Repairing Deck Flooring

Deck flooring on stairs located outdoors are prone to rapid deterioration especially since it is constantly exposed to the elements such as sun, wind, rain and snow among others. Among the signs that that needs replacement or repairs are shrinkage, buckling and even twisting of the wood planks used. According to reviews, if the stringers which are usually located at the side of your deck stairs start to rot, then you are in need of immediate replacement. On the other hand, if the damage to your laminate one is limited to a few steps only, you can easily repair them with the right wood floor tiles.


For deck flooring that make use of open-tread, normally carpenters would simply drive in the nails or screws into the stringers’ face and into the tread. This procedure is usually prone to deterioration in time since the floor boards tend to shrink and dry. When this happens the nails or screws fastening them together will come out loose. Loose floor boards are a common cause for accidents while going up or down the stairs and one that you should immediately address.

Repairing Deck Flooring on Stairs

Once you have noticed that on your stairs show signs of damage, you should immediately look for a remedy to solve it. If shrinkage and dry timbers are the source of the problem, one of the best methods to fix this is to buy and use clamps to hold them together since there are a lot of for sale clamps in the market today. Most contractors who handle repair works on laminate one will usually recommend using cross tie rods with staff-s which you need to place on both stringers. This way, you will be able to pull your patio flooring closer to clamp the tread in its proper place on a permanent basis. In case your outdoor stairs doesn’t have these, you can easily fit one in place.

• Installing cross ties – When buying and installing cross ties to it, you need to make sure that the stringer is firmly attached at the top of your deck as well as at the bottom to prevent your stairs from spreading. The middle of the stairs is usually the place where bowing normally occurs which you can fix by tying the cross ties here. If your stairs has more than ten steps more cross ties are needed provided that they are made from a threaded rod that is galvanized and pushed through the hole of the stringer placed just below the tread. You should drill as well as counter bore both of the sides of the stringers before pushing the rod through. The nuts and washers should be added at both ends before tightening. These will act as the clamp on stairs since the stringers are pulled tight. Make sure that the counter bores are big enough to accommodate the nuts and washers so that any rod that is in excess can be cut.

• Replace treads – If the treads are in need of repairs, here are the steps you need to follow. First, use your saw to cut the treads right in the middle so you can remove them easily. Second, remove any nails, screws or cross ties. There are plenty of timbers for sale in your local hardware or lumber store. Three, measure the right length for of it for your stairs. Before installing it, however, make sure that you treated the end grain of your wooden planks with preservative. These preservatives can be brushed on the wood easily. Use a piece of timber and place it underneath the new laminate one on stairs to soften the blows.

Deck Flooring – Find the Best Maintenance Companies

If you want to fix the deck of your stairs without having to do the heavy lifting, look for maintenance companies that specializes on laminate repair. According to reviews, there are more than a dozen out there that are worth checking out. Even if you think you can manage the repairs, if you want to see your stairs back to their former beauty, letting the experts handle it is highly recommended. When it comes to the flooring of your stairs, keeping it in perfect condition is of the utmost importance especially when it is located outdoors where it is constantly exposed to the elements.

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