Kitchen Island Dimensions

Kitchen Island Dimensions

Kitchen island dimensions are a major consideration when installing your very own island – especially as nowadays these are considered as the focal point of design and activity in most modern homes. Knowing the right dimension is essential so that it can be a useful addition to your home and not a hindrance. To be able to maximize it, careful planning must be employed.

The secret is appropriating the dimensions for the kitchen island to your available space. Consider your wall-to-wall measurement. If you have built-in wall cabinets, you will have to subtract that from your available space.

Consider also how much room you will need to move around – you need ample amount of space to be able to work seamlessly with ease of movement (remember that you need to multi-task and work fast).

Take note that it has to be small enough to leave you enough space, but not too small that you can’t reach it easily and make use of it as a work area. After all these, how much space do you have left that you can spare for it?

Understanding it

Big kitchens call for big islands. This is perfect for doubling the bottom part as storage cabinets. You can also fit in a bar sink, a stove, deep fryers, utensil and towel racks, small refrigerators, wine racks, and beverage service area. You may also install a butcher block in the island itself. Butcher blocks are sturdy and can be used for a long time, which makes it a perfect chopping station.

Big islands also act as a divider for open-space kitchens. It may also act as an informal dining area or mini bar. All you need to add are suitable chairs.

For small ones, in turn, small islands are in order. This is perfect especially for those with irregular floor plans and traffic patterns that limit the workspace. This is usually the case in small apartments and condominiums.

In order to fit the available space, you may also opt to install two small islands instead of one large area. This is the compact, wheeled model that allows you to transfer it to the living room should you need to. This is most especially useful when entertaining guests and you have limited space. It can act as a buffet table or a mini-bar for the refreshments. By just simply covering it with a tablecloth it instantly becomes your additional dining or cocktail table.

Likewise, height is also a major aspect in planning it. In most cases, the height has to match the level of the rest of your work area. You also have to make sure that the height is just right for you to work comfortably. It shouldn’t be too low that you have to stoop all the time, or too high that you need to be on your toes. Always remember that comfort and ease of movement are your prime concerns.

Another consideration in it is your actual work surface area. Islands give you more area to work with and are supposed to make your cooking and baking experience better. Before building it, it pays to be mindful of what you need in the kitchen.

Do you do a lot of frying? Are you going to switch to an electric stove? Do you need a built-in chopping station? These needs will determine how you’re going to use it, as well as how you will appropriate the work surface area for each use.

Interior decorators are now seeing the varied areas as an opportunity to play around with the look and design such as installing a butcher block on the island. As mentioned earlier, it is the focal point of activity and design, especially as it is positioned right in the middle of your area.

Good design and architecture can transform an ordinary kitchen to a modern one, symmetry and the right positioning are the key. However, remember that the primary function is to help you in your work. In planning it make sure that its design and dimensions will not hinder its practical functions.


How to Set Up Your Kitchen Bar

Adding a kitchen bar helps in providing you with that extra work and storage area you have always wanted. This example of home styles furniture is quite versatile since it has an area where you can work on your dishes while the rest is for storing purposes. You can find an island bar featuring a counter in one and half inch thickness where you can prepare your dishes while the drop leaf can be used as an extra counter or serving area. This drop leaf can be folded when not in use.

All About them

Many are not fully aware of the importance of one. Most are not really utilizing this wonderful accessory because they think they have enough space to cover their work area as well as their storage. However, if you are looking for a fully functional kitchen where every inch of space can be practically used, then this furniture is worth investing on.

A kitchen bar usually has slated shelves where you can hang your cooking utensils, pans, and pots. Even your wine bottles can be placed here or any other accessories that you like. The best height for this kitchen island is around36 inches. At this height, you will be able to prepare your meals effortlessly.

It is not just for storing your  items or be used as a work station only. In fact, it can be used as a decorative furniture as well that will go well with the dining room or the hallway. The adjustable shelves allow you to hang up most of your pots and pans and other fun accessories that can help turn it into an attractive centerpiece.

Kitchen Bar Types and Styles

You might be searching for the best kitchen bar to purchase but with the number of options available, sometimes it can become too overwhelming to make the final decision. If you will be following what celebrities choose, go for John Boos and Company. This manufacturer has been in the business for years and is known for top quality products and safety features. They only use the best steel and wood materials in their products so you can rest easy knowing that you are getting top quality for it.

Aside from it, they also sell various items like cutting boards, knives, chopping blocks and many more. There is no doubt that this brand is among the best in the market when it comes to it and furniture.

Since you will be buying from this brand, go get yourself their Boos cream which can help maintain the quality of the counter of your kitchen bar. The cream is designed to penetrate the wood deeply in order to provide it with maximum protection against bacteria as well as moisture so the surface can be used as a cutting board. You can use this product to maintain it so you can use it as long as you want.

As you can see, it can be used in different ways. Depending on the design, you can get one that has a built-in storage and work area so you can have a multifunctional bar. If you want it to be moved around, look for home styles furniture that has wheels on it.

This helps in moving it anywhere you want to without pulling a muscle. As a matter of fact, a kitchen bar on wheels draws plenty of attention from buyers who are looking for a kitchen island that they can bring outdoors when needed.

The kitchen needs to be remodeled at one point because of the wear and tear it has received over the years. Giving it a makeover not only helps in ushering a more inviting environment but also allow you to be able to work on it completely inspired. By adding useful home styles furniture such you will be able to do more in it in just a short time. And with dozens of manufacturers today selling their own take on it, it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to find something that will suit your needs.

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