Small Kitchen Islands Styles, Types, Designs & Ideas

Small kitchen islands are starting to pave the way for better looking and more functional kitchens today. There will always come a time when you feel as if there is something more than you can do to make your kitchen work better for you. Even if you have all the necessary appliances to make your cooking time more convenient sometimes what frustrates you is not the lack of handy equipment but the lack of space. You might have been planning on hosting a big party but with the limited counter space, you are reduced to inviting just a few friends over. Fortunately, no problem is without any solution and in this case, what you need is simple.

Small Kitchen Islands Types & Designs

You might have seen several home improvement designs where they have been used. Those beautiful islands that are often laid in the middle of the room to create a place to work on or even serve meals. However, not all kitchens can accommodate large sized islands. For smaller or limited spaced kitchens it will work for you. When you say small kitchens don’t put it into your head that you can’t get anything out of it except for a small counter to work on. On the contrary, you can also use it to store your cookware, serving utensils and even your dry ingredients.

There are dozens of manufacturers that have come up with quite  a lot of designs for it using different types of materials. If you are planning on integrating this particular  furniture to your own space, you need to know what to look out for when shopping for one.

  •  Size – It is of the utmost importance that you take into consideration the amount of space that you have before you do any purchasing it. This way, you won’t end up with an island that is either too big or too small for your space. You can look for kitchen carts when an island cannot fit. At least you will have the ability to move your cart to make more room.
  • Counter – It will come with different counter tops like granite, steel and wood. You should choose a counter top that will fit its use. For example, if you will be using it to place any hot items like pots and pans then stainless steel counter and granite are ideal. On the other hand, if it will just be used for serving or preparing meals then a wooden surface will work just as well.
  • Storage – They are also designed to provide you with added space to keep your kitchen things like dried goods, bottles, and even cutlery and utensils. Depending on the space you need you should look at the depth of the cabinets, drawers and shelves installed on the it and whether it has other features like towel rod and wine rack.
  • Design – They can add wonders especially when they come in various designs. If you want to get the most out of yourit you should match the design with your existing furniture or at least go for a design that will compliment your entire design.

Your kitchen can certainly look a whole lot different when you make use of the small kitchen islands not just in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of function.

Redesigning a Small Kitchen

Nowadays, home improvements are no longer limited to the yard or the bedroom but can also include your kitchen as well. It is true that this area is where most of the activities happen in a house especially since you use this area to create delicious dishes. However, this place is not just for cooking but it can also be a place where you can entertain guests. The dining is usually designated as eating area for big gatherings or special occasions.

Normally, older homes do have smaller kitchens which can be a problem for some homeowners who bought a house. Fortunately, there is still a way for you to revive the look of one. Even if you are on a budget there are dozens of ideas that you can take advantage of so it will look like brand new.

A kitchen that is small presents a tough challenge to homeowners who are thinking of improving their home. Since the space is limited you might have some trouble finding appropriate accessories and work stations that will help you cook your meals. Fortunately, interior designers have come up with several factors that you can consider if you plan to do remodeling in the near future.

  • Kitchen Appliances – For it to look great you should pay attention to the type of equipment that you will be installing. Usually for small spaced kitchens the best equipment are those that are made from stainless steel. You can get them in three finishes normal, brushed and manufactured. Not only will these appliances change the way it looks like but you can also save money since this material has been around for ages.


As the years passed by, stainless steel equipment is not just for decorative or cooking only but can also be used as storage and serving station. This depends mostly on the design and style of the appliance that you will be using.

  • Worktops or Counters – No matter how big or small your kitchen may be having enough worktop to use is a must. Stainless and granite are two among the top choices when it comes to counters because they are durable and can both withstand changes in temperature. Even if you plan on baking pastries you will find that the surface of both stainless steel and granite is cool which is ideal for rolling out your pastry.


Although a marble counter is beautiful to look at its price is a bit steep for some and what’s more it is susceptible to stains in the long run. Laminate counters are stronger and more durable nowadays than they were before. This is a good option if you are on a budget but if you will be getting this for your worktop make sure that you utilize chopping boards to avoid damaging the surface.

  • Kitchen Cabinets – Storage is key to it that is why it is essential that you find the right type of cabinet to install in your space. Wall cabinets may be ideal if you want to have more space to walk on. Some can be placed underneath the counter. You can design your cabinets to suit your needs such as adding drawers and shelves for a more organized kitchen.
  • Lighting – If you want to make it look bigger you should try to look for lighting fixtures that will do just that. There are certain types of lighting that can create the illusion that your space is bigger while others are for ambiance sake.


An Island Furniture for it

Like it was mentioned before, it is important that you have enough work space in the kitchen even if you have it. One solution to this problem is by getting island furniture that will fit your space. Island furniture can offer you more than just an extra surface for food preparation but it is also capable of providing you with extra storage space and even a serving area to boot. You should look at the designs for kitchen islands to understand the benefits to be gained when you invest on this type of furniture for it.

Small Kitchen Layout Design, Styles, Ideas

Most housing units these days have a small layout, but that doesn’t make it less useful or beautiful. With creativity and careful planning, you can design a modern kitchen layout that will suit your personality and complement your home. Even with a galley kitchen design, you can still utilize every available space and make it manageable even when several people are using it.


3 Tips for laying out a small kitchen 

Knowing the basics of a kitchen layout is simple, but there are a number of factors that needs to be considered when designing a small kitchen layout. A large number of housing units have a narrow galley kitchen. This is layout that has two counters that are parallel to each other, making it easier to access everything thru a kitchen triangle design.


To make the successful, you have to think about these three things:

  • Aisle space: There should be a lot of space between the counters so people can work in the kitchen in relative comfort.
  • Light:  This is something that should be considered carefully since using the right lighting can open up visually. Lighting should be situated so that people using it can see what they’re doing and perform their tasks accordingly.  For example, you can put incandescent lights under the hanging cabinets so that it shines down on the counter-tops. Fluorescent lighting is also great for making it look bigger.
  • Storage: This is a major concern in every kitchen layout. This becomes even more crucial when your kitchen lacks space. Since space is a valuable commodity, every available area should be used efficiently. For example, the back-splash is often overlooked but when used creatively, it is actually several feet of storage. Aside from using it for decorative purposes, you can mount a utensil container above your cooking area or hang a spice organizer in the prep area to free up cabinet space.


Layout Tips

Whether you live in a small house in the suburbs or in a high rise building in a major city, you can still make the most of the layout by keeping in mind the following tips-

    • Make good use of cabinets and shelves. Every kitchen uses cabinets to organize things. A great layout can make it look bigger if the cabinets used are devoid of details and have glass doors. Floating shelves or open cabinets can give it a more streamlined look, tricking the eyes into thinking the space is larger.
    • Color also helps in making it look larger. The color of the appliances, cabinets, counters, dishware, dishtowels, stools and others fixtures will affect the ambiance of the area. A pastel or light color combination reflects the light and tends to draw the eyes vertically, thus giving the impression of a bigger space. But bright colors and bold patterns can still be used, just make sure the colors are not done to excess.
    • Be creative with your flooring. A tile pattern in black and white can make it more attractive, and it is also affordable. Marble can also be used even if the area is small. The unexpected material will give it a beautiful look. Rugs or carpets can also be used to ground your design and bring a pop or color and style.
  • Use glass to let light in. Glass also lets light bounce around and aids in making it look bigger and sparkling. You can have a glass table top, use it in counters, cabinet doors or even in the kitchen door.

When working with a layout, choose your design carefully so that it will not look cluttered. There are some styles, like a country theme, that actually looks good. Check out magazines or design websites to look for inspiration on how to design a small kitchen layout. These days, there is no need to worry about what to do with it. With some creativity, ingenuity and by making good use of tried and tested interior design tips and tricks, you can make it appear bigger.


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