Rugs for Wood Floors


Rugs for your wood floors are the easiest way to add a punch to the rooms in your home. Buying rugs can instantly change the overall ambiance of your room, providing an interesting accent to your decor and making it look more put-together.


Aside from improving the aesthetics of your home, buying for sale area rugs also have some practical uses. They provide a quick way of covering loose floorboards and uneven discolorations on your wood floors (depending on the wood type, the exposed parts of the wood get darker). According to reviews, for accident-prone areas like the living room, they are also a good way of preventing coffee and wine stains from ruining your floors. These are easy to clean and maintain, often just needing regular vacuuming and careful washing about two to three times a year.

Benefits of Rugs for Wood Floors

  •  Area rugs versus wall-to-wall carpet

The biggest advantage of getting an area rug over installing a wall-to-wall carpet is that it does not take as much commitment. Carpets are high maintenance, hard to clean and requires extreme care. With these, you are free to choose bright colors depending on the season and your mood, or opt for eclectic patterns and texture. Although they are an investment in itself, in terms of cost and ease of use, these give you freedom to indulge in your style-of-the-moment.

A more obvious advantage of for sale ones over carpeting is its movability and flexibility. You can easily change its place in the room, or switch between rooms, and it can instantly update the whole look. With wall-to-wall carpeting, you are pretty much stuck with the same color and position unless you decide to take the whole thing of.

Another point to consider is that removing an installed carpet may ruin your hardwood floors, as the carpet may have been glued or nailed in the flooring to keep it in place. As for, for sale rugs, a quality rug pad is used to keep it in place. This provides a protective layer between the floor and the rug, so very minimal damage will occur.

Lastly, they do not collect as much allergens as carpet does, which is good for keeping the indoor air quality safe and healthy.

Now that you have decided to get an area rug instead of installing carpet, here are some points to consider when choosing your rug:

  • Usage – Determine how you will use the rug in your room. The materials and textures may vary depending on your purpose – if you are going to use it to protect your floor, or to provide dimension and define spaces in your room. Interior Decor – they can be overwhelming if the design is not tied together with the other elements in your room.
  • Decide if the rug will be your accent, or if it is meant to complement the piece of art hanging over your fireplace. Should the pattern be subtle? Should the color complement or contrast with the color of the hardwood floor? Should you get one big rug, or mix and match a couple of smaller but complementing them? In addition, consider the size of the rug that you are getting. It should be proportional with the size of the room and the space available. Done properly, they can make your room appear larger, feel cozier, and generally more interesting.

Rugs for Wood Floors – Caring for your floorboards’ rugs

Quality rug pads not only protect your hardwood floors, it also increases the longevity. Opt for these instead of using any form of adhesive carpet tape as these can ruin the threading. According to home interior experts, the best rug pads are the vinyl non-slip protectors. Other materials are rubber, foam, and plastic mats.

To keep the colors of the rug bright, make sure that you position it away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can fade the colors of the rug, so if you have a lot of windows in your home it is advisable to rotate your rugs.

Regular vacuuming is also in order, to keep the physical dirt and grime from building up in your rugs. Washing need not be as often, ranging from twice to thrice a year. Some may even be machine washed, depending on the fibers used. Dry cleaning is an even better option, for it prevents the colors from building and from the fibers tearing.

Your house is an important investment, as it is your personal space to which you come home to. It is only important that you choose the best options to keep it in good condition, and a rug is one of the best ways out there.

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