Ideas for Cool Basement Designs

Are you looking for cool basement designs to apply to your home? Many homeowners prefer to renovate their basements on their own. However, they don’t seem to know how best to approach such a project. There are some who simply want to upgrade the look of their room while others wish to convert the space into a more functional area for them to use. When it comes to cool designs, there are plenty for you to choose from. You can paint your walls, add extra walls or you can replace the flooring. Whatever designs you have in mind, you can actually apply it to your home provided that you have the skills, the budget and the materials on hand.


Although renovating it can require plenty of time on your part, the end product will be an extension of your home or another room for you to use. Checking out styles and applying them to your home can also help increase the overall value of your property. You may have dozens of reasons to want to renovate your basement. It may be that your family is growing and you would like to have an extra room to use. Perhaps you want to have a place where you and your family can bond together? Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to enhance your room, looking for designs is needed.

Cool Basement Designs –Revamping the Look of Your Basement

Like it was mentioned before, there are plenty of styles that you can consider when you have decided to change the look of this particular area in your home. One of the most popular ideas when it comes to amazing basements includes turning the it into a play room or gaming room. You can put all of your kids’ gaming consoles as well as your own gaming equipment like pool table and dart board here where you can get to bond together during the weekends. Most designs make use of shelves and dividers to organize items in your game room. Don’t forget to look for lighting ideas to enhance the overall appeal of it. To make your game room more comfortable for everyone, adding a wet bar where you and your kids can get their snacks and drinks is a plus.

Aside from converting it to a play room, you can also turn it into a more functional place for your and partner. There are some homeowners that look amazing for couples such as turning the whole place into a movie theater where they can sit back, relax and watch their favorite movies with popcorn. Adding comfortable seating and painting one side of the wall in a lighter color for your projector is worth considering. You can also add a wet bar for that late night snack and drink and if you want, you can also install bathroom in basement for more comfort. To complete this example of cool designs, you can soundproof your home so your neighbors won’t hear your movie night.

Cool Basement Designs – Basement Remodeling Costs

Now that you have a better idea on what styles to consider, the next thing that is probably on top of your mind is basement remodeling costs. The cost of this project usually varies depending on the scope of work. If you will be doing a complete overhaul then you better ready your pockets because this will cost you some money. On the other hand, if you are on a budget, you should go look for the coolest that is just perfect the money you have on hand.

If you are considering installing bathroom in it, check out basement bathroom systems to see which one is applicable to your room. These are but a few examples of awesome designs that you might want to take into consideration in case you want to upgrade the look of this part of your home. Choosing among the available styles online and investing on an expert contractor can turn your basement into a functional and beautiful room that you and your family can enjoy for a very long time.


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