Ideas for Basement Renovations

There are plenty of ideas that you can do when it comes to basement renovations that can help you turn your basement into a boring place to a beautiful and useful part of your home. Although that part of a house is normally reserved for laundry, gym or storage space, there are still other uses for it.


Most homeowners who are doing renovations can actually let their own personal sense of style come through their designs. As a family, you can work together to come up with an idea on how to utilize the space you have so that when you start your renovations, everything will flow smoothly. You can hire contractors to help you with the project if you wish or you can ask the aid of your friends or relatives when needed. There are dozens of contractors that are ready to share with you their expertise so you might want to take a look at the kinds of services they are offering. The question now is what kinds of ideas that you should you be considering?

Common Ideas for Basement Renovations

Before you begin the changes in your home, there are some ideas that are worth considering. Here are a few examples you might want to take a closer look at.

  • Entertainment Nook – If you want a place to hang out with the rest of the family, you can turn it to an entertainment room. This can actually involve dishing out a few extra dollars by getting new couches to sit on or a personal refrigerator you can hook up to an electrical outlet downstairs. You should also equip it with a TV and gaming consoles for your kids too for that great bonding session over the weekend.
  • Gaming Room – Another popular idea for is to turn it into a gaming room. Putting your pool table here is a better idea than leaving it in your den. You can even purchase dart boards or other gaming equipment to amuse yourself. The basement is one of the best places for you to unwind and relax after a busy day at work.
  • Band Room – For homeowners who have teens putting a band together, this may just be the best place for them to practice. You can ask your teenager to move their instruments downstairs where they can make quite a ruckus without bothering you and the neighbors too much. Now if you are keen on jamming with your kids, your basement will definitely need some improvements.

Basement Renovations – Basement Remodeling Costs

Renovations may cost you some money. Usually, remodeling costs are around 10 to 15 thousand give or take. Compared to fixing the floors above which can be more expensive, they are a lot cheaper which means you can turn this space into more than just a storage or laundry area. You can actually improve the look of your basement by buying and getting some paint and apply it on the walls for a new look. There are also bathroom ideas that you can apply to your own space in case you will be turning this part of the house into another room for you and your family to stay for long periods of time.

Part of renovation is to equip it with proper lighting. There are dozens of lighting ideas that you can choose from that will help you bring more light to your room while giving it a proper ambiance when needed. You might be surprised on how easy it is to turn your basement into an extra room just by doing it.

When you are nearing finishing a basement make sure that everything is in place. Check if the paint is dry and that the furniture is at their proper place. See to it that the lighting in your basement is working properly. If there are any repairs that need to be done, make sure that you complete them as soon as possible so you can enjoy your basement with the rest of the family. With this, your basement will no longer be just a place for you to store unused things but can actually be another room for you to utilize as needed. If you plan on doing basement renovations on your own, you might want to spare some time to watch DIY Basement Remodeling to learn what techniques you can use.

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