Shower Leak and Other Problems for Professional Plumbers

Certain repair jobs, like a shower leak, are better left to professional hands. A leak caused by a problem in the plumbing might look easy to fix. You might even think that you can turn this into your latest do-it-yourself project, but a leak can be a complex problem that would need a professional plumber. Based on where the leak might be coming from, the wall and the tiles might have to be taken out. This is a complicated and in-depth procedure and shouldn’t be attempted by novices.


Problems in Repairing a Shower Leak

Some problems involving a leaking one can be easy to fix. Water leaking out from the connection between its wall and its head can sometimes be fixed by removing its head and replacing it with a new one. But some problems might entail handles that are leaking or moisture that can be seen on the wall behind it valve.

It’s vital that you don’t turn a blind eye when you notice that there’s moisture coming from behind the wall. It’s possible to fix the leak from the back if the tiled wall hasn’t been damaged and if the valves and pipes can be accessed from the other side of the wall. A professional plumber knows how to locate the problem so any damage done will be minimal. However, if the wall panels have been subjected to moisture from behind the tiles might become loose. When this happens, the tiles might have to be taken out and the drywall completely replaced. Studs that are wet would have to be completely dry before the repair job can continue. This also means that the tiling has to be replaced with new ones and there are a lot of for sale items that you can buy.

Sometimes problems can still arise that causes the repair to take longer. For instance, even though the leak has been found and the plumber has ascertained whether it’s the pipe or valve that needs to be replaced, removing it can be restricted by the condition of the valve and the amount of time it has been leaking. Debris and rust can make it hard to hold on to and pry off the pipes or valve. Only professional plumbers would know the tricks to loosen the pipes.

Standing water pooling on the floor outside the shower or tub means that water is seeping through the wall, running out the fixture or there might be a crack on the bottom of it or bathtub. Fixing this problem would entail replacing its pan membrane, and like fixing a leak, this is not an easy job. This repair job would mean removing the bottom of it or the bathtub and knocking out the tiles.

A shower pan is used to capture moisture that might get through and this pan often juts out above the lip of the shower or bathtub. If the pan is cracked, it has to be replaced immediately to stop the studs from rotting and to prevent molds and termite infestation.

Shower Leak – Repairing a Shower Pan Drain Leak

A leaking drain in it or bathtub will necessitate working on the pan again. And similar to fixing a leak, it’s crucial that the drain be dried and replaced immediately by buying a new one to prevent the damage from worsening.

Most of the time, the repair process isn’t the thing that makes fixing a leak or a cracked shower pan drain complicated. The repair part is actually the easy one since there are a lot of for sale in the market. The difficult part would be pinpointing where the leaking is coming from and taking out the pipes and valves for repair. This is an extremely sensitive part because it takes very little to inflict more damage than needed when looking for the problem and removing it. There’s also the fact that when fixing a leak or a cracked shower pan, there are a lot of parts involved. So don’t believe for one minute that you can easily take on jobs like these by yourself. Fixing bathroom problems like that of a shower leak are complicated and they require a specific set of skills and knowledge that only a professional plumber has.

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