How to Build Fence using Wood Fence Plans

Wood fence plans always come in handy when it comes to building a privacy fence around your property. And when it comes to fences, nothing beats the natural beauty of wood. A lot of people believe that when they build a wood one it will require regular maintenance because it doesn’t usually last long. However, this is not the always the case in most wood fences. If you install yours properly by sticking to the plans you have on hand, it can actually last for a very long time.


The secret to having wood fence that will last a long time is its posts. Most plans don’t really use it because regardless of what type of wood you use it will usually rot in five years or less depending on the type of soil that you have on your property. Even the ones that are treated usually end up rotting, twisting or warping in the long run. This is why plans suggest that you use the ones that are made from galvanized steel because it doesn’t rot or warp like wooden materials. If you want to make it appear that your posts are made from wood, you can choose steel ones that can be covered with wood for that uniform look.

Wood Fence Plans – Why Choose Steel Posts

There are some homeowners who are not inclined to using steel ones because they believe that they are quite expensive. On the contrary, steel ones are more affordable compared to wood materials and that you can actually save more when you choose posts that are made from galvanized steel. The reason behind this is that wood ones require more concrete. Add to this is the gravel you need so that the water can drain and you will get a higher price compared to using steel posts. Don’t forget to include the cost of labor for digging for the wooden ones.

If you are going to take a closer look at the layout, you will find that the height of the posts usually vary depending on the design that you will be following. If you will be adding picture frame on your wooden ones, they usually should be around eight feet in length.

Wood Fence Plans – How to Build a Cheap Fence

If you have your  on hand and the proper tools as well, you can now start building a cheap one for added security and privacy. The first thing that you need to do is to lay a string along the property to mark the areas where you will dig holes for the posts. Typical wood fence plans often put these around eight feet or less. If you are living in an area where you experience high winds, six foot post centers are recommended. When digging a hole for the posts make sure that it is three times the size of the posts and that you can dig below the frost line. Keep in mind that they need to have concrete to secure them in place.

After the concrete has finally set, you can install cedar stringers because they can blend well with the wood boards that you will be using. The stringers are usually installed at the sides of the posts. One of the stringers is placed at least a foot from the ground while the other one is placed at the top. Again, for high wind areas, three stringers are normally required on most plans. The picket fences should follow. It is better for you to choose cedar pickets that are of the right thickness than resorting to thin picket fences. You should stick to the one that you have on hand to get the best results. Secure the picket fences using screws that are stainless steel or ceramic coated. You don’t want to end up with wood ones that has a black line going down from the screws you have just installed. Do not forget to stain the wood materials as indicated on the plans.

These basic steps on building a fence according to your fence plans should help you give more privacy to your family. Don’t forget to double check the price so you can buy the best material for you according to your budget and needs. With the right layout, you will end up with a beautiful perimeter fence made from the sturdiest materials in no time. Aside from coming up with a layout, you should also learn how to repair them when needed.


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