5 tips on the best way to clean laminate floors

5 tips on the best way to clean laminate floors

How do you clean laminate wood floors? This is a common question posed by homeowners who are planning on installing new flooring in their home. Laminated flooring is one type that is becoming very much in demand these days especially in households where there are quite a lot of activities going on.

Households with kids and pets need to have a strong and sturdy flooring that isn’t prone to scratches, dents and other damages easily. For some homeowners, installing hardwood is ideal but this can prove to be expensive especially when they get damaged easily. This is why many homeowners are looking for an alternative solution that will not only stand up against the usual hustle and bustle of a full house but also has the beauty of real hardwood. For this, this type tops the bill.

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Steps to Follow

One of the advantages is that they are easy to maintain. You might be thinking that you need to have plenty of experience when it comes to cleaning this type of floor, here are some easy-to-follow steps that any homeowner can do on their own.

  • Use a Broom – Start by cleaning with a soft bristled broom and a dustpan. Gather the dirt and debris using your broom and make sure that you scoop them up and thrown in a garbage bin. One advantage to using a soft bristled broom when cleaning is that it won’t harm the surface. Make sure that you sweep the spaces in between floor boards so nothing will remain to mar them.

  • Mix a Homemade Solution – After sweeping, you should then mix a solution composed of 32 ounces of water and a quarter of your vinegar. Mix these two ingredients in a spray bottle and make sure that you add a label to it. This is handy especially since you won’t be using the entire bottle to clean it.

  • Spray Lightly – How do you clean laminated wood floors without damaging it? Well, if you are going to use the spray bottle that contains water and vinegar make sure that you spray only small amounts onto the surface. You should spray only a small area that is within your reach so you can wipe it off using a microfiber fabric to get the moisture off the surface. Make sure that you wipe them in a back and forth motion to get most of the dirt and grit removed.

  • Repeat the Steps – If you have a large area to work on, you should repeat the third step as needed in order to clean the entire flooring. These steps should be done at least once a week in order to maintain the natural beauty of it. It would be better if you prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust by placing rugs on entryways that can help get most of the dirt from shoes.

Maintaining the shine

Based on the steps mentioned above, cleaning them won’t be too tough a job for you to handle. The beauty of these floors is that you really don’t have to call in someone to clean them because you can do the work yourself. This helps you save more money in the process while at the same time giving your interior that to-die-for look. The best part is that your guests won’t even notice the difference between hardwood and laminate unless they take a closer inspection.

Well, there are some cleaning agents to be found in home improvement stores that can help remove the dirt, debris and grime from the ground without affecting the tiles’ surface. Of course, you need to follow the instructions indicated on the cleaning agent to avoid damaging it. These are but a few common answers to the question, “Tips on cleaning laminate floors?” that you should try yourself to see if it will look as good as new afterwards.

Easy Wood Laminate Floor Restoration

Laminate floor restoration is very much needed if you want to revive the beauty. Many homeowners have actually installed laminate flooring in their homes because they imitate the look of real hardwood floors with the exception that they are far cheaper, durable and easier to take care of.

However, much as these floors can last a long time, there are times when you need to do the restoration on them in order to heighten their appeal. One of the most common problems with laminate flooring is the scratches. If your flooring has plenty of scratches on it, there are a few laminate floor restoration methods that you can apply yourself to remove these marks.

Basic Steps to Reviving Your Floors

Hiring a professional  may be on top of your mind but if you don’t have the budget for one, will you simply leave them looking worn out? The good news is that there are steps on laminate floor restoration that you can do on your own which can help you save money in the process. For those who wish to restore their floors to their original state, here are the basic methods that you can use.

  • Purchase a Kit for Repair – During restoration, one of the basic methods that you can use to remove any scratches that you see is to get a kit for laminate repair. No matter how small or big the scratches are, this kit can usually get the job done. You can buy this kit in your local hardware store as well as flooring retail outlets since where you can find other laminate cleaners up for sale as well. When searching for these kits, make sure that you choose one that has the same color as your original floors. You can purchase a kit at the same time you are buying new floors for your home. Or, if you will be doing it, bring a sample plank to get the colors right.
  • Filling Pencils – Another step  is to use filling pencils. Many homeowners use this trick to solve minor scratches on their because it is handy and quick to use. These filling pencils can be used on both real wood and laminate floors. Choose a filling pencil that comes in the exact shade of your  floors to cover the scratches.
  • Keep Extra Planks on Hand – When you buy flooring for your home, try to get a few extra planks just in case you need to fix it. Although replacing a section of your floor is more difficult and more expensive compared to using the kits and filling pencils, sometimes it is necessary. If the damage to it is beyond the ability of the kit and the filling pencils to repair, it is best that you use your extra planks to replace your old floors.

These steps are simple enough to do as long as you have the extra planks with you. Since you will no longer have to go shop for new flooring, you can simply remove the damaged planks and set the new ones.

Keeping Problems at bay

Although there are dozens of methods of restoration to use, sometimes it is best to avoid damaging it as much as possible. Like it was mentioned before, these kind of floors can last you for a very long time provided that you regularly maintain it. Placing mats in areas of your home that are most likely to get scratched due to heavy foot traffic is a smart move. You can even ask your guests to wear a protective slip-on on their shoes to avoid damaging it. And when it comes to moving your things around the house, make sure that you lift your furniture instead of dragging it around.

The cost to laminate repair can range from cheap to expensive depending on the damage to it. If you wish to avoid having to spend a lot of money for a fix up project you should take the time to learn the various ways to avoid scratching them. If you are looking for more information please read our other articles!

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