Hardwood Floor Underlayment


If there is anything that is just as vital to choosing the right kind of for sale hardwood floor for sale for you home, it would have to be choosing the right underlayment to go with it. The underlayment makes sure that rt will withstand the strain and the weight of the things that will go over it, without destroying the wood itself and underneath it. An underlay is a protective layer that has a number of uses for noise reduction and moisture and humidity protection as well.


Choosing a Hardwood Floor Underlayment?

It should be made to sustain the durable wood that it will support. It should also be strong enough to take on an enormous amount of weight yet is flexible enough to contract and expand as the weather changes.

According to reviews, popular choice for buying a flooring is cork. Because it its ability to reduce noise by it hollow and porous makeup and its ability to withstand weight, it is a popular traditional choice in supporting ones. Other than cork, foam, hybrid foam and other types of underlayment which is made by the manufacturer can be used with it, cork has been used for years for this kind of treatment project. And although installation can cost a lot of money, it is important to note that it is an investment that will last for a long time.

Aside from cork, you can also use particle boards, plywood and other types of sheet wood or sheet wood composite for underlayment. They can be used in such a way that you can buy a solid sheet and cut to size, or use it like tiles which can be used to cover with uneven or irregular dimensions.

Key Facts about Hardwood Floor Underlayment for Durable Wood Flooring – Cork Underlay

According to reviews, cork is a choice because it is made from a renewable source. Cork is made from oak and is a by product of the tree itself. Since cork is harvested as a by product and is not from the heart of the tree itself, it is the ideal renewable source for hardwood  – ideal for homeowners who are conscious of the environment.

Even if cork is a natural product, one must realize that it is also a durable material for an underlay. It is water resistant so as to be resilient against water damage and flooding. It is air trapping, which can help in ensuring that the floor gets a tight fit each and every time. Aside from this, cork can be seen as an ideal alternative because it works well and is able to withstand the weight of the floor, and anything that may rest on top of it. This makes cork a great option for an underlay.

What’s even greater about cork is that it is not as expensive as other types of underlay. It is a very practical option that can help the environment, but is also easy on the bank account. All in all, a very good option as far as an underlay is concerned.

In detail, here are the uses for cork as an underlay for hardwood flooring:

  • As an underlay for flooring, it can be used for hardwood as well as laminate to separate the bare floor from the new treatment that will go on top of it.
  • It can help in adding depth to a room by building height and serving as a platform to raise it of the room from its base level.
  • Just as wood is a poor conductor, cork is also a very good insulator, ensuring that heating and cooling costs in the home won’t go to waste.
  • Aids in leveling the floor, as well as to encourage equilibrium and proper posture for walking, to the homeowner’s benefit.

Buying cork is indeed a great choice for an underlay. With its simple composition from where it comes from, to the fact that ti can withstand different types of challenges, cork is a hardwood floor underlayment that needs to be considered by homeowners.

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