Modern Kitchen Designs – Ideas to Upgrade Your Kitchen Space

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home and by implementing designs you can create a space that is conducive and convenient for cooking and entertaining family and guests. There are many designs and styles for it that can transform an ordinary space into a one-of-a-kind cooking haven. If you are thinking of changing the way it looks, looking at some designs can give you some inspiration on where to begin.

Modern Kitchen Designs Ideas

There are plenty of designs and layouts today. Some can be found in magazines while others are found online. Although it is quite a relief to find a lot of options sometimes it is difficult to reach a decision. If this is the case, you might want to consider the factors mentioned below.

  • Eco friendly – In these modern times, many homeowners are going for eco-friendly kitchen furniture and appliances to complete their plans. You might think that accessories that are earth-friendly are not that much to look at. On the contrary, they are quite beautiful to look at because of their modern designs. You can find recyclable materials such as bamboo floors, countertops made from recycled plastic, and LED lighting present in an eco-friendly kitchen.
  • Less Décor – Do away with all the clutter that is why they make use of minimal decorations. For modernized kitchens, less is always more, so instead of crowding it with various knick knacks go for a few shelves with open design, a painting or two and a backsplash. The end result is far better than you have ever imagined.
  • Neutral Shade – Neutral colors are often associated with it. Adding a splash of color is possible but limit yourself to a small portion of it since too much contrasting colors will defeat the design of a modern setup.
  • Open Floor Design – These days employ the use of open floor area where you will be able to combine both food preparation and entertaining guests at the same time. In this design, a kitchen island or serving cart is employed so that there is a place where family and guests can congregate without crowding the cooking station.
  • Stainless Steel – You will find many designs incorporating appliances and furniture that are made from stainless steel. One reason why this material is on top of everyone’s list is the fact that it can be cleaned effortlessly.
  • Modern Furniture – Cabinets and drawers in it are not the only ones that should be replaced when you remodel it. You should also consider incorporating contemporary furniture such as tables and chairs for added comfort and style.
  • Integrated Kitchen Appliances – For busy households, going for appliances that are integrated into the furniture for easy access is a must. If you are the type of person who is always on the go, adding dishwashers in the drawer can help you wash your utensils faster.
  • Integrated Sinks – Built-in sinks are creating waves. If you have extra space available, adding another sink can create a more interesting look.

Redesigning it can certainly put an edge to your space. Investing on quality furniture such as kitchen islands, trolleys and cabinets can liven it up, while at the same time give you proper storage for your utensils and equipment. Look for designs that will work with the space that you have available. If you can’t come up with a plan of your own looking it either online, in showrooms or magazines is certainly worth it.


Why Choose Stainless Steel Islands for the Kitchen

Your kitchen can improve a lot by introducing a modern kitchen island to your space. Searching for this furniture will yield a lot of options to choose from. This means that whatever you are looking for one, you are sure to find it when you take the time to look at the available choices not just from your local store but online as well.

One type  that is fast becoming a favorite is the stainless steel island. This no-fuss type  is easy to maintain and offers efficiency in preparing your meals. If you are wondering how this furniture can help you out just continue reading.

What You Need to Know

One of the advantages of having a one installed in it is that it offers you both additional surface to prepare your meals as well as storage for your utensils and other paraphernalia. What’s more, it can actually make it look more stylish and sophisticated. If you choose the stainless steel version and you will enjoy features such as closed cabinet systems, expandable storage receptacles, as well as the option of being able to install a drop leaf counter or breakfast bar in case you want to serve your family immediately after cooking. You can also get one with wheels attached to its base so you will be able to wheel it around when needed.

The modern kitchen island is indeed a welcome addition, especially when you are planning on modernizing your space. However, before you buy one you should make it a point to know how much space you have available so you won’t end up with one that is too bulky. You should also factor in what other functions you want it to have. For example, will you be using it as a dining table or perhaps a bar? These questions can help a lot when you make a final decision.

Easy to Maintain Carts with Wheels

If you are living in a household where everyone is always on the go, you will need one that doesn’t require too much maintenance. Fortunately, it is made from steel has been created much to the delight of homeowners everywhere. There is no special cleaning method required to keep it in good condition. You just need to get your hands on tried and tested detergents specially formulated for great materials.

Like it was mentioned before, there are stainless carts with wheels that can be used. If you like the functionality of a movable island this is a great option to consider. Not only is it lightweight but it can be moved around depending on your needs. As a matter of fact, carts on wheels have become a necessity in some households especially those that want to have the convenience  that they can push outdoors for their party.

If you are not too happy with the traditional look of stainless modern kitchen why not look for designs that are made by the Japanese? Everyone knows how exquisite looking at one are when they are made inJapan. These can actually serve their purpose in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. One difference that sets them apart from their western counterparts is that the surface  is not buffed which helps to discern them between a medical bed.

No matter what type of area that you will be installing you should know that there are ways to update its look such as adding lighting system to it. If you want to see some colors to break the monotony of your stainless kitchen island then add colorful art works on your walls or place flowers in vases on it. For sure, it will be a centerpiece waiting to be flaunted to your family and friends.


Stainless Steel Kitchen Islands Types and Styles

For housewives who are wishing they have more counter and storage space, stainless steel kitchen islands are here to help. It is not a surprise to find ones already lacking in work space because of the number of appliances placed on counters. Sometimes even the cabinets are no longer able to accommodate all those extra items that you have. This can be frustrating especially when you love to cook. Fortunately, there is an end to all your frustration and that is by incorporating islands to your  space.

Most kitchen counters cannot be used because modern gadgets such as microwave, food processor, percolater and other handy tools are laid out in easy reach. These appliances can certainly make things easier for you around it, but when it comes to cooking meals, you’ll find that you no longer have enough counter space to prepare your meal. Just like it was mentioned before, you can have that extra space with the help of them.

They can provide you with plenty of uses aside from work space. You can also use them as storage where you can organize your utensils, condiments and other ingredients in an orderly fashion by keeping them in cabinets, drawers and shelves. Aside from this, you can also use them as serving stations which is quite useful especially when most people stay here not only to prepare meals but also to eat and catch up with one another.

Since there are many styles out there how can you find the perfect one for it? Here are some factors that you can take into account when shopping for one.


  • Type – There are several models  today. To make it easier for you to find the right one is to determine first what type you are going with. For example, if you want your island to be movable go with the portable version. You can also go for the single or double island for more room to work on. The double island provides you with a space to keep your cooked meals while the upper counter is designed as a work station.
  • Size and Shape – You can narrow down your choices by considering the size and shape. This will be easier for you if you measure the space you have to determine the dimensions of it.
  • Materials – Although they are very much in demand these days there are other materials to choose from such as wood and plastic. Of course, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each of these materials so you will be able to get the perfect one for your setup.

They are not just for the kitchen alone but can be used anywhere in and outside the house. Do you want to have an outdoor party? Bring it out so you can use it as an extra table to place your party dishes. You can even use it as your prepping table for the ingredients you will use in your outdoor cookout.

Investing on them is definitely something to consider if you want to add  more functionality and style to it space. You will find that it is a convenience you can’t do without once you see how perfectly it blends with the rest of your furniture. You can start looking for them today so you won’t miss out on the versatility of this furniture.

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