Tips on building a Handicap Bathroom

Building a handicap bathroom for those with a physical disability is difficult. They need special attention or guidance, so building one for the disabled takes a lot of consideration and planning for it to be easy to use. Safety is one of the main concerns. They need to be in a secure and easy to access setup for them not to fall especially when they are left alone at home.

Three main aids

>ADA guidelines require that the bathrooms for disabled people should be functional and must follow these three safety aids that will secure them when using bathrooms. Some are ready to use or are easy to install as simple as one, two, three.

  • Handle bars – Installing handle bars in bathrooms are necessary to ensure safety to the disabled. There are selections of bathroom handle bars for sale in the market to choose from that provide easy access to the tub, shower and toilet area. They are installed to provide guide or support when they use the shower, tub and toilet. You can also buy portable handle bars for sale, available in the market that can be easily moved or simply carried around wherever you go.
  • Security full cords – These are cords that can be pulled easily when they accidentally trip or fall. You can find them in your local hardware shop. Usually they are installed near the toilet and shower area for easy access. They only need to pull the cord to signal help from their family members.
  • Glide proof floors – Firmness of one’s house can be also seen on their floors. Floorings not only give beauty to homes but also security to the owner especially to the handicap. A glide proof floor is needed when building a bathroom for the handicapped, because it provides them with security. One of the most vital aids in a disabled bathroom is floor tiles but sometimes discarded by some. Slip proof floors come in different sizes but size does not matter as long as it suits the needs of the physically challenged. In choosing floors you can choose between vinyl floors and rubber floors. Choosing the right floors benefits all users.

When you choose to build or renovate your bathroom for the physically challenged it is best to reconsider these guiding principles for safety and easy access. It is for your own contentment as well as for the person with disability.

Proper handicap bathtub installation

There are many things to consider when it comes to bathtub installation for handicap users. Security and convenience are the main concerns when choosing a bathtub for the disabled. You must determine the environment and severity of the physically challenged person. It must be elevated and deeper than regular bathtubs and must have a seat where the disable will sit. This makes it easier for them to go in and out of the tub so they won’t slide when using it.

  • Toddle in bathtub can or may provide healing and usually include special features to hot tubs. Some of these features are massage spray and hydrotherapy that can switch simple bathing time to powerful therapeutic massage that will help improve the condition of the patient, make them relax and promote healing as well. There must be properly attached showerheads in the edge of the toddle bathtub to allow them to shower even in sitting position. It will give convenience to the handicapped to control the use of bath tub even without supervision.
  • The design must have safety features for the benefit of the disabled. There must be locking features, power seats and easy access in getting in and out of it. These features will guarantee that the bathing needs are met, the security, comfort and effortlessness of using the bathtub. They are designed to benefit the disabled users. It comes in different variety in terms of size and pits allowing superb bathing experience which is hard to obtain when you have partial mobility.
  • In  installation, you should also consider adding steam shower and good steam shower doors so the steam won’t damage it. The doors of the steam shower must totally expand from the ceiling of the enclosed area from your floor so that the steam won’t damage it.

With these things in mind, you can easily find the right handicap bathroom to install in your home to benefit your family members who need special assistance.

Tips on buying a Bathroom Bench for Seniors

Buying a bathroom bench can be quite useful especially to the elderly. Young adults don’t have any trouble going up and down the stairs or climbing in and out of the bathtub but in the case of seniors where they need all the assistance they can get, moving around the house much less using them can be quite dangerous. Making your home more accessible to them can make their life easier such as adding a bench in the bathroom for them to sit on when needed.

The body tends to weaken as the years pass by and for seniors, their bones and joints become weak causing them to be a bit unsteady on their legs. Falling can cause bones breaking or sprain that is why if you have some elders living with you making sure that they have a place to sit down, can be a big help for them. This is when buying bathroom bench for sale becomes useful.

Why ?

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places for any senior because of its moist or wet environment. They have the tendency to slip when the floor is a bit moist after someone has taken a bath. Sometimes the walk from their room to the bath room can take up all of their strength so by the time they reach it they are out of breath. Giving them a chance to rest up is crucial that is why having one on hand is essential in making their trip more convenient.

Adding a bench helps in keeping them well rested as they go about their usual business. For the elders, having the ability to do things on their own like taking a bath is important because it shows that they don’t have to rely on anyone to help them out. This gives them a feeling of independence and what better way to assist them with this than making it more useful for them? For sure, your relatives will love your thoughtfulness when it comes to their welfare.

Placing them in strategic locations like near the bathtub can help seniors move from the chair into the tub. You can also place a bench near cabinets by design so they can easily reach the toiletries they need to complete their ablutions. Benches in the bathroom can definitely make it more convenient for the elders to care for their body without requiring anyone’s assistance.

Cabinets by Design

You can also convert the existing cabinets so seniors can use them without any assistance. Taking advantage of cabinets by design can do wonders not just for the welfare of your aged relatives but also by giving it a whole new look. Customizing the look of the cabinets not only makes them more user-friendly but you can also put a personal stamp to it because there won’t be any other house that has the same kind of cabinets by design as you.

There are plenty of cabinet manufacturers out there that offer cabinets by design services so you might want to do a bit of research on them. If you consider yourself as a DIYer then creating new cabinets won’t be too hard to do. By creating  a more functional cabinet for everyone to use will certainly be a big benefit not just for your kids but for your seniors as well.

Incorporating both cabinets by design  can do wonders. Not only will you be able to provide it with a more interesting look but you are also making sure that everyone who uses it is well taken care of regardless of how old or young they may be. Installing benches isn’t all that difficult because they just need to be assembled to be of use. You can get them from hardware and home improvement shops at various prices based on their designs and materials used. If you want it to be comfortable for seniors, installing one is just right because it can provide them with an easier access to the tub and other areas of your bath room with ease.

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