How to Repair Water Heater Leaks on Your Own

Water Heaters are one of the few things that are a must in every home especially if you are living on places with cold and winter seasons. Aside from that, by simply standing there in the shower and pressing that button or rotating that grip, you’ll be able to have that boost of relaxation, comfort and refreshing feeling which gives you and every other individual that more pleasing day or a better good night sleep. But what if you’ve discovered that water heater leaks?


Fixing Water Heater Leaks

Leaks  is just one of the common problems of this unit aside from not dispensing hot , not dispensing enough hot water, rust-colored one, awful odor which smells like rotten eggs, weird or rumbling-like noises and all other problems. You really have nothing much to worry about having leaks because it’s pretty natural and all things really do break down just like people getting tired or people getting sick.

According to heater reviews, before you start panicking and freaking out on how much dollars, pennies and cash you’d spend to be able to repair it, your very tank of happiness and calling out Mr. Technician to do all the work, why not consider yourself first and have that hidden techy skills out to repair that leak? Better read on this article to be able to know how to repair it all by yourself.

And these are the steps:

  • Take precautionary measures first before starting to repair.

Before repairing, you must always and never skip this step on repairing and even all other especially to things which are powered by electricity. You don’t want to be electrocuted, aren’t you? So we start by cutting off the main power source of your leak. You can do this by just simply turning off the fuse or the circuit breaker of your tank.

After securing the power or the energy source, the next thing you want to do before doing the repairs with it is to turn off the source. Wonder why? You need to ensure that the tank is empty so you are free to do anything and thus prevent you from any accident it might cause you.

  • Troubleshoot the leaking heater.

Water heaters come in two types, one is run by gas and the other is run through electricity. In troubleshooting, you need to check out your tank’s thermostats and determine if it is working properly or if it needs to be repaired or replaced. You also need to take a look of your tank’s circuitry and identify defects. These are to be able to ensure that your tank’s defect is just merely leaking. Aside from that, one of the considerable causes of leaks is having faulty thermostats or having broken temperature and pressure relief valves. So you better check these things out to repair it. If the problem is too bad, then you should buy valves instead since there are valves for sale in the market.

  • Determine and verify which part of the tank is leaking.

This is one of the most vital step in repairing it especially if you have seen that your thermostats are all working properly. You must be able to clearly identify which part of your tank is leaking so you could be able to take the next step and get ready for a plan of action against that leak. Make sure that the leakage does not come from the tank itself but coming from the piping and the lines or the fittings. Because if the leak is coming from the tank itself, then it just can’t be repaired by DIY’s. The reason behind this is because you might have to buy water heater tanks. But you don’t have to worry about anything because there are a lot of tanks for sale in the market.

  • Repair the leaks through that naughty piping.

If you are able to clearly determine which pipe or fitting is leaking, then consider your heater leak problem done. All you have to do is tighten that up using basic plumbing tools that can be found in your home or have it resealed again with the use of tapes that can be bought in your nearest tool shop. Well, that only cost some pennies rather than having Mr. Technician do the work would be best.  After performing this last step you should have your instant hot dispenser fixed and you are good to go.

Water Heater Leaks – Finding Alternative Ways to do Troubleshooting

If all these steps you have clearly done and wasn’t able to fix your instant hot tank, then you still don’t need to call Mr. Technician. All you have to do is type into your search engine for more information. Internet got loads of informative suggestions and recommendations for you. Mr. Technician is only the last option to consider on water heater leaks so you don’t have to spend a lot. Aside from that you could be able to discover that hidden techy skills within you and get to know more about your things and learn ways on how to keep and maintain them, all on your own.


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