Tips on building or buying shed doors for sale

Tips on building or buying shed doors for sale

Shed doors are among the least thought of parts of a storage unit including the windows. Many are focused on the roofing, walls and flooring. Although the roofing and the foundation keep the structure sturdy and durable, the doors are the most used component since they open and close on a regular basis. This is why it is important that you focus on this part  too instead of just the roof and the foundation. You will be surprised on how better looking your storage unit will be if you include the doors among the main components of it.

buying shed doors for sale

How to Choose them

There are two main components that you should think of when looking for doors for the shed. These are the design considerations and construction considerations. Let us take a closer look at these two so you can the best choice.

  • Design – The first two factors that you need to consider when looking for a design are its type and size. Look for a size that allows you to get in and out comfortably. You should also choose a door that can accommodate the largest gardening equipment that you may have which is the lawn mower. However, don’t go for the biggest since it reduces your wall space significantly.


The type is the next on the list. Determine whether a single swinging door is sufficient or a double door. An effective door is one that swings out. This gives you ample space to move your garden equipment without worrying about it being stuck when it opens inwards. You should also keep in mind that they will require repair from time to time. This is due to the constant wear and tear of opening and closing. You should go look them that can be removed easily in case repairs are needed.

  • Construction – If you want to be able to remove them in a flash, adding strap hinges is recommended. In order to stabilize them, place a 2×4 flat wood in between the wall studs. Go for galvanized hinges for them since they can bear heavy weight for several years. Unless a strong wind or other environmental factors rip away them away, the galvanized hinges will be able to support them effortlessly.


If you are going to build your shed doors, make sure that their size is square. A framing square can help you keep them in this shape until you complete your project. If they aren’t square shaped, they can pose significant problems in the long run. Turning it into a square shape can take a bit of your skills but you will be thankful for this especially when it helps in securing it properly.

If you will opt for wood ones, make sure that they are kiln dried. Go for wooden ones that come in 1  inch thick. This will provide it with security to protect any items that you have stored in there.

Entryways to the Patio

You will also need to consider how it can blend with the rest of your patio decor  Changing them to suit the rest of your patio design can help put together your yard’s design into one. Using the factors mentioned above, you will able to narrow down your options for your new ones to those that will work perfectly with what you need including your budget.

If you want to have easy access to your patio, you should consider getting ones that swing. However, if you want to create a more dramatic entryway for your space, a traditional square door that opens outwards may just do the trick. Don’t forget to consider the type of material you want them to be made of. Aside from wooden ones, you can also get those that are made from plastic or reinforced steel for added security and strength.

Choosing the best shed doors for sale can certainly give it a more striking impact not to mention an easier and convenient entry and exit way for you to use.

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