Glazed Porcelain Tile vs Unglazed Porcelain Tile

There are so many companies that are now offering ceramic tile installation because of this it will now be difficult to choose which will be able to do it for you. You have to choose from many tiles for sale if which is really the best type. For sale ceramic tiles have different classes and it will be helpful for you to know what to buy if you know those classes. Each class has different specifications and is used in different environment. There are classes that are best used indoors and there also some that are best used outside.


The non-vitreous and the semi-vitreous classes are the ones that are suitable to be used inside the house. According to reviews, these are the classes that are the most porous. Porosity of the tile depends on how much it absorbs moisture. In this case, these classes are very porous thus it absorbs a lot of moisture that may lead to easy damage or mold formations.

The other two classes are the vitreous and impervious classes for sale. These two classes are best use either inside the house or outdoors, anywhere where there is a high tendency of moisture exposure like in the bathroom or kitchen of the house. These classes are the opposite of the first two. If the first two are very porous, these ones are non-porous, meaning they don’t absorb moisture.

If you have a stock in your home of tiles and you want to know their porosity, there is a simple test for that. You need to splash water on the back of the tile and observe what will happen. If the splashed water will be absorbed then the tile that you have is a porous and if it was not absorbed then that means that it is not porous. After identifying if your tile is porous or not, you can now know where to use those. Porous are not suitable in places where there is a lot of moisture; you might decide to use non-porous tiles on those kinds of places.

The best choice for a ceramic is porcelain. There are two types of porcelain ceramic for sale. These are the glazed or unglazed. They have their own attributes and advantages. It is a wise idea to know more about these before deciding which tile to install.

Glazed Porcelain Tile – Unglazed Version

Unglazed ones are those tiles that undergone one firing only which are dense and hard. These are ones that last through many ages, they are available in varying colors and the texture and form is consistent lasting for a long time. Because of this consistency, simple scratches can not leave marks in the tile and their integrity will be preserved. In fact, these kinds of tile are the best choice if you are looking for a lasting against tear and wear.

Unglazed are good for places with significant traffic because they do not become slippery if it is exposed to moisture unlike the glazed ones that becomes very slippery if exposed to moisture. The problem with them is that they are not very resistant to stains so maintenance will be very difficult. But this problem can be addressed by using special sealers or grout shields.

Glazed Porcelain Tile – Quality

Glazed are the one that undergone two firing. They can be a great choice for reasonable installation cost and assured quality ones. The process of making them are the same with unglazed ones, the only difference is that it has a second firing and in the second firing it is covered with a liquid glace layer for a better patter best used in different layouts.

In making unglazed with a single firing. According to reviews, the glaze coating is placed before firing it one time. In making the glazed , with double firing, the tiles are fired then a layer of glaze coating will be placed before it is placed into a second firing.

They are available in different forms and designs. There are different gloss levels that you can choose from depending on the area that you will use it. Glazed porcelain ones are more resistant to tiles that make it its unique characteristic.


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