Pond Landscaping Ideas, Designs, Types, Styles & More

Water features are a refreshing addition to any property, but setting up a pond landscaping requires careful planning. It’s of vital importance that gardens with water features are built to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Flowering plants, herbs, trees, low maintenance shrubs, ground covers, bird baths and fountains are features that are used when thinking of design that will create a garden that is conducive to relaxing. Of course, you will need to buy landscape accessories to complete the plan that you have in mind.


Simple Pond Landscaping Ideas & Designs

People have been recently adding water features to have creative landscaping. According to most landscape reviews, water features creates an atmosphere of stillness and elegance to any garden, be it small or large. It can also be used as a focal point in the whole backyard landscaping design or to draw more attention to existing features. For instance, incorporating rock pools or landscaping stone to a garden with an existing swimming pool or other water features can create a totally different look or can merge two design concepts into a unified whole.

Another fascinating feature that can be included is to have a fountain or waterfall built in the centre of the pond. They are built below ground level would be ideal and would create different design scenarios. For instance, you can put foot paths that lead to different directions in the garden to give people several options on where they want to go. According to landscape reviews, you can also add small plants or flowers along the pathway or in between the stones.

A design would give off a lively energy if there are fish or other water plants in the pond. And any landscaper worth his or her salt would take into consideration the colors used in the garden before adding marine life. Choosing the right kind of fish or water plants to use can make or break a landscaping. Fishes like goldfish and koi are always nice because of their naturally bright colors. Water lilies and other edible species of plants are aesthetically pleasing and are safe to be eaten by animals. Duck potato, lotus and water leaf are some excellent choices to consider.

Steps in Making a Fish Pond in Backyard Gardens

A great feature to include in a design is a small fish pond that can be filled with goldfish or koi. The one teeming with fish is fun and relaxing to watch and can provide children with insights on how an aquatic ecosystem works. The presence of fishes also means that mosquitos and other pests can be controlled or minimized since their larvae are eaten by fishes.

  • Look at the design with a critical eye and choose the best spot to build it. It’s best to build it in a spot where it will easily integrate with the landscape and look natural.

  • Select the kind you want based on your budget, the size of it if you want and the materials that you want to use. It can be made of concrete, fiberglass, natural earth or PVC liner. There are a lot of for sale landscape accessories for it and all you have to do is to choose what to buy.

  • Start excavating it with a spade. Make sure that the hole and the surrounding ground is completely level. Line damp sand around the base of it before inserting a liner.

  • Gently fill it with water. There should be 5 times more water than fish inches in it. So for five 4-inch goldfishes, a 100 gallon pond is needed.

  • Complete it by adding the goldfish or koi. Slowly introduce the fishes to the pond by letting the bag with the fishes float in there for one hour. This will help the fishes adjust to the temperature of it.

Remember that no matter how minimal or extensive your project is, it will alter the whole backyard landscaping. So it’s critical that the plants and water features chosen have been carefully selected to complement or enhance the whole property. Maintenance is also something that should be considered when designing it. Consider how often the yard needs to be maintained or if there are any special services that needs to be done to the water features. It’s also a good idea to brush up on your researching skills and look for modern home plans that can be incorporated in your design.

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