How to Upgrade Your Bathroom Windows

How to Upgrade Your Bathroom Windows

Bathroom windows are not installed just for their designs but for their ability to provide lighting and ventilation as well. Installing windows in this area of your home can help circulate air to remove any odor left behind. With proper ventilation, you are preventing it from developing molds and other bacteria that can be hazardous to your health.

The best part is that you can dress up the bare beauty of your windows not only to make them more interesting to look at but to provide you with your much needed privacy as well. Regardless of whether or not there is another house or structure on the other side of your yard, adding some privacy can help you enjoy your daily beauty regimen even more.

Easy Upgrades

Upgrading your bathroom windows need more attention compared to the rest of them in your home. This is due to the fact that they are installed in an area where there is high humidity and moisture levels which you need to address. Molds and mildew can cover them unless you take care of them on a regular basis. You should also know how much light it needs when it comes to upgrading the look them. If you will be adding new ones then you should know where to place them in order to know what materials you will need to complete the project.

For homeowners who want to do the upgrades on their own, you might want to start with something small that won’t cost you a lot of money. Here are some examples that you can start with.

  • Curtains – One of the easiest ways to give your windows their much needed revamping is to install curtains. This is ideal for those that are not near any water or light source. There are plenty of fabrics for you to consider like net, muslin and lace. The goal of adding curtains is to give you a bit of privacy without actually hindering the air coming from the outdoors. Fabrics that are translucent don’t give much privacy at night and when the lights are turned on. You can opt for drapes that are opaque which you can gather easily using thick ropes. For ones placed near the bathtub, sheer curtains may work well especially in the lower half to allow a healthy breeze to come in.

  • Window Blinds – Another easy method is to use window blinds. This is much better compared to curtains because you are in control of your privacy and the amount of light you want to have in it. When looking for blinds, choose those that are resistant to moisture to make them last longer. You can opt for Venetian blinds if you have bigger ones although shades aren’t such a bad idea too when it comes to upgrading them. There is a wide range of styles and designs available for shades not to mention fabrics used. If you want a shade that can last for a long time, you should check out vinyl shades.

  • Stained Glass – If you want something more dramatic, you might want to consider stained glass. You can come up with a customized design or you can look for manufacturers who have their own designs to consider.

Blending Kraft Maid Cabinets with Bathroom Windows

After upgrading the windows in your bathroom, you might want to turn to the rest of the decorations. Storage spaces are very much needed in bathrooms that have small spaces but don’t just settle with the usual cabinetries. You can look for decorative but functional cabinets such as Kraft Maid cabinets to incorporate into your space. Kraft Maid cabinets are known for their natural beauty and intricate designs with storage spaces that can accommodate all kinds of toiletries easily. The prices can range from cheap to expensive depending on the style and design so you should carefully weigh your options. If you want to make a bigger impact with your cabinets, consider those that can complement your windows perfectly.

Tips on Decorating the Windows for your Bathroom


The bathroom has always been seen as a serene place to unwind and loosen up after a busy day and by opening a window to let in fresh air, this space becomes more inviting. Some people want to have their own privacy that is why they look for ways to decorate their bathroom windows that can give them proper screening against the outdoor while allowing fresh air to pass through.

Taking care of this area especially the windows are needed to prevent the build-up of mildews and bacteria. Some choose to buy synthetic windows to avoid mildew. The ventilation is also important so make sure that the setup you will be using doesn’t obstruct with the overall functionality.

Designing them

  • With the large variety of bathroom windows for sale, available in the market, you can choose from different colors and designs that will match the interior. You can choose from materials like synthetic or waterproofed which are both as popular as using vinyl, plastic and even faux types of wood. They are tough, flexible and are inexpensive. The faux wood blinds are usually made from synthetic materials so they can withstand extreme moist conditions without deteriorating.

  • Another way is by renovating and completely varying its vital form. It can be done by buying various styles like bay windows, stained glass, wooden bamboo blinds, fancy grilles, casement windows, jalousie, curtains, roller shades, etc. Solitude and radiance are big issues when choosing bathroom treatments. Natural light is important in undersized space, but needs serious cover-up.

  • Curtains and valances is another great suggestion; it gives beauty and colors to the room. Curtains come in different sizes and color and made with variety of materials like cotton, vinyl, nylon and plastics. When purchasing new curtains make sure that they are made from quality materials so they won’t get easily damaged when washed. Buying Bathroom window curtains enable privacy when using it at night. Shelf valances also help in organizing stuff like loofah, potpourri and salt jar.

  • Drapes are also recommended. They are made from strong, heavy materials which provide enough privacy. Buying bathroom windows for kids should look modern and are different from the usual setup. You may make your own curtain rods made from sticks or branch of trees, aluminum rods or candy shape rods for your child’s bathroom window.

Nowadays there are a lot of  designs, colors and texture and you can even upgrade them to other variety depending on your preference. Others think that it is insignificant to change them, however doing so may be the key to achieving a beautiful area.

Installing or buying Deep bathtubs

Aside from this it is also essential that you look at the rest of your area’s existing design. It may be that installing a new bathtub can help make your space look more promising. Deep bathtubs are among those that are considered by many homeowners who want to sit back and relax in a pool of warm water after a long day at work.

For many people especially those professionals and people with active lifestyle considered their baths as a serene place where in they can relieve stress and tense muscles. And for them finding and buying the right ones to consider.

  • Sunken types are considered the most comfortable one that gives a remarkable bathing experience. Their depths range from 3 ½ feet up to 4 ½ feet and are best for soaking your whole body in warm or cold water, and are also considered as the most costly. Installation price are a bit higher especially when you hire a contractor but then you need to consider the amount of relaxing experience it will give to you.

  • Self-supporting deep bathtub is the main type. It can be fixed on a pedestal or  floor. You can get it in modern and even antique styles; the self-supporting soaking tub in modern style is much more rampant than the antique style.

Looking at these choices you can assure that you can buy a deep bathtub for sale that suits your choice. Installing deep bathtubs is considered as luxurious item because of its price and design but then installing it will turn this area into paradise.

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