How to Repair Plaster Damaged By Wall Paper Removal

How to Repair Plaster Damaged By Wall Paper Removal

Many are wondering how to repair plaster walls especially when they damaged it after removing the wallpaper. There are times when the size of the wall doesn’t match with that of the wallpaper which is often the cause of damage when removing them from the wall. There are instances where after removing the first layer, you will find several others underneath.

Removing wall paper is not an easy task especially when it is not installed properly. There are plenty of times when the drywall underneath is damaged during the removal process which can be quite frustrating for the homeowner. Fortunately, learning how to do this is not that difficult to understand which means you can do the repairs on your own. It would be better if you know how to remove wallpapers correctly to avoid having to do repairs on your plaster walls.

Repair Plaster Damaged

When removing them from your wall, you should start by pulling a corner of it to see if you can pull at it easily. Sometimes it can be pulled off but the backing paper is left sticking to the walls. To remove this, use a spritzer on it and let it set for a few minutes before scraping it off the walls.

Learning How to do it

Before you start, you should also learn how to remove it without causing too much damage to your walls. Aside from the step mentioned above, you can also use is buying a scorer tool to remove it. This tool will put holes into your wall paper where steam or water can penetrate it so that the glue will soften. Applying moisture while slowly peeling it off will help keep your plaster walls in good condition.

Even if you manage to successfully remove it, there will always come a time when your walls get damaged. This is where learning how to do it come in. A wrong wallpaper removal will usually cause fuzzy fibers to appear on your walls. For those who will be doing diy drywall repair, you need to seal these fibers first before fixing your damaged walls.

If not, this damaged area will bubble up when drywall mud is applied. Once you have it properly sealed, you can apply the steps you have learned on how to repair plaster walls such as spreading the drywall mud onto the damaged area. Make sure that you do this smoothly so no bumps or dents will be seen. After the mixture has settled and dried, you can sand off any extra drywall mud compound.

When learning how to do this, you will also get to know how to finish your walls to make them appear as if there was no damage. This way, your walls will appear brand new after you finish patching up the damage caused by your wallpaper.

Applying Plaster Wall Texture to Hide Patches

Many homeowners who are learning how to do it, you might want to consider using plaster wall texture to hide any areas that have been damaged by wall paper removal. Adding texture to your walls will even make it more interesting to look at. You can play with colors with it as well so that your walls will look better than ever even after you have removed them.

For those who are wondering whether it is difficult to learn it, the answer is no. As long as you are determined to learn this new skill, you won’t have any problem. Of course, you need to look for self-help guides on your own so you can follow them to the letter. If you will be doing some major repairs on your walls, check out drywall installation video online. This video will help you in no time.

Knowing how to do it is a skill that many homeowners should have. This is true especially to those who prefer to do repairs on their own. Also it isn’t really hard. You just need to have the patience to learn!

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