Granite Kitchen Island Types, Styles, Layout, Ideas & More

A granite kitchen island may just be what your kitchen needs in case you are planning on giving it a makeover. It is not uncommon to find homeowners looking for ways to upgrade their living space over the years. Usually, it is the kitchen that gets first treatment. This is due to the fact that this area is where all the activity is going on. From food storage to food preparation to serving dishes, everything is done here. This is why it is important that you keep it as clean and as organized as possible.

By remodeling your kitchen you are also increasing its overall value. One way to do this is to installone which can be used as storage for your utensils and also as a workstation for preparing meals. Although there are plenty of ideas to choose from, there is something about that granite countertop that has captured the interest of many homeowners today.

Granite Kitchen Island Styles

What makes one stand out? This is a question many are asking after seeing plenty of designs and styles of granite islands that sport this type of counter top.  Well, there are several reasons why this type is very much in demand today. Here are some that are worth taking note of:

  • Durable – Like any other products that you have in your area, you need an island that is capable of surviving the usual bustle. This is where it passes with flying colors. Since this material is a type of natural stone, it doesn’t break or crack easily regardless of how heavy the items you place on its surface. If you are worried about scratching the surface of your countertops, this won’t be a concern to you if you go with these type of counters. This can even withstand the heat coming from your pots easily.
  • Beautiful – It is a favorite among the upper class and why not? This type of stone comes in a variety of colors which you can easily mix and match with the rest of your kitchen décor. As a matter of fact, it is used almost everywhere in the house like in the bathroom and even flooring. When you incorporate it into it you can already feel that luxurious feeling whenever you step inside your cooking area.
  • Easy to Maintain – Since cleanliness is important in it, you should look for countertops that aren’t difficult to maintain. This is another reason why ait is recommended these days. This rock is known to withstand the appearance of fungus, molds or any other bacteria that may be present in it. Aside from this, you don’t really to be meticulous in cleaning it because it cleans easily.

Granite Kitchen Island Ideas

When looking for furniture cart that can complement your busy kitchen, you should look for one that can withstand the constant wear and tear of usage. Based on the reasons mentioned above on why an idea like this is very much in demand today, you should also consider this for your own area. However, you might find that this type may be a bit expensive for your tastes especially for a furniture cart. One reason why granite countertops are priced high is because they are cut as a whole piece. A customized granite top can definitely put a dent to your savings especially if you are on a budget.

Fortunately, there is a way for you to get it on it minus the high price and that is by getting the granite tile countertop instead. Since it is in tile form, you won’t have to pay a very high price. The tiles are quite beautiful to look at too and still retain the natural features of a whole granite countertop. The only difference between the two is that the tile form is a whole lot cheaper which is exactly what homeowners on a budget are looking for.

If you want to give it a more functional look getting your hands on one is definitely what you are looking for.


Using Them for an Old Style Kitchen

Countertops are both decorative and functional.  Whatever material you choose for your old style kitchen countertop, it should match with the room’s décor while giving a considerable space for food preparation.  Expense should also be considered when you plan it since materials for countertop range from cheap tile or laminate to expensively priced stone, marble, and granite.   You must also consider maintenance, ease of care, and durability before finally deciding which color, style and material will top your cabinets.

Choosing it for Your Old Style Kitchen

Recently, many homeowners would choose this material for remodeling their old style kitchen.  This rock is a natural earth mined stone and has a polished finish like a diamond.  Though granite countertop is popular, it’s not meant for everyone.

Pattern and color features may be inconsistent.  If you appreciate an earth-like, natural look, then this stype may just look appealing to you.  This material is both beautiful and strong though it needs regular maintenance and its colors are limited.  Today’s modern and beautiful kitchens have countertops made from this material as common features.  Though they are easy to maintain, homeowners must have a little know-how regarding their proper care.

So you think that it’s time to build or redesign your home and countertops and have made up your mind on the good quality granite.  Now you have to choose the best type you want to have installed.  Make sure your remodel checklist includes what textures, patterns, and colors would compliment your home theme and décor and that the colors are perfectly incorporated into the design of a room.

The first thing you need to do is to set a certain budget range before hitting the store.  This will be helpful in eliminating some choices you have made when you think about buying granite countertops for it.  By knowing how much money you’re willing to spend, you would have an idea of what kitchen cost your budget can afford and what is out of your budget range.

Disregarding color choices, granite comes in two main kinds, variegated and consistent.  Variegated granite offers a beautiful and unique customization to it by producing a sporadic design in contrast throughout the stone.  Interesting elements such as veins and metallic colors both create an interesting stone piece which can serve as a countertop and as a conversation topic.  On the other hand, consistent granite is a whole lot easier to match over a big area requiring seams.


Colors and Styles

You can choose from two finishing types that you can apply to the granite to gain remarkable differences.  Choosing a flat finish can get you a smooth look though it has more susceptibility to granite staining.  Likewise, a polished finish gets you a glossy look and it is actually more durable.  When deciding on the type and thickness, check if it is not that high otherwise it would become tedious to work on.

Choose the type of style, texture, and edges you would want to have in it.  Always remember that there some texture types which hold debris and dirt more than the other types.

Study carefully the different granite colors.  The coloring schemes of granite have six categories:  Rose, Green, Gold/Copper, White, Azul, and Black.  The rarest color is rose granite.  Though red may be available, a true rose is difficult to get because of its exceptional qualities.  Originally from Brazil, green granite has more hues of blue undertones.  The gold/copper variety has quality metallic elements which can create a very satisfying look to it.  Another variety found originally in Brazil is the white granite.  It is also found in Italy and China.

Of course, Azul is predominantly blue as depicted by its name.  The most popular choice is black granite.  However, a pure solid piece of black granite is hard to achieve.  Its color is consistent though giving it a slight variation will create an almost finely textured look.  Be sure that when you choose a color, it should match the existing old style kitchen décor where you are placing it.

Having some variation produces quality countertops that increase your home value though it also requires complete customization for remodeling your old style kitchen.  Colors, patterns, and textures can make a kitchen look more personalized and should be able to match your specific needs and home accessories.

Listen to your instinct.  If you tend to put valuable time and consideration when deciding on a material for it, you are the type who cares about the final product.  If you already have made up your heart and mind on a particular design, go for it.  If your dream countertop material is not in your budget range, look for a cheaper look-alike.  Many synthetic materials can be made to match the real thing in it.

How to make it look good

Keeping your house updated is a serious task and when it comes to remodeling it you should go for a design that will last you a long time such as installing a granite top kitchen island. Since you are in the process of revamping your space you can create more space by adding one to it.

This new furniture offers plenty of features that will make your time in the kitchen quite convenient. They are more than just a beautiful centerpiece but it can also provide you with additional work station and of course storage area to keep your cooking utensils and serving dishes.

The kitchen is one of the most used space in the house since it is here where all the food preparations and cooking are done. If you are thinking of giving it an upgrade, look for furniture and equipment that can withstand the daily wear and tear such. This rock is known for its durability, hardiness and easy-to-maintain features which is why it is such a big hit when it comes to countertops. Although it isn’t meant to be used as a cooking station, it can still accommodate your hot pots provided that you have trivets in place.

If you have decided to go with them you should have someone install it for you. This is important especially when it will have other fixtures in it such as a sink or cooking equipment. This way all the plumbing and electrical outlets will be placed properly so you won’t have to worry getting into an accident while using it. If you are a skilled electrician yourself you can do the work on your own.

For those who will be hiring someone else to handle the installation of them it is best that you let companies bid for the project. Include reputable companies in the bidding so you can compare their prices and their work. Once you have talked with a few providers you will be able to select the best one not just in terms of their skills but their pricing too. However, since you will be giving your kitchen a makeover spending money is needed but don’t go beyond the budget you have set if you don’t want to lose all of your funds.

Once you have successfully installed it you will fully appreciate its beauty and benefits to offer. You will find your family congregating around it and sharing stories with you as you cook. If you want to serve your dish immediately adding an eating area to your island is recommended. Don’t forget to add the stools so you can sit comfortably. And since you are using it for eating too you will notice how easy it is to keep everything spic and span.

Granite Top Kitchen Island with Cabinets

If you want to have more storage space it would be great if you go for a granite top kitchen island with cabinets. They are not just for beauty only or as a work area or cooking station but it is also known for storage capabilities. You can find some with smartly designed cabinets where aside from keeping your things dirt-free, they will be properly organised too. You can see the potential of your kitchen when you get this furniture in place.

There is no doubt that the they are a great addition to the space but for those who are dealing with a small space you can look for islands that are compact in design. Don’t forget the cabinets too because you will need more space to keep your things. Although there are various materials available for your a countertop, there is something both sophisticated and charming when you go for this kind. Just like it was mentioned before, it offers durability and beauty at the same time.

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