3 Amazing Kitchen Countertops

3 Amazing Kitchen Countertops

There are many options when it comes to kitchen countertops that it can be a bit overwhelming for some to find something that will work well with their kitchen especially when they are in the process of remodeling their space. Aside from materials, these countertops can also vary in terms of style and design. To make things easier for you, you should know more about the choices you have in order to narrow down your choices to those that are ideal for the design that you have. Durability and appeal are just among the factors that you need to think about when you look for them.


Kitchen Countertops Types & Options

When searching for one it is only right that you look for something that will last you for a long time. This means, you should look for one that is made from durable materials in order to survive the constant wear and tear. Just to give you an idea on the types of materials that are commonly used for countertops, here are some examples that you are sure to find in hardware and home improvement stores today.

  •  Laminate – Laminate kitchen countertops are known for their durability and affordable price. This material is actually man made where in layers of chipboard, plywood and fibreboard are laminated to create a solid material ideal for use. The only downside to this is that the surface can be easily cracked or chipped when a heavy object falls on its top and it doesn’t do well with heat.
  • Butcher Block or Wood – Wood is known for its durability and sturdiness that is why it is often used. You can use it as a work or serving station too depending on your needs. You won’t have a hard time keeping your wood countertop in good condition because its surface is easy to clean. However, there are some types of wood that won’t do well when a hot object is placed on top. Some complain that their wood splinters from time to time especially during food preparation.
  • Stainless Steel – This type of material is among the top choices when it comes to them because it is durable and resistant to heat. You don’t have to worry about searing the surface of your counter when it is made from stainless steel. Although this is a good choice for countertops unless you have extra money saved you will be doling out a large amount because stainless steel kitchen countertops are not exactly cheap.
  • Granite – If you want to make it look sophisticated you should go for one that are made from granite. Granite comes in different styles and designs as well as colors that is why it is quite fun to shop around for one. It is capable of resisting extreme heat and you won’t have a hard time cleaning the surface after you use it. However, since granite is a bit expensive you need to make sure that there is a budget for one when you remodel it.


Blending with Furniture Carts?

If you plan on using a furniture cart in the kitchen you should also consider its countertop. Kitchen carts are often used because they are quite versatile. Imagine having a furniture that is both stylish and functional at the same time.  A furniture cart can have laminate, wood or granite countertop depending on the design. You should consider the function of your furniture cart in order to find the best countertop for it.

Finding the perfect one is recommended if you want to make it look put together. The options mentioned above are just a few examples of what you can use in the kitchen as well as your furniture cart.

There is no shortage when it comes to designs for your countertops because, aside from hardware stores, you will also find them online. You can order them online and have them delivered to your place for convenience. As long as you know the pros and cons of the kitchen countertops being sold today it won’t be hard for you to find the perfect one.

Design Your Neoclassical Home with White Kitchen Countertop

Neoclassical homes are a beauty inside and out and if you want to really pull off the best design there is consider adding white kitchen counter tops to it. All items that you put inside your home whether they are windows, doors, furniture and even accessories can define your space in their own way. This is why it is important that you take the time to consider what goes in your home particularly in it.

When referring to neoclassical homes you should think more on the structure of your furniture. Look closely at their recesses and projections as well as their planar attributes. White details in your furniture can also complement your neoclassical home that is why they are  recommended. Adding this element to your space can help pull together the rest of your design to achieve that neoclassical look.


White Kitchen Counter tops Styles

Before you revamp the look of it you should know more about your neoclassical home. This design is actually a combination of Greek Revival, Federalism as well as Georgian. Other designs that fall in this category include Beaux Arts and Antebellum. Neoclassicism is the melding of both Romantic Classicism and Late Baroque. In short, neoclassic homes exude a nOld World charm captured in a fantastic design with features that are both evocative and picturesque.

Most designers of neoclassical homes can immediately pinpoint to you the various functions of each space in the home. When designing the interior of a neoclassical home expect to see busts and arabesques, window frames that are pedimented, and vases and medallions among others. This is where they blend perfectly due to its style which is flat and a reminder of the Old World style.

Adding this to your space isn’t something that you should be worrying about since they are affordable and of high quality. Counter tops that are made from granite are known for their beauty and durability which are the attributes that make this countertop worth investing on. The best part of owning a white setup is that they are capable of handling extreme temperature changes and even withstand constant pressure.

You might be having doubts on whether it is smart to choose it to add to your neoclassical kitchen especially when it comes to maintenance. The good news is that you won’t be too inconvenienced with this type of countertop since it doesn’t absorb liquid and it is also resistant to any stains.

This means that you don’t have to worry about spilling any liquid on its surface or even make a mess on top of it since you can simply wipe them away without leaving any lasting mark on your counter. For maintaining it you just need to use soap and water to remove any smudges on their surface an applying sealant once a year.

Get Cabinets that Match with it

Your neoclassical kitchen can really look stupendous when you install one to it but did you know that matching cabinets can make it even more beautiful? Since this area is where all the action is happening you should make sure that you have enough storage to keep all of your necessities such as cooking utensils, plates, platters, glasses and what not. If you find that it doesn’t have enough space then installing cabinets is a must.

The space underneath it is just the ideal location to put your cabinets so they won’t be in the way. What’s more, by placing them here, you won’t have to move away from the counter just to get your serving plates. Simply bend over and you will be able to access your cabinetry easily. Now this is an excellent storage area if you want to have more spaces to keep your utensils.

Your neoclassical home and kitchen will truly be a sight to see if you manage to match the rest of your furniture with your overall theme. Even if you will be revamping the look of it into a whole new design, it can still work with it which means you don’t have to spend anything extra at all.

Wooden Kitchen Countertops Types and Styles

When it comes to beauty, there are only a few that can match up to wooden kitchen countertops. The wood’s natural beauty cannot be surpassed so easily especially when real wood is used in furniture. Although you might come across several countertops that resemble wood, you can never replace the timeless beauty of real wood.


Wooden kitchen countertops can be made out of cherry, wood and oak. They are often selected because of their hardiness and durability. Although birch and teak can also be used they are more for decorative purposes only because they are softer compared to the three mentioned before. All of these wooden materials contract and expand but they differ from one another. This is why it is important that you find out more about their seasoning as well as drying process to avoid cracking and splitting as the years pass by.

When looking at different types of wood for them you will notice that they are different from one another in terms of grain formation. You can also discern some types of wood are better stained and lacquered compared to others. Adding stains can bring out a whole new color for your it so be sure you select them carefully. If you are feeling creative you can paint them in various colors or colors that will work well with the rest of your theme.

They require maintenance on a regular basis compared to other materials because they are prone to deterioration such as cracking and warping. You should be prepared to spend time to reseal your wooden kitchen countertop’s surface if you want to avoid having to deal with the problems associated with wood. If you want to add more decorative feel to the island, try using smaller blocks to form its countertop.

Of course, they have their own pros and cons which you need to know before investing on one. Here are some examples of their pros and cons:


  • Pros – Resistant to stain and water provided that the wooden kitchen countertops are sealed properly. Wooden countertops are quite beautiful to look at since they add a rustic charm to it which can definitely give a warm feeling to your space.
  • Cons – It can be a bit expensive compared to other types depending on the wood material that you will use. Also you need to regularly season and dry your wooden countertops to ensure that they will last long. Another disadvantage to having this type of countertop is that wood can burn fast which means you cannot place any hot objects on its surface.

Most wooden kitchen countertops are priced at $50 per square foot. The price can go up depending on the type of wood that you will buy, its finish and design too. If you want it to exude that Old World look and feel, go for them.

Island Furniture

If you are planning on remodeling it and you would like to add a bit of charm to your cooking area investing on it is recommended. After all, wood and charm are synonymous with one another and can add more character to your space as well. Fortunately, there are dozens of places where you can find island furniture that has wooden countertop. However, before you go and buy one make sure that you know all about their pros and cons as stated above. You don’t want to end up investing on the wrong type of island now do you?

Island furniture can either make or break your kitchen’s overall look. Just like when you shop for new furniture you should take the time to consider what factors are involved in getting new furniture. Find out if you have enough space for your island and whether you should get one with wheels or not.

Consider the features you want your island to have and whether you will go for it or stick with the usual marble or granite tops. These factors can help you decide for yourself whether investing on them for your island is a smart move or not.

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