Rolling Kitchen Islands Styles and Types

Rolling Kitchen Island Types and Styles

For any kitchen that requires that extra space to work on a rolling kitchen island is something that can help you out. Small setups aren’t the only ones that need additional work stations but large ones as well. There are times when the counters in bigger ones appear crowded because of the number of appliances laid out. Either you move these gadgets to another area or you can get yourself one instead.

They are becoming popular nowadays because it offers that much needed counter space. Aside from this, you can place it anywhere in the kitchen. Unlike built in islands where they are usually situated at the center, it can be moved in any location for a whole new look. You might be surprised on how versatile this furniture actually is once you get to include it in your design.


It is an investment where you can get your money’s worth and much more. This handy furniture is not just for counter space only but it has many uses too. Here are some that you can do with your own portable island.

  • Storage Area – It can also be used as a portable storage. The area underneath its counter can be designed to have drawers, shelves or cabinets so you can store any utensils you will need for cooking. Sometimes even ingredients can be stored here for easy access during cooking time.
  • Work Station – The surface of it can be converted as a work station easily. Usually, they lack that extra space to chop, slice and dice ingredients. Fortunately, it can be used to serve as a counter for preparing ingredients. You can find some where a chopping block has already been installed so you might want to consider them.
  • Serving Station – Families tend to congregate around the kitchen which means you need to have an extra table to use as a serving station. The good news is that you don’t really need a table to seat everybody but a well placed one. There are some designs of them where the sides can be pulled out to create an extra surface. Just grab a few chairs or stools and voila! You now have a serving station for your family.

These are but a few examples of what you can do with  one. You can actually do more based on the design and style of the kitchen island that you have chosen that is why it is recommended that you shop around first before buying one.

If ever you find yourself in need of that extra counter or storage, instead of getting additional cabinets you might want to get a rolling island instead. Not only is this the perfect choice for storage because of its spacious and smart design but it can add more function to your space too just you wait and see.



There is no debate on the merits of having rolling type in the kitchen. Regardless of how small or big the kitchen is there is always a time when more space is needed. If you are the type of family where more than a person works, arranging your equipment and workstation may be a bit challenging since you need to take into account the space available, the dimensions of your kitchen furniture and equipment and of course the flow of your cooking. The good news is that it  has to have their own counter for you to work on and since they can be moved around, you can push it closer to your cooking area for added convenience.

Rolling kitchen islands are very much the same as your regular islands with the exception that they have wheels attached to their bottoms so they can be moved around with ease. This type does have a counter that you can use for food preparation and cooking while the lower portion of it can be filled with drawers, shelves and even cabinets for kitchen storage. You can find rolling kitchen islands with built in racks and rods that you can use to hang your cooking utensils and even towels for easy access. These features make your portable type that more interesting and beautiful to look at.

What makes them a good investment for homeowners? Why, its portability of course. Being able to move it when needed is a feature that many homeowners are looking for especially when they want to have an extra counter for cooking or serving meals both indoors and outdoors. You can use this type of island as a coffee area or a mini bar if you feel like it. It comes in a wide variety of styles, designs, shapes, sizes and colors that it won’t be too difficult for you to find one that will match your existing theme. As for the price tags attached to them, you can get designs at a really low price. Of course, you need to maintain them once in a while to keep them in good condition.

The question now is whether there are any problems that you should be aware of when it comes them. Well, since there are many options for you to consider you might find it a bit difficult to discern which design and material you should go with. For example, if you will go for one that is made entirely from wood you should determine first whether the wood you will be getting is lightweight so that the wheels can move it easily. You should also check the design and make of the wheels to determine whether they are hardy enough to withstand the constant movement.

Another challenging bit with it is the assembly part because for some, putting the parts together can take them a while to accomplish. If you want to avoid this entirely go for a rolling island that has already been pre-built.

Based on the pros and cons mentioned above, you can get an idea on how to use this new furniture to its fullest. You might want to check out the latest designs or if you are skilled in carpentry, build one your own. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be enjoying the benefits of it today so go and get one from your nearest home improvement store.


There are basically two types that you can apply  plan to. The first type is a fitted kitchen. A fitted kitchen is a type where the appliances, countertops and other essentials cannot be moved from one place to another, not unless it is remodeled. This is the type that is popular with homeowners who are keen on having one that does not need a lot of maintenance and would like to have one that fits to a certain theme or interior design that reflects the sense of the entire home. This design is also popular because it actually helps in making the value of the entire home go at a higher rate – a key reminder for those who are interested in selling their home anytime soon.

On the other hand, there is the freestanding kitchen type, which is a model where you can move the main components. You will find that the drawers and closets in these home types may have wheels or are not fixed directly to the ceiling, the wall or the floor, and because of this type of model, you will find that this type is more versatile and affordable than a fitted kitchen. This is also ideal for people who are renting out a place or are keen on moving to a better home. This gives them the free will to still have one without the need to commit to a remodeling project that will cost time and money. This is also an ideal kitchen model type for those who are just starting out, renting a new place, or have bought a home for the first time. A popular addition to this home model is a furniture cart, which is a movable shelf which can house a lot of utensils essential for cooking.

Either way, you can still have plan no matter which house model you may choose. For a fitted kitchen, you may want to consider a fitting that includesplan that matches to the rest of countertops in your home. Ideal countertops are granite and metal, as they can take the heat while being sanitary at the same time.

For a freestanding kitchen, you will find that it is made out of metal or any other stone slab such as granite or marble may be too heavy. For freestanding kitchens, you can opt for a polished wood countertop for the center island, which can insulate heat of hot pans, while being a great place to prepare food for cooking at the same time.


Extra Storage

The importance of a kitchen center island is that it works for any type, for any person who is looking for more out of their setup. It can be used for storage, as a place to add an oven, a pullout fridge, a microwave oven and the like. It also works great as a work space and an area to eat and to entertain by just adding a couple of seats around.

A center island may be the last thing that you would think of when remodelling, but it is a great addition simply because lends more to the kitchen that you already have. This is a great installation which should be considered as an essential to any open kitchen space.


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