Tiger Wood Flooring – The Engineered Version


There are many aspects to consider when remodeling your home and one of this is getting new floors like tiger flooring. Searching for flooring that fits your budget isn’t all that time consuming especially when there are some pretty decent options out there that will work in your favour. According to reviews, regardless of which area in your home you will be fixing, getting the appropriate one is important so you won’t be bombarded with problems left and right. The best way to avoid getting the wrong type of flooring is to research on all the for sale ones and learn more about their pros and cons before you go and buy one. This helps you make a smart decision with regards to your new home flooring.


Tiger Wood Flooring

Although there are dozens of beautiful floor for sale today that you can buy, it almost always catches the eyes of shoppers. What makes people stop and take a closer look at this type is its range of colors from Black Heart to Brazilian. The ends of this type is usually bevelled and its surface is quite smooth to the touch. Aluminium oxide is used for this wood finish creating a more dramatic effect.

Tiger wood isn’t hard to install in your home. If you know how to follow directions you can easily put together this beautiful one just by following the instructions on the packaging. The best method to install your new one is to use glue to secure it in place. Just make sure that any excess glue that comes out between the boards is removed for a smooth finish. Asking for help from your family or close friend can help you get the job done in quicker than doing the work alone.

There are other types that are worth checking out. These dark hardwood floors are not just stylish and classy to look at but they are also durable as well. When placed in areas of high traffic, you won’t be worrying too much about their surface getting scuffed or scratched because of their design. The designs for these types range from simple to the more complex which fits all kinds of personal preferences and home designs easily. Mixing and matching them with the rest of your home décor will be such a pleasure especially when these floors can add character and depth to your space.

The more modern designs employs the use of click and lock installation method which helps reduce the time it takes before you can walk on your brand new floors. However, before you go and install your new one make sure that the subfloor is cleaned of any debris or dirt that can cause your underlayment to be uneven. This is important if you want to get quality and even flooring in your home after your home renovation project.

Tiger Wood Flooring – Dark Hardwood Floors for the Home

Dark hardwood floors are without a doubt choice for any household that wants to have sophistication and elegance on theirs. According to reviews, the rich colors and textures of this type is enough to uplift any space from boring to dramatic and with the right combination of furniture and fixtures you can transform any room to a design straight off the magazines you have perused before. Since renovating the home costs a lot, investing on quality can help minimize any future expenses because they are made to last for decades especially with proper care. Although it is a bit expensive compared to other types, you are getting your money’s worth when you choose to have this installed.

When searching for it, make sure that you go for the best brand in the market. Reputable manufacturers can give you their guarantee that all of their floorings are made only from the finest materials out there. The same thing goes with their engineered floors that you are planning on getting. You can either visit their showrooms to have a closer look at their products or you can purchase their floors online. Either way, tiger wood flooring is sure to give your interiors that edgy look you have always wanted.


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