Kitchen Flooring Types, Styles, Models & Ideas

 Kitchen Flooring Types, Styles, Models & Ideas

In any home, the kitchen is one of the places where the family tends to congregate and because of this it is important that you choose kitchen flooring that is not only stylish but sturdy as well. Since this area is the life and soul of the house it is here where people flock not just to cook meals but to swap stories over a cup of coffee or a bite or two. The heavy foot traffic that comes with visiting this part of the home can take a toll unless you install one that can withstand the pressures of footfalls.

It should also be safe not just for kids but for the elderly as well. There are some types of flooring that are not applicable to those with disabilities or those who tend to run around without any care. By taking this into account you can make sure that everyone not just your family will be safe or anywhere in the house for that matter.

Types of Kitchen Flooring

Aside from safety, you should also factor in the style, design and cost of the kitchen flooring. No matter how much you want to have ones that are safe and comfortable to use, you don’t have to settle with something that doesn’t look good.

There are types that are not only safe and comfortable but durable and beautiful as well. What’s more you won’t be forced to spend a fortune just to update the look of the floor. Just to give you an idea on what kinds of flooring you can install, here are some options that are fast becoming popular today.

  • Laminate Floor – This type gives you the natural beauty of wood and the easy maintenance of laminate. One of the complaints of homeowners is that they don’t have enough time to keep it spic and span and if this is the same sentiment that you have it is worth investing on something that don’t require regular upkeep.  Installing laminate floor not only gives it a stylish look but one that can withstand constant foot traffic too. You can get them in various designs, colors and styles so you can simply mix and match them with the rest of your design.
  • Vinyl Floor – This type is among the most practical options when it comes to it and why not? It is durable and doesn’t stain like other types of kitchen floors. Easy to maintain and beautiful to look at it will be an asset when you remodel your space.
  • Solid Wood Floor – Wood floors is another worthwhile choice. This type exudes sophistication and class and depending on the choice of wood it can lend a rustic appeal to your space. Wood flooring comes in different types of wood and shade that is why it is important that you take the time to inspect what options are available and whether this is the right type for you.
  • Bamboo Floor – Talk about durability, bamboo floor is another type that is ideal for the kitchen. Although this is relatively new in the scene it looks promising because bamboo has many features that are beneficial to busy households. Another plus to choosing this type is that it is eco-friendly which means you won’t have to worry about causing damage to your environment.

Can Your Serving Cart Harm it?

There are some homeowners who are worried that their serving cart can cause damage especially when they roll it in and out of the kitchen. Although this can contribute to the deterioration of the floor this won’t be a problem if you managed to choose wisely where it concerns what you have. A serving cart is a worthy investment especially when you are the type of person who loves to entertain guests every once in a while. If you have a serving cart with wheels make sure that you look for something that can withstand the constant friction between the wheels and the surface of your floor.

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