Repair Laminate Floor on Your Own

Although durable wood flooring such as laminate floors can last for you a long time, you need to repair it at one point in time. Over the years your laminated floors can experience scratches, nicks or other damage due to the more common wear and tear. If this is the case, either you repair what you can by using repairing kits or you go on and replace the damaged planks. Peaking and buckling are also problems that may arise with your floors hence the need for you to fix it to bring it back to its former glory.


The idea of having to repair it on your own is something worth considering especially if you wish to save money for other household bills. Instead of calling up a local contractor to fix any flooring damage that you see, why not do it on your own? Repairing this type of for sale flooring doesn’t require you to have a degree in architecture nor expert skills in carpentry. What you will need is common sense, the right repair materials and of course tools to get the job done.

Repair Kits – Like it was mentioned before, you can fix it by buying and using repair kits that are for sale in hardware stores. These kits include all the necessary patching materials that you can apply onto your laminated flooring to remove any signs of scratches, dents, and even cracks. These kits are sold at affordable prices which mean you won’t be spending more than your budget allows you too. Keep in mind, however, to bring a sample of your existing laminate flooring so you can get the right repair kit for it.

Replacement – If the damage to your flooring is beyond repair, you need to get replacement planks instead of repair kits. Remove the molding first using a hammer or a screwdriver. According to reviews, keep in mind to do this process carefully to avoid damaging the moldings. When removing the damaged floorboards, make sure that remove the planks around it so you can have easy access to your flooring. Again, remove the undamaged flooring carefully since you will be putting them back afterwards.

To solve any peaking problems on your flooring, replace the old floorboards with smaller ones. Slowly push back the new planks onto their places. Don’t worry if the peaking doesn’t disappear. The boards will settle so give them time. Once they have settled in, you can hammer the moldings back in place.

Durable Wood Flooring Needs Care Too

Busy households do have durable wood flooring installed in their home but without proper care and maintenance, they can succumb to the usual wear and tear caused by foot traffic, moving furniture and even stains, dirt, grime and moist environment. Durable wood flooring can only be durable for so long and when it doesn’t receive even the slightest cleaning you are bound to see scratches, dents and even stains that will be hard to remove unless you get cleaning products or start to bring it back to its former glory.

Based on the two methods mentioned above, you can either repair or replace them when necessary. Fortunately, these methods are not too difficult to do on your own and with a help of a family member or even a friend, you can fix your floors as quickly as possible. However, try as much as possible to maintain your floors to reduce the times you have to repair or replace them in the long run. Cleaning your durable wood flooring won’t even take up too much of your precious time since you don’t really need to do it on a daily basis.

However, if simple cleaning cannot remove those stubborn scratches that mar the surface of your wooden floors, then you should learn how to repair laminate floor to get rid of them quickly. According to reviews, you can follow the instructions indicated on the repair kit you have just bought or you can consult with a friend of yours who is an expert in repairing flooring. On the other hand, if you have budget to hire a contractor, feel free to do so since this will eliminate the hassle of doing the work yourself. Still, it is better if you learn how to repair it since this can help you save money in the long run.

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