Reviews on Laminate Flooring and Its Repairs

If you want to prolong the life of your beautiful floors, reading reviews on flooring and their repairs is certainly an advantage. According to reviews, there are times when your floors will need a little bit of TLC. Instead of calling up a flooring contractor to do the repairs, why not take the time to learn what you can do on your own by reading online and their possible repairs. Even those who prefer to let the professionals handle any problems with itthat they may have, knowing what repairs to be done on your floors is highly recommended. This way, you will know what step the flooring contractors will take when they drop by your home. For those DIY homeowners out there, always make sure that you check the instructions as indicated by the manufacturers before you do any repairs on your own.


 What Repairs You Can Do

There are some feedback on laminate flooring that also include the possible repairs that you can do on your own. You might have some complaints today that you can easily fix on your own provided that you take your time reading online feedback and their repairs. For those who want to take care of their floors on their own, here are some useful methods that you can apply to restore its natural beauty.

  • Glued and Glueless Laminate Repair – Chipped laminate floors is usually the easiest problem to fix. Chipped floors can occur when something heavy gets dropped on your floors and possible years of wear and tear. To fix this problem, simply look for a tile filler that has the same color as your floors and install it. You can get this product in your local hardware store. Just follow the instructions indicated to restore your laminate flooring

However, if there are two or more planks that are too damaged, the best course to take is to remove them from your floors. You should shave off the replacement plank’s lip that you bought at its end and along the edges. Don’t forget to remove the tongue as well. Use a laminate floor glue to glue the replacement plank to the tongue and edges of the planks nearby before sliding the replacement plank into place. Once the replacement plank is in place, put a heavy object on top of it to let the glue dry evenly.

  • Click or Glueless Laminate Repair – Another method that you can use when repairing floors is the click or glueless laminate repair. There are times when gaps start to appear on your floors. Professional floor contractors have a tool in their arsenal where they can repair gaps on the floors without having to remove moldings, baseboards and planks even. This tool is equipped with a double sided tape which you can easily slip into your floor boards before pushing down to let the planks adhere to it. When you read reviews you will learn that gaps usually occur when the planks are not clicked together properly. During installation, the floors may appear flush with one another but without hearing it click there is a tendency for gapping to occur. Feedback indicate that the best way to repair gapping between rows of laminate flooring is to remove the shoe molding, baseboard or the quarter round so you can remove the planks for re-installation.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Laminate Flooring

Aside from steps on how to repair flooring, reviews also list down the pros and cons of the various types of laminate. These review can come in handy especially when it comes to buying the flooring that is for sale. According to reviews, there are some homeowners who don’t really take the time to do research which is why they find themselves ending up with the wrong kind. Fortunately, reviews aren’t hard to find. You just log on to your computer and search for reviews and you will find dozens of results with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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