Tips on Buying Kronotex Laminate Wood Flooring

Tips on Buying Kronotex Laminate Wood Flooring 

If you are living in a home that is always prone to spills, and stains and dirt all of the time, then considering kronotex laminate wood flooring as an option for treatment that is easy to clean and maintain might be right for you. Kronotex is perfect for homes which have children and is prone to spills and stains, but it is also ideal for homes that are looking for a floor treatment that is easy to look at and easy to take care of.

Buying Kronotex Laminate Wood Flooring

The Innovative Design

What’s nice about laminated floors from Kronotex is that it has an innovative installation design that can make it easy for any homeowner to install the panels while saving a lot of time and installation costs along with it. The instinctive and easy to install Kronotex wood floor types are what makes them stand out from the rest of conventional wood flooring installation techniques.

Kronotex has a signature method of installation. The only thing that you need is your hands to install this kind. No nails, no glue. Kronotex only needs manual labor as it has a very instinctive setup that will lock one panel to the adjacent panel. By the time that you have this brand installed in your home, you will only need to sweep up your laminated floors and you are ready to put in your furnishings. But you have to remember that in order not to create gaps and cracks through the years, you need to acclimatize it before installing it in the room of your choice. Put the box of kronotex panels in the room 2 days before starting with your project.

There are a number of choices available for your home. It comes in a number of colors and range of thickness, that you can find the type  that will make it in your budget range. For instance, you can invest on a 6mm thick panel which  is durable enough for residential use, but you can make it even better by investing on  a 7mm thick panel which will be stronger and more resilient and will last longer, even if it is constantly used. Different colors and shades are also available.

Types of options

The most basic Kronotex Laminate Wood flooring types can be seen in hotels and other establishments. This type, with its 8mm thickness, is perfect for places that will always be teeming with people. It’s even better for homes with people who seem to be active quite often.

Although this kind is often made with synthetic materials, there are laminated floors from Kronotext which are made from real wood. These types are ideal for the least amount of wear and tear, to even be used for industrial purposes, such as in offices and malls. With its real wood color and texture, you can use it for a number of plans, in and outside of the home.

You can also opt for a kind that is both strong and efficient. There are certain Kronotex floor panels which are water resistant, so they can be ideal for use in basements and other places which are always subjected to water or water damage. If your basement has been flooded, all you need to is to air it out and put it back on again. It is practical yet pleasantly looking at its finest.

Kronotex is a type that is just as versatile as it is durable and practical. You can put it in a lot of parts of your home, even in areas that you though you would never need this kind. It is a great type for people who are just trying to live on their own and that wouldn’t cost as much, to parents who need a solution that can be tough on stains and spills created by their children. No matter what your specific purpose is. Try reading some Kronotex laminate wood flooring reviews to get some first hand experience from actual users to help you in your purchase.

Applying Laminate Floor Repair

Everyone knows that floor laminate is quite durable but no matter how strong this type of flooring is, you still need to fix your floorsfrom time to time especially after years of constant wear and tear. The appearance of scratches and nicks mean that you need to replace a segment or a section of your flooring depending on how severe the damage is. There are some flooring that can peak or buckle at times which can be a problem. Regardless of what the problem is when it comes to your laminate floor tiles, there is always some DIY steps that you can apply on your own.

Things to know

Before you start, you need to have the right tools on hand. There are kits available in hardware stores that can help you start your project properly. You need to have your hammer, laminate-materials and screwdriver ready. It would help if you bring a sample of your old flooring so you can get the right one for your home.

Wood floor scratch repair is by far the easiest repair that you can do. All that you have to do is to follow the instructions indicated in the box of the repair kit that you have just bought so you will be able to bring back the natural beauty of your floors. If you need to remove sections of your floor, the steps you will need are more than what you can find at the back of your repair kit. To be able to remove sections of your laminated floor, use your hammer or your screwdriver to remove the molding around the tiles. Make sure that you do this carefully to avoid damaging the molding.

You should remove the laminate floor beside the tile that you wish to remove. After you have removed them you can simply put in the new laminated floor. You can now return the boards you have removed earlier back to their proper places. You should then reinstall the molding by hammering it into its place. Pound the molding carefully to avoid damaging it.

You need to remove the tension on your floor boards if your problem is buckling or peaking. Usually buckling happens when the laminate is already old. The expansion caused by old floor boards can cause buckling patterns to appear on your once gorgeous floor. Fortunately, the same steps mentioned above can be applied here. You need to remove your floor boards first using your screwdriver or hammer. Again, do this carefully since you will be needing the materials you have just removed later. Remove the spacers from your floor. The spacers are the ones holding your floorboards in place which is located between the floor and your wall.

You can replace your old floors by getting smaller ones. To remove the peaking from your floor, gently push down on your floor boards. If you are not successful during the first try, don’t worry. Usually the floor boards need to settle in first and expand to fit in perfectly. Once your flooring boards have finally settled in, you can hammer back the molding you have removed. Gaps in between boards can also cause peaking and buckling. If this is the case, you need to install larger spacers during this procedure.

Importance of Floor Maintenance

If you want to be able to save money, maintaining your floors on a regular basis is highly recommended. Floor maintenance can actually save you money in the long run. For those who will be installing laminate floors for the first time, make sure that you spare some time from your busy schedule and do your research on laminate flooring cost to determine whether you have the budget for it or not. You can find the cheapest flooring in the market if you take your time to look for one. There are dozens of options for you to choose from when it comes to best wood floors in stores today.

If you have used durable material you can be sure to be counting years before you see signs of deterioration. When it comes to repair, you can be the one to do the basic repairs but keep in mind that when the problem is too difficult for you to handle, let an expert take care of it for you.

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