Get a Fresh New Look from a Brick Fireplace Remodel

Every part of the home would need to be updated from time to time, and remodeling your fireplace can give it a fresh new look. It draws the eyes in, so it’s easy to notice if it is dirty or covered with soot. Keeping it clean will help in making the room look good, but it might not be enough sometimes. Remodelling is a good way to update it and give it a fresh, new look.


Things to Consider Before Starting a Brick Fireplace Remodel

  • Evaluate carefully before deciding if you will proceed with remodelling. Some still look dingy even when constantly maintained. If this is the case, then a thorough cleaning might need to be done. Start by giving it a good sweep. Take out all the ashes and give the firebox a good scrub. But this might not be enough to get rid of the soot. A simple and easy remodelling will be to paint the firebox with heat resistant black paint. If the whole firebox area is black, the dirt and soot is less likely to be noticed.

  • Gauge the condition of the facade before remodeling it. Once done with cleaning the firebox, it is time to turn your attention to the exterior of your fireplace. Give the area a good vacuuming and clean every nook and cranny with a sweeper brush. Step back and look at it objectively and critically. If it still looks dirty, scrub everything down with a scrub brush and a solution of apple cider vinegar and water. Scrub one small area at a time. Wait a few minutes to let the solution work and then wipe off the moisture with a towel. Repeat the procedure until you’re satisfied with how the area looks and then move on to the next area. Rinse with clean water after you’re done scrubbing the whole fireplace exterior.

  • Painting it can help you with remodeling. If you still think that your brick fireplace looks dated even after a thorough cleaning, consider painting the bricks for an instant remodel. Painting is best done after the fireplace has been clean and is completely dry. Cover with tape or paper any area that won’t be painted. Use a good quality primer that’s ideal for masonry for the first coating. Follow with latex paint once the primer has completely dried. Several applications of paint might be necessary since a brick’s surface is porous and rough.

Brick Fireplace Remodel – Easy and Affordable Ideas

It is sometimes the only solution for an old or grimy fireplace. Plus, it can totally update the look and character of the room. remodeling doesn’t have to break the bank either. A little ingenuity and creativity is all that’s needed to transform your brick fireplace into a great conversation piece.

  • Changing or choosing the right accessories is one of the easiest and simplest remodeling that you can do. You can just change the accessories found on the mantle and add new decorations that are appropriate for the season or any special occasion. There are a lot of for sale brick fireplace accessories and all you have to do is to choose what fireplace accessories to buy. Put personal and unique touches that will show your character. Aside from the usual pictures, you can place seashells that you gathered during your last trip to the beach, a small photo with an interesting story or a unique figurine. Adding a large and beautifully framed mirror above the mantel can increase the room’s depth.

  • Changing the door or screen is an instant remodel. According to brick fireplace reviews, adding a glass door if it doesn’t have one. Or choose from the various styles of screens and doors that are out in the market today. You can find everything from traditional, country to modern. If you have the budget for it, spring for screens made from stained glass, wrought iron or copper for that extra artistic touch.

  • Adding a pile of wood beside your fireplace is a good trick that you can do. Even if you are using a modern gas fireplace, a pile of wood will evoke images of warmth, coziness and will easily enhance it. There are a lot of wood for sale.

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