Tips on buying Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Rustic bathroom vanities can be used as centrepieces or they can be used to complement the existing furniture and fixtures. Homeowners are often in the lookout for bright ideas that they can use when they repair or remodel this area.

It is quite common to see country style bathrooms with designs ranging from simple to the more complex based on the decorations and furnishings used. Bathroom vanities that have rustic designs are very much welcome in this type. There are some designers that retrofit existing rustic bathroom vanity sets to add a modern twist to them. The end result turns out to be ingenious because the vanity set can be incorporated into both the old and the new designs.

All About Them

They come in a wide range of options as is evidenced when you visit home improvement stores near you. However, you will notice a recurring theme as well as listed below.

  • Color – It is quite common to see the colors white and off white when it comes to rustic vanities for the bathroom. Sometimes, soft hues are incorporated to create a more interesting effect. You can apply other color coating if you want based on your preferences.

  • Type – Distressed bathroom vanities as well as repurposed wood vanities are also available. For wooden vanities and cabinets, it is best that you apply proper treatment to make them last longer. Remember that the environment is damp and moist which can greatly affect any wood furnishings that you may have.

  • Size – They come in different sizes as well. This is an advantage especially to many households because not all are the same size. You can get compact vanity sets to bigger ones depending on the manufacturer.

  • Price – This is another common theme. The price of this furniture depends mostly on the color, size and type and from which manufacturer you will be buying it from. Usually, prices range from cheap to expensive so you better watch your wallet to see what your budget is for your rustic vanity.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, aside from finding a replacement for your tub, you should also consider getting new sinks and vanities. Bathroom remodeling means changing the existing design into one that is more modern and up to date. Sinks and vanities nowadays have their own range of designs and styles which can give your bathroom a whole new look. Here are some ideas to help you out when you do bathroom remodeling.

Rustic Bathroom Vanities and Countertop Resurfacing

Another inexpensive way to upgrade the look of your existing setup is to do countertop resurfacing. The countertop in your bathroom may age or deteriorate as the years pass by. Fortunately, you don’t have to remove it entirely because you can simply resurface it to bring back its original look. You can buy resurfacing kits from your local hardware store at affordable prices. If not, you can always hire a contractor to do countertop resurfacing for you for a certain price.

Creating the perfect setup shouldn’t be too hard. You can also consider painting your walls. This is an inexpensive way to bring a different look to it. You can even add new decorations to make your space more inviting to look at.

If you want to make it stand out even more, consider installing glass knobs. You can get these knobs in a variety of colors from manufacturers that reproduce the rustic feel of this type of knob for vanity sets. You can even get porcelain or ceramic knobs if you want something more dramatic. Keep in mind that when you choose new knobs, you should select those that complement the overall set. This will help make it complete from the outside.

As you can see, there are many ways for a rustic bathroom vanity bring life to your already existing area. Incorporating this type of vanity, not only gives your space a more interesting appeal but it also gives you a functional space to move around. You can buy rustic looking vanities in many specialty shops near or around your area. If not, you can always take advantage of the Internet to look for buying rustic bathroom vanities for sale.

Are you ready to upgrade the look of your bathroom with a new bathroom vanity set? Do you know how to install it properly? If you consider yourself as a DIYer, it won’t be a surprise to find that you will be doing the installation of your new vanity on your own. If you haven’t done this before, you might want to take a few minutes of your time to watch the video on how to install bathroom vanity.

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