Swiftlock Plus Laminate Flooring tips and help

Swiftlock plus laminate flooring is an ideal suggestion if you want to buy a new type of hardwood or laminate flooring in your home. According to reviews, it is an ideal material to have quick flooring solutions during home renovations, and in the ailing real estate market, it is a godsend that will make the flooring in your home look its best and can even raise the value of your property dramatically.


As far as being a good alternative, it is an alternative that does not fail as far as quality and strength is concerned. It can be installed in any conventional residential, leisure or non-residential property and it will survive the wear and tear that these properties will experience overtime. Residential properties can benefit from this kind of for sale flooring as it is resilient enough to take on even the meanest child or the wildest pet. Leisure properties can take pleasure in installing these floor panels as they are easy to maintain and are set at an affordable price point. Commercial or non-residential property can use this kind of flooring as they can be at work round the clock, with some maintenance every so often in between.

What’s even better with this kind of flooring that you can buy is that you don’t need to change or strip the flooring underneath at all. You can just sweep it, level it, use an underlay and start installing your hardwood flooring from there. You can then start installing your flooring once you have all set. You can be finished with your installation in less than a day and get a better looking home before the sun sets.

The Innovative Design

The secret to it is that it can be easily installed without any glues or nails, or even a set of tools. Swiftlock wood panels are referred to as floating floorboards as they don’t need to be glued or nailed down to the floor in order to secure them. All you need to do is to lay the panels accordingly, and with the interlocking feature in the floor, you will only need to secure the floor by just putting one panel next to another and pushing the grooves together.

Because of the wonderful design of swiftlock panels, any homeowner can now have the floor panel that they like, all they need to do is to install the panels according to pacakage instructions and use the interlocking feature in order to have floating wood floors that any homeowner would love to have in his or her home.

Leisure properties and offices can also benefit from this design as there’s very little downtime required that it will not hamper operations of these facilities. Hotel rooms can be rented out the very next day and offices can be as good as new the morning after.

Floating Wood Floors Installation Suggestions

According to reviews, it can be used in ondoor and outdoor areas, but it can also be used in high humidity areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom. It is very easy to install the floating wood floors in this area, as the instructions are pretty much the same. What is important to note is that these floorboards are prone to humidity and water damage, so it is important to add some adhesive or a protective coating to fortify the floorboards in these kinds of conditions.

In some cases, you can also use this type of flooring in open areas, such as verandas and porches. Simply put the floors down according to the instruction set by the manufacturer and glue them accordingly, making sure that you are giving a gap for the panels to expand and contract through the seasons.

Swiftlock floor paneling provides affordable yet durable flooring options for anyone who is seeking to make a home, an office or a leisure facility look better and more chic. What’s surprising about this product is how easy it is to install the panels and to have a better looking room in no time, without taking out a lot of money as any other floor treatment would. Indeed, it is a great alternative to the conventional floors that you see just about anywhere.

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