How to build a rock garden

how to build a rock garden

If you are bored with the same old look that your yard has maybe it is time that you consider something totally new like a rock garden. Rock gardens or rockery, as it is sometimes called, can definitey give your space a whole new look and one that will certainly catch your eyes and your interest. This type of landscaping design is to create a different kind of masterpiece where flowering plants are placed in the limelight with matching stones to bring out the best in your yard.

Going with this style brings out a natural feel to your place compared to other landscaping designs out there. Rocks have permanence and they exude beauty in their own way that is why it cannot be stressed enough to never paint them or you will just ruin their natural good looks. What’s more if you are going all natural don’t look for imported stones. Instead look for stones that are common in your area to create it.


Understanding them

They are designed to provide you small portions of soil where you can place all kinds of plants for your garden. For landscape designers succulents and alpine plants are among the best plant types to use when building a rockery. This is due to the fact that they don’t need constant maintenance and they can grow beautifully on their own. This way, you will be able to take pleasure in viewing it without worrying about plants becoming too out of control for your tastes. You can ask for help from your local horticulturist to come up with the best plants to add to it.

When choosing rocks them make sure that you choose those that are appropriate for the space you have. Never go for large ones when your space is limited because they can make your yard appear too crowded. For big yards, a combination of small and big rocks can create the perfect look for your rock garden. If you truly want it to become a topic of conversation with your family or guests you should embed your rocks into the soil.

This gives the impression that there is more to it than what the eyes can see. This illusion can certainly pique anyone’s curiosity and many would stop by to view your yard’s new look. Keep in mind to place it in an area where it receives a lot of sunlight. This way you will be able to add all sorts of plants on your yard for a better look.

The best way to pull off a good looking rock garden is to mix and match the small and big stones. You can also go with surface stones if you want to give your garden a weathered look. You can even add some dramatic effect to your rockery by placing stones with moss or lichens growing on them. If you are not successful in your search just apply some yoghurt on the surface of your stone to create that mossy effect you are trying to achieve.

Try looking into buying a rock garden for sale or maybe just looking at them to get ideas on what you want to do.

Enhance it with a nice looking shed 

If you have enough space you might want to think about adding a shed to it. Why? Well, they are great for storage which means you can store your gardening tools and other equipment out of sight so you can enjoy a clear view of your yard. There are contractors who can help you decide on the type to install based on the space available as well as your needs. You can go for the basic type which is just for storage only or you can go for a potting shed if you like to work on your garden even more.

If you have enough budget set aside you can hire shed builders to put it up for you so as not to ruin it. These builders have the skills to build this structure in a short period so you can get to use it immediately. Just make sure that the design of your shed won’t affect your area at all but can complement it or blend well with it.

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