Professional Plumbers Should Handle Shower Leak Repair


There are some things which are best handled by professionals. A leak in a shower’s plumbing may look like a piece of cake for a beginner though in reality it is very cumbersome. According to reviews, tiled part of the shower wall would eventually come out according to where the leak is coming from. It is something which requires an in-depth understanding, and I wouldn’t advise anyone to try solving it without seeking a professional contractor. Let’s discuss about the steps involved when it comes to shower leak repair.


Shower leak repair in a plumbing leak

When you see that water is seeping through its head and the tile shower wall, it may seem an easy way out to just get rid of its head and get something new. The bigger issues involve moisture obviously coming from the rear of the wall at the valve and leaking handles.

Anytime you see some moisture coming from behind the wall, don’t treat it nonchalantly. The reason behind this is because you might end up buying a new one. Tracking it down may take some time but it has to be accomplished before further damage happens to your home. If you can reach the valves and pipes from the opposite side of the wall and the tiled part of the wall is still intact, you can possibly perform a repair at the backside. Your professional contractor would know where to find the problem thereby minimizing the damage.

If the inside part of the enclosure is tiled, you may want to find any loose tiles which have mold around it. You can push on the suspected tile to check and feel if the wall behind it is mushy. If you find that the tile is loose, you can go ahead and pull it off. Probably, you will discover a wet drywall right behind the tile. When there has been moisture behind the wall which made the tiles become loose, the drywall found behind the tile must be replaced after the tiles are knocked out. Studs should be totally dry before you could proceed with it. Naturally, this will also need a new wall tile.

After the leak is found, and it’s certain what has to be changed – buying the pipe or the valve itself – changing it can be further hindered by the period of time it has been continuously leaking and how old the valve is. You don’t have to worry about anything at all because there are a lot of for sale ones today that you can buy. Rust and pieces of debris make it hard to hold on to, and their connections are strongly adhered together which can cause an adult to cry. Those who are expert will understand what they need to loosen up the pipes.

Repairing a broken shower pan liner

When there is standing water found around the lowest part, you’re faced with water sneaking through the wall, beneath the entire part and running out, or probably a crack in the bottom part or around its drain. It also involves replacing a drain pan which is not that simple. Your shower or tub bottom has to be taken away, and that would need breaking out more tiles.

A liner pan extends further above it, to hold moisture that could get through. Have it replaced at the soonest time to prevent the studs from getting rotten which could attract mold, termites, and rodents.

According to reviews, a leaking drain in the tub or a leaking drain would also need one to deal with its pan as part of the repair task. You should get it dried out and have it replaced very quickly to prevent bigger damage.

Most of the time, it isn’t the drain that gives complexity to a plumbing leak. It is actually the easy side of it. Real difficulty occurs after the original leaking spot is exposed and the materials are removed for it. Damaging more areas than necessary is very easy after they are discovered and being removed. This would involve more repair parts and labor in order to replace the original broken parts.

Never attempt to do this job on your own. Repairing it is not easy. It needs particular information that only an experienced contractor possesses.

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