Tips for a DIY Closet Builder

There are many DIY homeowners out there that would like to learn how to become an effective closet builder. Most DIYers out there love the sense of accomplishing something whether it is just building a chair, cabinet or closet. If this is how you feel then you are most likely looking for something new to do. One idea that you might want to try out is to become a builder for a day. You might want to take a look at some small walk in ideas to do to optimize the look of your closet and also to free more space for your clothing and other items.


Your closet may hold a lot of things but it seems that you don’t have enough space to accommodate your stuff. The worst thing about closets for sale these days is that their design is not conducive to storing plenty of clothing and other accessories. If you can’t buy a good closet for your bedroom, you might as well create your own by learning what a pro normally does when they add a one to a home.

How to Start Your Closet Building Project

Once someone usually begins their project by looking for cool ideas to use. Once a that person sees something they like, they will now organize the contents of the closet to determine how much space they will need to house everything. Here are other factors that you need to keep in mind when you plan on doing the job of a builder on your own.

  • Remove anything you don’t need – According to closet reviews, an expert builder will often suggest that you remove items from your closet that you no longer need. Even if you are thinking twice about throwing certain clothing, you should remove them. Narrow down your wardrobe to clothes that you love to wear. It would be better if you choose clothing that can be worn in layers. This way, you won’t have to buy new clothing apparel every month. A lot of people make the mistake of buying clothing that they see on sale without thinking of its timelessness and quality. It would be better if you ask yourself whether the clothing that you are looking it will be worn on a regular basis and whether it will last you for many years.

  • Do an inventory – If you want to become a successful builder, before proceeding to building custom walk in closet, you should make an inventory of what is left of your wardrobe. Once you have seen what things are left behind, you can easily visualize what design you will be using for your closet. When you buy a closet make sure that you take into consideration the things that will go inside your closet.

  • Create more space –One advice from an expert builder is to place your rod a little more towards the back instead of the center. When you hang your clothing, you will notice that there is still plenty of space at the back which doesn’t become utilized because of the position of the rod. One professional suggests adding two more bars in your closet to hold your pants while the one placed a bit higher will hold your long clothing.

Ideas for Large Closets

As a builder you have the freedom to build a small or large closet in your bedroom. If you have plenty of clothing, accessories and even shoes that need to be stored, look for ideas for large closets to try out in your bedroom. According to reviews, if you want to be a good one, you should take the time to look for closet design ideas that you think you can apply to your own closet. This way, you will be able to create the perfect closet for your own use where everything is organized according to category for easy access.

Being a DIY builder is not that bad. Not only will you get to create a closet that is customized according to your needs but you can also get the satisfaction of creating something new using your own two hands. Fortunately, there are plenty of ideas that you can utilize when you plan on becoming a one.

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