How to Do a Stone Fireplace Makeover

A fireplace can be a beautiful addition to any home, but there are times when a fireplace makeover is necessary. When your stone or brick one is starting to look dated and boring, you have to think about different ways of bringing it back to life. And one of the easiest ways to do a makeover is to give it a fresh coat of paint and make it the main attraction in your house makeover.


What to Consider When Doing a Fireplace Makeover

  • Think about the safety requirements. While you’re still at the planning stage of your fireplace makeover project, you have to make sure you understand and follow all the provisions of your area’s building safety codes. While it can be an essential part of a room, it can also be a very volatile and dangerous feature of the home. Carefully consider how safe the materials you’ll be using are. Check the safety requirements for using paint and other combustible substances that will be used on your fireplace stones and consult with paint suppliers or contractors. You should also have the proper equipment if you’re planning on doing the makeover by yourself.
  • It requires a lot of effort to remodel it. Removing paint from most materials, like brick, stone or stucco can be very hard. Some stone fireplaces have to be sandblasted to remove the paint so it’s vital that you plan for this project accordingly.
  • Choose the best paint color for your makeover project. When deciding on the best color for it, try to choose one that would blend with the wall color. You can either choose colors that are similar to your wall material or one that is in stark contrast with the room’s main color. Once you have made a choice, talk to your contractor or a paint specialist about your options. They can give you valuable information on what tools or paint products to use and what shades and color tones are best for custom fireplaces.

How to Do Fireplace Makeover by Painting

  • When you do a makeover by painting, be aware of two crucial and related factors that you should consider. First, paint usually adheres poorly to stone so the stone surface should be conditioned with a good primer, otherwise the paint will peel off after it’s applied. Second, smoke stains usually mess up stone fireplaces. It’s important that the primer you use has been specifically formulated to block smoke stains or it will appear after some time.
  • Prep the area first before your  makeover. It’s important that you prepare and protect the floor, walls and furniture from paint drips and overspray. The surface of the fireplace should be prepared as well. You can use a bristle brush to remove loose mortar and paint flakes from the stone. Use a vacuum up as you brush so that the dirt and dust don’t remain on the surface. Brush it with the regular soap and water to clean it thoroughly. Let dry before patching up any mortar.
  • The first step in a makeover is to apply an initial coat of latex primer in acrylic to the stones using a 3” or 4” paintbrush for latex paints. Don’t use an oil-based manufactured paintbrush or it will be ruined. Work the primer even into the mortar between the stones by stippling it with the brush. Let the primer dry for 2-3 hours.
  • Rinse the paintbrush with water. Follow it up with a coating of acrylic latex paint to the stones after the primer has dried. Give the fireplace around 2 hours to dry. Apply additional coatings of the latex paint if the primer is still showing through.

There are a lot of ideas and suggestions about fireplace makeovers that can be found online or in magazines. Aside from painting, you can use using faux materials like stacked limestone for a makeover. It’s also an ideal and easy way to revamp how your fireplace looks since it is affordable and lightweight. Adding pillars and a mantel can also transform and turn your makeover into something classy. Using colored tiles can also freshen up a fireplace and give the room another creative source of color.

However you choose to do it, arm yourself with the necessary information and preparation. It will make your fireplace makeover project easier to do and will give your home a new and creative lease on life.





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