6 Great Kitchen Layouts with Islands

Taking the time to look at some kitchen layouts with islands is a good way to get fresh idea on what to do. It is true that the kitchen is considered to be the life and soul of the home and one way to keep it that way is to look for designs that will boost its charm and overall appeal not just to the family but to others as well. Any existing design can be revamped and remodelled as long as you know what you want to see in the future. This is why if you are considering changing your design, you should look at several ideas before doing anything else.

Planning Kitchen Layouts with Islands

One problem that many old houses face is the lack of space. There are stories of homeowners living in an old house where they found that they can’t do a lot of cooking because there isn’t much counter space to work on. They tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen during parties because it cannot accommodate the amount of work that they have. This is one reason why they are very much in demand these days. They are not that difficult to plan. There are certain aspects that you need to take into account before starting designing your kitchen. Here are some factors that you should bear in mind.

  • Family Needs – When planning for an island you need to address the needs of your family first. This usually involves the kind of lifestyle they are living and the manner in which they use it.
  • Work Triangle – It also applies the rule of work triangle. By starting with your work triangle meaning your refrigerator, your cooking station and the sink, the rest of your kitchen layout will flow. In bigger setups it would be better if you place your refrigerator outside of your work triangle so that it can be accessed by other people in the house.
  • Appliances – Determining where you will be placing your appliances like dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker and the like is part of the process of creating kitchen layouts with island. By having an idea on what types of gadgets you have at the moment, you can create a layout where everything has its proper place.
  • Space – No matter how beautiful or stylish kitchen layouts with island are, without having any idea on the amount of space you have available you might have a hard time getting the renovation done correctly. It would be best if you measure your kitchen first before you start your layout.
  • Budget – When you know how much budget you have set aside for the project the easier it will be for you to come up with one. Laying out the new look of it by choosing items that are within the scope of your budget is a good way to get great value for your money.


 3 More Kitchen Island Ideas to Consider

There are many ideas that you can utilize if you have an extra space in the middle of it. Aside from it being the perfect place to store your pans, pots and other cooking items you can also use it to serve your cooked meals or even when you are thinking of having a buffet in your home.

Your area can also be used as a breakfast table too if you want. There are a host of ideas to consider nowadays as more and more styles and designs keep cropping up in the market for it. That is why if you are looking for a stylish look for it you should start looking for ideas today.

 Ideas to Try

If you are ready to give it a makeover by utilizing the space in the center, you might want to try out some of these ideas.

  •  Combine Your Dining Table with it – If you are dealing with a small spaced setup you might be having a hard time laying out your furniture like the dining table,  and cabinets. If you want to solve this little dilemma of yours, there are ideas where the island is designed to be a serving station too which means you can do away with your dining table. That extra counter on the island can serve as your dining area so you can easily cook and serve at the same time.
  • Different Shapes, Different Look – When you look at it you will find that using different shapes can create interest in your space. You might be used to seeing square or rectangular shaped kitchen islands but there are plenty more to consider. Examples of these are oval, S- and C-shaped islands.
  • Compact areas – these days promote the effectiveness of compact sized islands. This is due to the fact that there are many homeowners who go for the bulky sized ones because they believe that this is what they actually need. What happens is that they end up not being able to use its full potential because the cabinets are too deep or that they end up with too cramped a space to move around. A compact area, therefore, is a good solution if you want to have the freedom to use your space while at the same time giving you the best place to store your things.

 Integrate a Butcher Block

If you are the type of cook who appreciates the beauty and benefits of a butcher block then you should definitely look for the ideas that has this prominent feature. The butcher block is well loved by many because it is a durable piece of wood designed to withstand the pressures of cutting, chopping and slicing ingredients. The wood used here is made up of several layers so that it can last you for a very long time.

When looking for ideas with butcher block don’t forget to take into account those ideas that were mentioned above. There are ones that have a butcher block that can be used in several ways if you know what to look for. These islands are great for kitchens because the presence of the chopping block makes it easier for cooks to prepare ingredients without having to look for their chopping board anymore.

In order for you to not to waste the space you have in the middle of your kitchen you should definitely look for ideas to make it more stylish and functional at the same time. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to integrate such a wonderul piece of furniture to your space especially when there are different options for you to consider. You just need to take your time when looking at these ones in order to get the right one based on the design of it and your needs. For sure, when you see the kitchen island ideas today you will already come up with a great one to use for it.


Kitchen Islands Types, Designs, Styles, Layouts & More

Kitchen islands are now considered as a major part of modern homes. Practical and useful, these islands easily transform the way you work in this area. Likewise, it also becomes the central piece in your area’s overall look and design. Ceasing to be a purely utilitarian work space, modern designs offer you ways to express your style and personality. After all, the kitchen is an extension of yourself where you continuously make new things from scratch. Here are some ideas for unique kitchen designs.

  •  Use it as a dining table

Ordinary islands are used purely for working – chopping, cooking, and washing. However, by simply extending your island you can also use it as an informal dining table. As it is near the cupboards, it is also an ideal breakfast nook as you can easily reach for your cereal or oatmeal. You will also have an easier time cleaning up due to its proximity to the sink. Snacks for kids may also be served here. All you need are chairs that suit the width and height of the island, with enough knee room for comfortable seating.

  • Use it as storage space

The most common way is to use the bottom part as cabinets where you can easily store and reach everyday items. This can vary from open storage space with partitions (good for showcasing china), or closed types (more practical as it prevents dust from getting in your items). However by fitting in racks you can also store towels and utensils. Another idea is to use it as wine rack to hold your liquor and bottle collection. You can even make sure that the temperature is just right by installing a temperature control device inside the cabinets.

  •  Use it as a cart on wheels

There are mobile models available in most home improvement stores. This is usually used for kitchens with small spaces or odd floor plans. Mostly compact and portable, these carts on wheels are great for entertaining guests. You can easily transfer it to the other areas of your home to be used as an additional dining table. Some would even use it as a buffet table positioned adjacent to the actual dining table where people can simply get food for additional servings. You can also use it as a mini-bar for your refreshments. Another option would be to use it as a cocktail table where people can have drinks and mingle.

  •  Use it as your all-in-one work space

Another unique kitchen design is fitting all of your needs in it. The sink, stove, oven and deep fryer can be installed right on the island itself. Store your condiments in the cabinets, and hang your pots and pans above the island. This way, you won’t have to move away from the island when you are cooking there. This is perfect for loft-type apartments or houses with big space.

  •  Use it as your central design motif.

By simply painting your island in a bright color you can instantly make it look refreshing. Similarly, you may opt to use various materials. You may use a unique piece of furniture to provide a quirky alternative. Some ideas are a vintage dresser, a filing cabinet, a sofa or console table, and low bookcases. Just make sure you will have enough work surface area and storage options. Insure the height and sturdiness of the island as well.

Carts on Wheels

Another idea is to play with shape. Common islands are square or rectangular-shaped. If it fits your kitchen space and style, you may also use round or triangular islands. Just bear in mind that these designs are usually harder to maximize because of its irregular shape and limited work space.

Once you install an island in your kitchen, it becomes the focal point of your activity and design. A unique place can instantly liven up your area where people will be drawn to. Part functional and part aesthetics, it can also upgrade your overall cooking and baking experience, and may affect the mood and ambience of it.

Kitchen Island Design Layout, Styles, Ideas & More

A good kitchen island design is one that caters to the family’s every need. It is the most frequented place in the house. This is where all the meals are prepared and cook not to mention a place for snacks and idle conversations. Your kids can sneak here at night to eat their favorite midnight snacks and even grownups tend to converge here so they can share their day with one another. All in all the kitchen is where the action is happening and when you want to make sure that everyone is comfortable in this place you should think of the best design to apply when you remodel your kitchen space.

Before you start planning it, you should know first what does your family need. For example, if you are a starting family with kids you need to make sure that the design of your kitchen is child-friendly. This means that there are no hard corners that they can bump into or that the counters are high enough so they won’t reach any dangerous objects such as knives. On the other hand, if you have teenagers around the house, the best design is one where modern technology is incorporated for everyone’s convenience.

The use of it has been around for decades. As the years passed by, more ideas came into being in time with the demands and needs of families everywhere. Since it is the best furniture piece that you can use both as a work station and serving area you should carefully consider all of your design options so you will get the perfect combination for your busy kitchen. it would help to identify how much space is available so you can plan the look of your it properly.

Like it was mentioned before, there are many ideas for it that you can go through. You should consider what materials you will be using for your island so it can withstand the pressures of heavy objects being placed on its surface as well as survive the constant chafing of the knife on its surface when chopping, slicing and dicing. When looking at it you will find that a standard sized island will fit any space that you have. You can consult an expert on their thoughts about your space and if  you have chosen is appropriate for your needs.

During your planning stage of it you should make it a point to consider the number of guests that tend to visit your home. This way, you will be able to determine the right measurements for it so you can seat your guests in a comfortable manner. Consider the type of seats you will be getting too that will match your layout.

When looking at kitchen island design ideas you will find that the they come in different shapes such as the traditional L-shaped, U-shaped and the G-shaped kitchen island. Taking a closer look at these options and then comparing them with the space you have can help you select the best design there is. Of course, it wouldn’t be too bad to ask the experts when it comes to the design so that everything will be in their proper place. As for the overall design, you should take into account the needs of your family, the space you have available and finally the budget that you have set for this project.

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