Lawn Mower Repair by Replacing Batteries

Repairing your lawn mower can easily be done by just replacing the batteries of your equipment. This is basically and practically applicable to all sorts of mowers, from small mowers for the lawn, push mowers, to riding ones. Replacing riding the battery is especially essential from among them as there is no other option to start the machine than to hit the electric start or the push button.


There are some cheap  parts to expensive ones, do not exactly need to charge the same amount of energy in the form of voltage as that of a car battery which is 12 volts. Nonetheless, some  battery charges to about the same amount of voltage as that of a small motorcycle, 6 volts. Take extra caution therefore not to charge the 6-volt battery with a 12-volt charger. It would be very dangerous if you make the wrong move of charging a battery with lower voltage to a higher voltage charger. There are chargers however that allow you to switch from one volt magnitude to the other. Apart from examining the voltage, check as well the terminals. Locate the positive and negative terminals. Red doesn’t always indicate positive. Double check them to ensure safety.

Buying the battery you need for repair

You can easily spot lawnmower, push, small mower, cheap  parts, more so for batteries such as riding its battery. Some of them you can find in small engine warehouse. You can even find some of them for sale. These shops and outlets often have the battery size and voltage you need. One good place to look for these items is the internet. It will be easier to look for batteries in the internet. You would not have to drive around the city to look for the exact model you need. Nowadays, shipping will just take just as the same day as you ordered. You won’t have to worry then that your grasses would last more days without cut.

Battery for an electric lawn mower repair

It would take you longer to find an exact match to replace your battery if you have an electric mower. Usually, a mower’s battery lasts for about five years considering normal use. Some of the manufacturers and other small engine warehouse and companies are trying and striving hard to innovate and shape new models that will eventually be more long lasting and powerful batteries. To start with, the electric model will cost you much more than what a gas powered lawn mower. However, when you consider the long term usage, you will end up saving more in an electric powered one. A gas powered one will cost you much in consumption of gas and its need for high maintenance and oil. Normally, an electric lawn mower can just run at about three to five cents per hour in electricity. This is quite cheaper than what it will cost you in gas for a gas powered model.

In anyway, extend your horizon for research and you will surely end up with the right model that will exactly fit your needs. You can find a lot of them for sale just about anywhere. But taking good care of it, distinctively, for your equipment’s battery, will save you a lot, not just in cost, but as well as in time and effort. Remember, weigh about cost and quality in any repair you do.

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