchen remodel might be necessary in homes that were built more than 5-10 years ago to answer the demands of homeowners who want a larger design. And depending on the house’s structure, a total kitchen layout overhaul might not be feasible. But you don’t need to put up with a less than desirable kitchen. There are several ways to remodel them to make a small layout look bigger.

Galley Kitchen Remodel Designs, Styles and Types

The most important conditions to work on when doing a galley kitchen remodel are the lighting, storage areas and the width of the aisle. Make good use of storage areas by hiding fixtures like the refrigerator or the dishwasher behind cabinets to create a tidy and larger feel to the place. Using open shelves and a pale palette also gives an airy look. Strive to keep counter tops free from clutter. This might sound like an impossible challenge, but the space will look larger after it if there’s nothing on your counter tops. Put essentials like your toaster and coffee machine in cabinets that you have easy access too. Or invest in a slide out drawer to make it easier to get them in and out.

Having 4-6 feet of aisle place is ideal and gives you enough room to move around. Most designers working on a narrow galley kitchen remodel would place the wash area and refrigerator on one wall and the cooking area on the opposite wall. This creates equal space between work areas and doesn’t look too crowded. It’s also possible to place a breakfast nook or an island at the end of one counter for quick meals.

Another easy way to make your layout look bigger after remodelling the galley kitchen is to choose good lighting fixtures. There should be a mix of ambient, accent, decorative and task to assist you in all your needs.

Don’t neglect the floor when you plan it. To make a tiny kitchen appear bigger, choosing a light colored floor during a remodeling projectl will do the trick. If you want to use ceramic tiles, choose tiles that don’t have a pattern and use the same color grout. This also holds true with linoleum tiles, keep the pattern to a minimum and choose a light color. If it has dark floors and you can’t redo them, use light colored rugs to cover it. However, if you simply must have a pattern, choose a striped flooring design that runs from one side to the other to create a stretching effect. Alternating between light and medium colored strips will also create a similar extending effect.

Some remodeling layouts

Sometimes we don’t have the financial means to design or begin a project. Even when we have no choice but to make do with the layout that we have, we can still do simple things to make it our own.

Incorporating color is one easy way to make a one amazing. White is the best color to use in a small setup because it gives the illusion of space. Ones with white cabinets, countertops, walls and ceilings create a fluid space. Add details like moldings to create shadows and contrasting texture. Choosing a low contrast color scheme for it would also work the same way.

The furnishings should reflect and complement its size. Try to choose furniture that are slender or have a light visual feel. Metal tables and chairs have clean lines that are not distracting to the eyes and let you see the floor thereby tricking your mind into thinking the room is bigger. Plus, using materials with a reflective quality, like stainless steel and ceramic, amplify light and makes the area look bigger.

Other options to create even more space during it is to hang a metal rack from the ceiling for your pots and pans, installing sliding bottom cupboard or incorporating a turnstile shelving unit into a corner cupboard.

Homeowners and designers are so lucky to be living in this digital age. Checking different home decorating websites, flipping through magazines or watching TV programs specializing in interior decoration will give you even more ideas on how to do this that will make it bigger and more stylish.



Gallery Style Kitchen Types and Ideas

A lot of houses often have a very limited space. Regardless of whether you’re dealing with an old style kitchen or a tight gallery style kitchen, you can transform this area to make it look bigger and to have more storage space. There are some simple remodeling plans that homeowners can put in motion so they can have bigger and beautiful kitchens.

Gallery Style Kitchen Ideas

The three common problem areas in them are the lighting system, the width of the aisle and the limited storage space. But despite these limitations, it is actually ideal in most homes because when designed properly, there’s not an inch of floor space that’s wasted.

  • To avoid traffic problems that will crop up because of the lack of space, make sure that it has an aisle space that measures at least four to six feet.   You can accomplish this by placing the sink and refrigerator on one wall and put the gas stove on the opposite side. This ensures that it is equally spaced and orderly. You can also add a island for small kitchen at one end of the counter to create extra space.
  • Another thing to consider when doing a remodeling project is how to improve the lighting system. A well lighted gallery style kitchen gives off an airy feeling and ensures that the area can be used optimally. Meet all your lighting needs by combining different lighting features like track, accent and ambient lighting. Using wood fixtures or brightly painted cabinets can also increase light intensity.
  • Having it no longer means having to suffer with little to no storage space. There are several simple ways that can give homeowners more space for their utensils and appliances. For example, one can install wine cubbies on top of a cabinet or a window. Another way to streamline it in order to have more space is to install sliding bottom cupboards. Space behind cabinets is rarely utilized in it, but installing a lazy susan or roll-out shelves can maximize the space.  A turnstile shelving space tucked in the corner of a cupboard fixture is also a great idea to free up even more space in a small gallery style kitchen. And if you’re still looking for ways to create space, opt for a metal rack that you can use to hang pots or pans.


Remodeling Tips for a Narrow Galley Kitchen

  • Replace the standard stand alone refrigerator with an under-counter ref and freezer so you can maximize cabinet space and counter-tops. The average two-door ref and freezer model has around 6 cubic feet of storage space.
  • Install cabinets above the counter-tops and if possible, they should be as high as the ceiling for more space. Or you can try to make it look more spacious by using glass-fronted cabinet doors. Choosing a light-colored wood finish will further enhance the illusion of having more space.
  •  Do away with the usual free-standing trash can by using a trash compactor instead. You can put it under one counter and under the sink. Or you can put a bin for recycling near the sink to catch garbage.
  •  A small kitchen can boast of a pantry. Use pull-out shelves that can be hidden behind white cabinet doors. Store all your spices in one drawer to stop clutter from accumulating on the counter-tops.
  •  Good lighting goes a long way in making it look bigger and better. Try installing lights under cabinets for a modern look while ensuring that the preparation or cooking area is well illuminated.
  •  Save money while creating the illusion of a bigger kitchen by using the same tile design and color that you’ve used on the floor for your back splash. Choosing a color that complements the floor pattern will create a clean and unified look.


The bottom line with these tips and tricks is to give homeowners well-thought of options to make the most of it. Plan it carefully and choose which of these ideas will greatly benefit and upgrade your gallery

If your house is already old, you would probably be faced with one which has a limited space.  Regardless of your housing structure, a complete makeover seems impossible to achieve.  Therefore, what are the actions you need to do to make it appear as if it were a whole lot bigger?


Narrow Galley Kitchen Types & Styles

Some of the necessary things to remember about them are the aisle width, the lighting system, and places for storage.  Hiding galley kitchen appliances such as the dishwasher or the refrigerator behind a cabinet panel will actually make the room look neat.  Other useful tips in remodeling one are open shelving a big pass-through window, and having cabinets lightly painted to create an open and airy atmosphere.

To prevent dealing with traffic issues caused by not having enough space, make sure that your aisle space measures at four to six feet.   You can place the refrigerator and sink on one wall while the gas stove is placed on the opposite side.  This makes the room of one equally spaced out and not project an over crowded image.  Adding a peninsula or a island for small setup at one counter end will also help in providing a place for having quick meals.

If you are thinking of incorporating new rustproof appliances into your own idea of beautiful galley kitchens, there are some creative home designing ideas you can choose from to get a beautiful trendy look.  Installing wine cubbies on top of a window, having dark green countertops made of granite, and putting oak floors should work well together if you want to create a homey atmosphere.

Though it may sound incongruent, a bigger floor tile has an amazing ability to make it look larger as well.  Another space-saving option in your kitchen remodeling checklist is to install bottom cupboards which are sliding.  There is a lot of space behind the cabinets which are rarely used.  To maximize such space, you can install roll-out shelves and lazy susans.  A tucked turnstile shelving space incorporated into a deep cupboard fixture by the corner is also a good idea to save a lot of space in it.


Some Extra Ideas

One of the best things about it is that you can make use of DIY cabinetry which is easy to install.  The truth is, you can easily find this style of the cabinet design right on the store shelf at various home improvement specialty stores or places known as IKEA.  Such type of cabinetry is most likely a simple and quick DIY install.  If you purchase the cabinets flat, it usually requires more jobs in putting the cabinets together than installing them yourself in it.

If you are interested in creating more available spaces in it, you could opt to hang a metal rack which you can use to hang your pans and pots.  This will prevent them from getting in your way and will provide a quick and easy access every time you have to use them.

Another thing to ponder when you plan with redesigning ideas is the system of lighting.  Well-planned lighting will help in giving the area its optimized function.  By incorporating a mixture of lighting features such as accent, decorative aspect, defined task, and ambient atmosphere, you can be assured that all your different lighting needs are met.

Adding the proper type of lighting can actually make it appear larger than it really is.  You can also increase your kitchen’s light intensity by utilizing wood fixtures which are brightly-colored for your cabinets and giving your counters and walls a neutral tone.

Along with the designing tips mentioned above, the bottomline is making hard and well-thought of choices to make the most out of it.  If storage ranks first in your priority, then maximizing galley kitchen cabinets in exchange of appliances can help.  Do you want to have a breakfast bar?  This is possible though you may have to sacrifice a cooking counter space to get a nice breakfast bar.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with these ideas.  It is your own setup and you can make as many designing choices as you wish

7 Tips when Remodeling Beautiful Galley Kitchens (Styles, Designs, Trends, Layouts & More)

Beautiful galley kitchens are not done overnight. While most homeowners would want to transform this dark and narrow kitchen into something airy, light and modern immediately, it takes careful planning to make it that any homemaker or cooking enthusiast happy and satisfied. Unfortunately, some remodeling projects take time and money. But there are some tips or suggestions that homeowners can do to have a really beautiful looking setup without breaking the bank.


Beautiful Galley Kitchens Designs and Tips


  • Lighting is everything. If possible, have large recessed lighting built into the ceiling’s rectangular fixtures. Choose lighting fixtures with no glare features and if the space allows for it, have two lighting fixtures per recessed area. You can also add strip lighting under the cabinets, but make sure the light bulbs are the right kind so they can give focused lighting on work surfaces without the intense glare. It’s a good idea to consult a lighting specialist and ask for recommendations on how to make it bright and easy to work in.
  • Invest in cabinets made of wood or plastic and painted in bright and modern shades. Using bright colors will easily transform a dated galley kitchen to something modern. You can save more money if you paint over the cabinets yourself but be careful.  Try out the color scheme you want on one or two cabinets first to make sure it wouldn’t make it look gaudy or cheap.
  • Invest in the best appliances that you can afford. Most ones are attractive because the appliances and other fixtures have been designed and built specifically for it. Look for the right appliances at large suppliers or visit model exhibits to get inspiration.
  • Update the look of it with modern fittings and handles. Choose stainless or brushed chromium for a timeless look.
  • Another easy way to transform old kitchens  is to pick a good paint finish that’s modern and will bring an upbeat vibe to the area. Choose a good color combination and make sure it’s easy to clean and will last for several years.
  • If you can spare the expense, use real tiles in them. Light colored ceramic tiles go well with appliances, cabinets and other painted surfaces.
  • Spending time planning the design of your custom kitchen is time well spent. Take all the time that you need, do your research and be careful in choosing the style, colors and finished that you will use.


Contractors for Layout and Designs


Hiring contractors are a good way to keep the renovation costs down without compromising your dream or sacrificing quality. A complete remodel can sometimes be quite extensive and time consuming, so knowing how to find the best one for your project and budget is critical.

The first thing you need to do before you can have it is to ask for recommendations from friends, family, architects or other contractors. Architects and interior designers work directly with remodeling contractors so they can give you a solid lead on who can best handle them and more. Try to come up with a shortlist of 4-5 names and start checking out their websites. Most companies have a company website where you can take a closer look at their company profile and examples of work they. This will provide you with insight into what to expect from a specific contractor. A background check will also tell you how stable or reliable the contractor is.

The next step is to schedule an interview and an ocular inspection of your layout. Meet with the remodeling contractor in person and talk to each one in depth on how you want your kitchen to look. Ask for a written and detailed estimate.

Seeing the breakdown of expenses can give you an idea on what areas you’re spending more money on and maybe help you cut down on cost. Sign the contract only if you’re completely amenable to the cost and scope of work. Make sure the contract has a detailed time frame, payment schedule and information on any subcontractors that will be involved in creating a beautiful area.


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