Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures (Types, Styles, Models, Trends)

Installing kitchen island lighting fixtures is one way to boost the kitchen’s look without having to spend a lot of money in the process. Budget is always the first thing that homeowners consider when it comes to home improvement that is why if you are thinking of giving it a makeover you need to take into account the amount of money you are willing to spend. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices out there that are priced reasonably so you can update the look of your space with just a few changes.


Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures Types and Styles

When searching for them you should take into account the type  that you have including the height of the ceiling. This way, you will be able to gauge the kind of lighting fixture that you will be buying. Keep in mind that a high ceiling isn’t ideal for recessed lighting because they won’t reach it. On the other hand, a low ceiling isn’t good for low hanging  fixtures because you can bump your head on them.

There are two basic options that are worth considering if you want to highlight the beauty of it while giving you enough brightness to see what you are doing.

  • Mini Pendant Lights – This type is one of the most popular in stores today. They are often chosen because they are considered to be economical compared to other types. There is no shortage of designs and styles with this kind. You are sure to be impressed with the glass materials integrated into this type for added effect. Mini pendant lights aren’t hard to find. Whether you will be going to a home improvement store or purchase one online you are sure to get something that is appropriate.
  • Island Chandeliers – If you are looking for something that can cover your entire place then go for island chandeliers. Most homeowners choose this type of fixture for their island because they want to add more character as well as depth to their space. You can get chandeliers with two to four lights depending on how bright you want your island to be. Not only will you get a stylish fixture for it but you can also see much better when you work on your island. Who said that chandeliers are only for the living room and dining?


These two have their pros and cons that is why, if you are in the lookout for them, you might want to keep an eye on these two. There are many homeowners and even interior designers that have integrated these fixtures into their own designs. You can check out the designs they have come up with so you can get a better idea on the finished product.

If you want to give it a whole new feeling but don’t want to spend a lot in terms of renovation and the like, go for something simple as it. Not only will these fixtures give it a smart look but it will also help you see what you are doing. Installing or buying Kitchen island lighting fixtures can certainly change the mood in your kitchen so you should be careful with what you choose.


Perk Up Dark Kitchens with Enhanced Lighting

Most discerning homeowners would want to improve their property by modifying or enhancing its elements, and improving dark kitchens is a prime example.  Having the right amount of brightness is one aspect that you should bear in mind when planning on renovating one.  This is especially crucial if the homeowner sees himself or herself spending much time fussing in their custom setup. They should ensure that the area has the right amount of brightness for them to look around and do things with in any part of that room.  Consider these ways on how you can come up with the best lighting layout.


Overhead Illumination and Counter-top Lighting in Dark Kitchens

Traditional kitchens typically have a single system of lighting, while some have only one bulb to brighten up the whole room.  This would result in having this, something that planners might have overlooked when planning it.  A large light source overhead may not be sufficient to bring light to every nook and cranny even if it is situated midway in the room’s ceiling.

This is particularly true for large kitchen plans.  If you do intend on having one, see to it that you place reflective surfaces in them so that it will direct light all over it.

This is also a good method of showcasing the best parts of your kitchen and dining area.  Sometimes you can find yourself using the ceiling as the only viable place to put fixtures for your custom setup, especially if it does not have windows.

Using track-mounted light fixtures can help you surmount this problem.  You can have them illuminate select areas of it such as the countertops, range, island, and table, or use them for one particular section while using different methods for the others.  Also, your remodel checklist should always take into consideration the fact that a single large light fixture located in the center of it is never enough for most work.

This is more apparent if you find yourself at work at the counter facing away from the brightness, which is why illuminating the work area itself is important.  By lighting your work area, you make the jobs easier to see and thus more manageable.  An effective way to bring light to wide countertop areas is to incorporate fixtures underneath your overhead cabinets.  In doing so, you illuminate these areas with just the correct level of brightness and they can be used only when needed in them.

Well-lite island kitchens and tables are always a sight to see in most of them, and they require special lighting fixtures to make them become more accessible and easier to work in.  Hanging light fixtures are often the choice for bringing light to the islands that also serve as dining areas because they accentuate the islands and make them stand out, so be sure that you include them when renovating them.

The number of hanging light fixtures that you will need will depend on how long your island will be.  Also, it will illuminate your tables should be stylish and fashionable and they will surely add to improving the atmosphere of most of them.

Installing a dimming device for your fixtures makes for a more functional look and it will contribute to a relaxed dining experience.  If you can afford one, you can mount a chandelier or something similar over your dining table, as long as it goes along with the overall color scheme. 

As a homeowner, you sometimes have to make the most of what you have. And having the right amount in them will only be beneficial for everyone in the long run since it will contribute to a more rewarding working and dining experience.

A bright area is a great asset in any home.  Bear this in mind when you plan on improving or remodelling.

Chandeliers and Mini Pendant Lights for Kitchen Island Styles

Adding the right amount can make a big impact to your space and one example of this is installing or buying mini pendant lights. Although there are plenty of options to consider there are two types that can bring more justice to the beauty of your kitchen specifically to it. If you are thinking of giving more life to it there are two options that are worth considering.

It is an important part of any room in the house and the kitchen is no exception. You can’t work properly if you can’t see where you are going and what type of food you are preparing. If you are planning on installing one because you want to have an extra space to use for food preparation it also needs to be lite for you to see what you are doing.

Like it was mentioned ago, there are two types that are ideal for it and these are island chandeliers and mini pendant lights.

  • Island Chandeliers – This is the best choice if you want a single lighting to brighten up the length of your kitchen bar or island. Many choose this type because it adds more character and depth to their space. You can get two to four light fixtures for your island chandelier and when it comes to design and style there is a lot to choose from. If you want to add sophistication and style to it this is definitely something you ought to consider.


  •  One reason why this is among the top two choices for lighting it is the fact that it is economical. You can find a lot of designs for this type especially when manufacturers have introduced colored glass lighting here as well. Adding a splash of color in the form of it is a great idea you might want to try out.

You can get any of these options from your local home improvement store and even online. Regardless of whether you are looking for traditional designs or modern ones you won’t be disappointed with the available choices. You should pay attention to what design or theme you want to have so you can get the appropriate type for it.

Playing with the brightness can create different atmospheres to your space. Island chandeliers and mini pendant lights for kitchen island are not the only ones that can create a big impact to your space. You can check out other options if you want to have more brightness so you can see well. Whether you are on a budget or not, you are sure to find the right brightness for your space.

Creating an impressive setup doesn’t always mean that you ought to spend a lot of money in buying high-tech gadgets and what not. Even lighting options like this can create a whole new look if you know what design and style to choose.

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